Parvarish 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 15th May 2013 Written Update


The door bell rings and Daddu and Lucky enter with injuries. Sweety is shocked and therefore calls Rocky and Ginny. Daddu and Lucky are injured due to their entering in the train with fake ticket. They are beaten by the railway cops. After their story ends, Daddu starts laughing. Sweety is surprised. Then Ginny reveals that the bonding and friendship between Daddu and Lucky is Rocky and her’s mother’s day gift. Sweety and very happy and they three hug each other. An emotional moment takes place and Daddu and Lucky hug each other with Lucky saying ‘happy mother’s day’ to Daddu


Raavi is filling the admission form of T.I.E.S College when Divya enters her room. Divya haves a look at her form and then tells Raavi that its entrance fee is 2 lafuning

kh while the whole year fee is about 12 lakh. Raavi is shocked and tensed Raavi is thinking about the college’s non-affordable fees when Raashi enters and starts talking about that college’s posh campus and all its amazing features on visiting its website.
Raavi tells that she’s not interested in that college.

Raashi is confused and asks the reason. Raavi tells the real reason for her back-out. Pinky overhears their conversation. After sometime, Jeet comes and asks the reason for not filling the form. Pinky comes and tells the main reason for back-out of Raavi and is feeling proud of her. Jeet has no problem and leaves.

Pinky then rushes after Jeet and asks why he agreed and supported Raavi’s decision. He tells that she is appearing for more difficult exam and also he will secretly fill that form and submit because if she doesn’t get selected for I.M.I. they will do the admission in T.I.E.S college. Pinky becomes happy.
Raavi is finding difficulty in solving a problem and loses hope to pass in IMI exam. Jeet gives her his piece of advice and thus this encourages her to never lose hope.


Daddu, Ginny and Rocky are watching a film. While having some samoses, Daddu praises the samoses of his village and then starts dispraising Lucky. On seeing the sad faces of Rocky and Ginny, he says that all Lucky did was nice and he is his lovable and best son. On hearing Daddu’s praise, the smile on Rocky and Ginny’s face which had fallen, enlightens. Rocky also tells Daddu that they love to see Lucky and Daddu happy together.


Jeet is sitting with some scattered papers of education loan. Pinky comes and an emotional moment takes place with the memory of Jeet’s job as bank manager. Jeet goes to bank to pass the loan but returns with bad news. Two of the banks reject his loan appeal and with ITSI, the loan can be passed but it will take time for about 3-4 months. Pinky is worried. Pinky again suggests to invest jewelry ti which Jeet denies. At that moment Sunny overhears their conversation and decides to help Raavi and then asks Pinky and Jeet. A happy moment takes place and the episode ends,


Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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