Parvarish 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 15th January 2013 Written Update

The thief who is in disguise is unable to send Pinky out of the room , he says there are cockroaches in the room ,Pinky is freighted ,Sunny takes all of them into his room where there is no cockroach . While they are inside the room, the Thief locks them inside and taking all the money and jewelries is about to leave, when doorbell rings .It is Raavi, she asks who is he? He says ,He is from PEST CONTROL,Raavi replies but PEST CONTROL office said there is no one free ,they will send tomorrow .He says he got free and came, just when he is about to leave Pinky,Raashi,Suny ask to open the door, Raavi holds the bag of the thief which contained everything , He throws that on Raavi and runs away, Raavi opens the door for Pinky and runs to hold the thief , He runs away in front of the watchman ,but he says he has not seen anyone, even there is no entry of this person in register .Raavi says he will talk to chairman.
All of them are outside their building, Raavi tells the chairman uncle about the negligence of the watchman. He says he went to 303 flat for some issues, but Raavi tells sometimes back he said he went to toilet .In her pressure the chairman uncle calls the 303 aunty who says she did call the watchman but at 4 not at 6.His motive is clear, he is thrown out of the job, while leaving he threatens RaavI.
Pinky,Sunny,Raavi decide they will not tell anything to Jeet, When they remember Raashi is talking to him online, all run and somehow manages the situation saying Rashi was putting mirch masala , nothing biog happened. Listening this Jeet cancels his plan, who thought of coming back next day .
Sweety comes and she gives suggestions that they shall use protective gate; Pinky should have check the Id etc. After chit chat, Pinky and Sweety decide to drop the children school together. There they see that four tears are punctured .New watchman informs them that apart from usual people the ex watchman came to collect his belongings. This makes everyone shocked. While leaving Raavi sees the ex watchman in front of the gate.

Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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