Parvarish 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 14th May 2013 Written Update

Lucky Jee is blasting out at his office staff for ranting “Jeet sir’s” name again and again. Jeet overhears everything but doesn’t reacts at all. he casually inquires about the mess created in the office. Lucky says he has to take some payments from a client pending from one month and he cannot find his file. Jeet finds the file in few seconds saying he has placed all the files in a classified order. Lucky goes to call his client. Untill then the accountant tells Jeet how the accounts are messed up and how he finds it difficult to tally all the accounts. Jeet says Lucky needs to know the importance of keeping his accounts in a proper order.

There Rocky and Ginni wish Sweety happy mother’s day. Rocky gifts her a calculator sweety is mighty surprised. ginni scolds him for not listening to her and not buying anything like purses bags cosmetics etc. Sweety says she doesnt want any materialistic gift. the happiness her children will give her is her gift.

she further adds on expressing her sadness over the fights going on the house because of the misunderstanding the kids have created between their dad and grandfather for their own whims and fancies. However Rocky says dada jee is only trying to love them and nothing else.

Rocky and Dada jee are playing video game. Lucky enters. he scolds Rocky. Dada jee interferes calling himself “cool” and his son “boring”

@Jeet’s house:
Raavi comes home tired. Pinky inquires about the college form. she says she has got the form and the college is one of the most prestigious colleges with the best curriculum. Raashi inquires about other things saying, “what about chicks, boys and fashion” Raavi and Pinky both are
surprised at her question and laugh off

@Lucky’s house:
Dada jee is keeping his clothes in the cupboards when rcoky comes giving him the bus ticket to Hoshiyarpur saying Lucky has sent it.
he gets furious and decides to blast out lucky. rocky calms him down saying by scolding he l only remind him (lucky) of his value and in turn boost his ego so instead he should leave without talking to lucky. dada jee agrees.

there ginni informs lucky about dada jee’s plans of leaving the house. sweety directly questions lucky if at all he has done something. he is taken aback with everything.

Update Credit to: neha

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