Parvarish 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 14th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with at rocky’s house when rocky says to his friend that everything is ready when lucky takes his phone and says you are not going abroad for study because your mom is not happy. He said we have decided that you are not going for studies. Rocky says you are lying tell me whats the reason. lucky says there is no problem. Rocky says yesterday everything was fine? What happen today. Rocky says how do I explain you? Rocky says why cant I go abroad. Sweety says that sometimes you realize things suddenly. Rocky says tht means tht you think tht your dreams are useless. Sweety says not useless; sweety says I still want you to go abroad not now. Rocky says 5 feet 7. Sweety says not by height by your brain. When you can cook, do laundry and learn to save. lucky says its not like that. Lucky says go on to live on residence but in india so that we can see you. Sweety says you can live without us but we cant. Sweety starts crying.. (emotional drama). Rocky wipes sweety’s tears and hugs her. Rocky wipes his tears too on side. Rocky says to be honest he was also nervous and tension. I think I am not ready. He says I will go after graduation when I will learn everything. Rocky and sweety hug and lucky joins in. they have a family hug.

At pinky’s place maid is complaining about doctor; pinky says what abt ur husband she says If he can take care of himself then its enough. Pinky says be thankful tht kid is okay. When sweety calls and they talk about kid’s vacation. Sweety tells her tht I have decided not to send rocky. Pinky says I got a bad dream; sweety tells her not to worry. Pinky says I will call u bcs maid dropped something.

Sweety tells lucky tht pinky is sad and is scared. Says that I will go meet her. Lucky says make her understand and let her fight her fears than facilitating her.
Pinky says what happen when pinky starts running and stands on sofa. Pinky gets scared and reacts badly. Raashi makes her more scared. Pinky acts really weird when she gives raavi list of things to do like sms her rickshaw’s #. Rashi in store says they are alone for 2 years alone. When theif smiles and follows rashi.

Someone comes to tell pinky abt some meeting. Pinky gets scared of cockroach and everyone starts screaming. Someone rings bell. Pinky tells kids to open but they refuse. Pinky opens and its theif he enters as pest control guy. He examines the house. He takes out some stuff and goes in the room. He holds cockroach and says yeh hai aapka apradhi. Pest control guy says that you have to leave house because of harmful chemical. Pinky gives info abt rooms.

Precap: pest control guy steals stuff.

Update Credit to: cool127

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