Parvarish 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 15th February 2013 Written Update

So, the episode begins with Aman getting out of the car and saying Sweety with a surprised face. Sweety tells her everything that happened and he ensures he will make it right. The registrar arrives at the court, and the lawyer tells him that she want to take back the case. he says he will have to talk alone with Raavi. He takes him to the office where Sweety and Aman are already present. Sweety hugs her. She tells everything to them. Sweety says that they have sent police, to which she says don’t as they have made everyone hostage at home. Aman tells them not to worry.

Meanwhile Lucky takes police to their home. They are all ready to barge in when Sweety calls Lucky and tells him about the kidnapped son. He stops the police and they all duck as the kidnapper peeps through the peephole.

Raavi comes out of the office and tells the kidnapper that she took back the case, but she refused to give him the paper. She said she will do that when they take him to the son. He calls his boss at Ahujas and he says, take them, in worst case we have all them as hostages here. Sweety informs this to Lucky and the police follows that kidnapper.

Aman now arrives at Ahujas. Naanu is shown to know him. He takes the police with him, but asks them to be in corridor unless he calls them. he then rings the bell. The kidnapper gets angry and looks through the peephole. He then starts coming back when Aman pretends to be an employee and starts faking a call to boss. He says, faking in a high volume, that Jeet is not opening the door and it was very necessary to have him at office today. Then he pretends as if the boss asked him to call the police and he says, okay sir as you say. The kidnapper gets afraid and takes Jeet to the front door, a knife at his side. he asks him to tell he is sick and won’t go today. Jeet opens the door. Aman tries to talk in code, asking if he has people inside to take “care” of him. Jeet points with hand that 1 is standing beside him. Then he say he won’t come today, so Aman asks him to bring the file.

When he gives him the file, he says you have people in back? Jeet points two. So, Aman says, okay sir you can take care of the back ones, I will tackle the current issue. As soon as Jeet closes the door, Aman breaks it open with his leg, And corners the kidnapper behind the door. He calls in teh police who capture the other two. Aman then beats him, saying stuff like “Aisa karega?” He says that he has been caught red handed, so he won’t get bail this time. Then he asks Jeet if he wants to say anything. Jeet recalls the lewd comment about his wife and Sunny slapping himself. Jeet too slaps him many times, saying he will kill him. They then take him away.

At kidnappers’ place, the police arrives and arrests them. Jeet hugs Raavi and tells that everything is okay back at home too. He says that she is just like her mausa ji, brave.

No precap, they showed the Paathshaala, where Aman praised Rocky and Raavi for not panicking and behaving smartly in such situation.

Update Credit to: Freethinker112

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