Parvarish 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 13th May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Lucky talking with Rocky. He asks Rocky to get the bill of the Ipad as he is going to return. Rocky tells Daadu got it for him with love. Lucky tells he said Ipad wont be in the house means it wont be. Lucky tells if he does not give, after Daadu leaves he will give him nicely. Rocky gives the bill.

Raashi and Sunny have got mother’s day gift for Pinky. They keep it in fridge as Pinky will open that first. But Jeet comes in the middle of the night and takes the gift outside and misplaces it. Morning Raashi -Sunny realises Pinky has not seen the gift. Raavi gives gift. Raashi-Sunny gets angry at Pinky for not seeing gift. Pinky realises. Thanks them.

Rocky-Ginny are sad abt Ipad. Daadu comes. Rocky tells how Lucky is giving away the Ipad he has got with love. He adds more fuel. Daadu goes angrily to Lucky.

He asks him what he thinks in his mind and how he can give it back. Lucky gives the money back and tells he knows what he is doing. Daadu says he grew him up for which Lucky says he wants to do the same to his children in his own style and if Daadu gets hurt he cant do anything. Daadu says he will do what he thinks. Lucky is also angry. Sweety is confused.

Jeet is arranging everything in office and settling things.

Lucky is leaving for office. Sweety tells good as he will cool down. Lucky thinks Sweety also thinks him wrong and leaves. He sees Rocky-Ginny talking, he shouts at them to study and leaves.

Sweety has a talk with Daadu. She tells both father and son are same. Daadu is sad thinking abt what Lucky said. Sweety tells children are adding fuel and she understands them well. Daadu tells he knows Lucky well too. He has forgotten to respect his father.

Lucky comes to office and he wants a file but cannot find it. He searches everywhere. Peon comes and sees the mess and says Jeet will get angry. Lucky in anger shouts it is his office and not Jeets. Jeet hears this and is sad.

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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