Parvarish 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 13th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the door bell ringing late at midnight at the Ahujas. The kidnappers are shocked. They threaten Jeet to open the door by holding knife in front of Raashi and Sunny. Jeet pens the door to see that the security guard is there who has come to give Jeet his fallen wallet which Jeet had purposely fallen down with cheats in it. Hoping that the watchman would have read those chits, Jeet takes back his wallet in fear of the knife ; which the kidnappers were holding in front of Raashi and Sunny.

The kidnapper snatches Jeet’s wallet to ensure that nothing is hidden in it; but comes across seeing the chits. He threatens to kill Raashi and Sunny,too. Pinky begs him to not do so. Giving them second chance, the kidnapper backs the knife and orders them to sit down on the

floor. In Raavi’s bedroom, when Rocky sees that the kidnapper to keep an eye on them is napping, he tries to take out the mobile which is hidden beneath the pillow but unfortunately the battery was dead.

Raavi tells that the charger is in the hall in the shelves. All sleep with tension. At morning the kidnapper asks Jeet to tell his decision. Pinky requests Jeet to take back the case. Raavi comes and knocks down everything pretending to have become mad at this tolerance. She throws everything along with the battery charger here and there. Jeet agrees to take back the case. Rocky identifies the signals of Raavi and keeps the mobile to charge hiding it by standing in front of the charger.

Raavi is compelled ; she to agrees to go to the court with the lawyer. When the mobile starts, Rocky takes the mobile and tells the kidnappers that he wants to go to toilet. He rushes into the toilet and calls Sweety. He tells her about the happening but then the conversation cut shots as the mobile shuts down duw to battery was low. The kidnapper sees the charger and comes running and bangs the door. Rocky,in a situation to whether hide the phone or not. He opens the door pretending that he was really gone to toilet. The kidnappers search for the mobile with no stone unturned but they don’t find it and leave Rocky.

Sweety tells Lucky about the call and Lucky goes to the cop and Sweety rushes to the court. At the Ahujas, Raashi asks Rocky about the call as she caught him taking the charger. Sweety reaches the coart and also sees Raavi with the lawyer ther. She doesn’t go there as she sees the kidnapper. The lawyer is worried about her son, Sonu. Sweety sees a car and runs behind it. The car doesn’t stop and she trips and falls. The car reverses and a man opens the door and get out. He (with a shock) exclaims “Sweety, tum?” and the episode ends keeping us in the thought of the identity of that man.


Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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