Parvarish 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 10th January 2013 Written Update

missed the first scene of today’s episode so will be updating from where i started watching:

@sweety and pinky’s conversation:

rashi’s friend comes home. pinky is relieved that some how kids will remain engaged. raavi hugs her. sweety calls up. she inquires pinky about her mood. pinky replies that they all are trying to manage. sweety then gives her the news about rocky’s plans of going abroad for studies. pinky is not so happy with the decision. however sweety says parents have to sacrifice their love and attachment for the child’s future at times. pinky remians unconvinced. she asks sweety to send over rocky n ginni for night stay.

@alhuwalia house:

rocky, ginni and sweety are the dinning table. sweety advices rocky to wear his night suit rather than sleeping in jeans he says he is not a kid. rocky tells ginni to give him a bite of her parantha, she refuses but he still takes. sweety tells ginni she l miss her brother once he l go abroad. ginni says she l be happy for that matter as she l be getting gifts from foreign…

@night…alhuwalia house:

sweety n lucky have some guests over dinner – some couple whos son is somewhere outside india. sweety tries to inquires about foreign atmosphere and everything and also about their son. the couple gets emotional…the lady says sending their son abroad at a young age was a mistake. as now he really is totally into foreign culture and atmosphere and has married a foreigner as well sweety and lucky both get tensed.

That very night sweety has a bad dream wherein she sees rocky is now abroad and has married a foreigner

rocky tells his football coach about his plans of foreign studies. coach doesn’t seems to be too happy


after the nightmare sweety is perturbed. she worries about rocky and their future. she tells lucky that she doesnt wants rocky to go out of India anymore.

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