Parth’s Birthday Imagine ( A perf date ) 3


A day dawns. The sun is not yet up in the sky. That’s because its only 4 a.m.
Parth opens his eyes only to be surrounded by darkness. He isn’t able to move as he realises that Niti is on top of him. Somehow he manages switching on the dim lights.

Niti’s head rests on his chest listening to his heartbeats. Her legs are tangled up with his. Parth smiles at the site of her, sleeping peacefully. He doesn’t feel like getting.out of the bed, but much to his discontent he has to do so. He gently lays Niti down beside him. She curls up in a ball and holds onto his arm.

“Niti baby, I’ve to go.” He whispers softly in her ears. She moans and holds onto him tighter. Obviously, she’s not in her senses.

“Niti I hate to do this to you. But I gotta go baby. Already six messages and seventeen missed calls. The director wants me to report right now.” He coos, planting a kiss on her head.

“What time is it ?” She asks half asleep.

“Its four honey. I gotta go. They need an early morning shoot.” He says and moves out a few strands of hair from her face.

“When will you be back ” She asks.

“Soon. My love. Aren’t you coming on the sets ?” He asks.

“I’ll. You should go now.” She says half smiling. He nods and leaves before quickly kissing her on lips. Niti can’t control her smile and buries her face in the soft pillow.

The shoot is over. Niti was present at the set seeing her loving boyfriend giving a great performance for a small time. She’s happy. Its now after the shoot that Niti is waiting for Parth back at the hotel. He comes with all the cheers trailing from behind. His smile widens as he sees Niti.

“Hey beautiful.” He says opening his arms for Niti. She hugs him and pulls back immediately noticing the paparazzi outside.

“So when are we going ?” She asks for the hundredth time. After the shoot he had told her about the date he had planned for her. But he isn’t telling her where he is going to take her.

“You’ll see that in one hour.” He smirks. The two of them are now walking back to the hotel room.

“It’s your birthday. I should be surprising you. But why is it happening the other way round ?” She giggles.

“I’ve had my share of surprises in the past twelve hours. You ate one of them. Besides I like taking you out.” He smiles. The two of them enter their room and he locks the door behind.
Niti smiles and wraps her arms behind his neck.

“Okay. I’ll be ready in an hour.” She says and pecks his lips.

“Good. Also wear something fancy. A dress maybe ?” He says. Thankfully, Niti has a fancy dress in her limited day’s packing. She nods.

“You are really making me curious babe. Where are we going ?” She asks again. He rolls his eyes.

“I’m not telling you Niti. Go, start dressing up now. I know how much time you take.” He laughs and plops down on the bed. She pouts, shooting him an annoying glare and walks in the bathroom to take a shower.

As she is done with it she comes out wrapped in a towel. Her hair is soaking wet with droplets of water dripping down from it. She comes out only to be greeted by the most amazing sight ever.

Its Parth. . .

He is standing in front of the mirror fixing the tie on his suit. He’s wearing a black suit with a white shirt inside. His hair is gelled up perfectly. She notices that he has shaved his stubble slightly, which he had to grow for the movie. His eyes are fixed in his reflection in the mirror as he straightens himself. Suddenly, his gaze falls on Niti, standing at the back.

She is awestruck. He is looking handsome and classy as usual but she can’t shift her gaze away from him. She looks at him, mouth wide hung open as he chuckles and turns around.

“Like what you see ?” He asks cocking a brow. She snaps out immediately and looks away. Her cheeks flush red.

“I dont know about you, but I do liking what I’m seeing.” He says coming close to her.
“Are you gonna change ? Or aise hi aane ka plan hai ? I’m okay with both, haan.” He adds.

“Shut up. I’m going to change.” She blushed avoiding to look into his eyes. He laughs as she grabs quickly the dress lying on the bed and changes into it.

Its a sleeveless gown with blue and white patterns on it. It hugs her figure perfectly, highlighting her curves. She sets her hair in a messy bun. She is all set for a date.

As she walks out of the bathroom, its now Parth’s turn to be stunned. His jaws drops to the floor as he see Niti in the dress.

“You look so .. .. .. ..beautiful.” He says. His eyes darken as he sees her lovingly. She smirks and makes way to him. Her hands rests on his chest for fixing his already fixed tie.

“You don’t look so bad either.” She smiles. He straightens his body with pride.

“Well thank you Madame. Shall we ?” He asks and puts out his hand.

“We shall.” She says as he takes her out with him.

Thus, marking the beginning of an unforgettable night. . .
A date with the man Niti loved the most and the cherry on the cake was that it was his birthday. . .

Parth and Niti get down and are welcomed horrifyingly by the paparazzi. Parth looks at Niti and squeezes her hand. Both bend and walk towards the car shielded by the security.

Once they get in the car they heave a sigh of relief. Niti expects Parth would probably had emptied a whole restaurant and they would have date there. But to her surprise the car stops at a house.
“Surprise! Our new home!” He exclaims jumping out of the car. Niti gets out of the car, perplexed. She couldn’t believe her ears. The house was perfect but more perfect was the man she would be living with. They enter the house.
“I know we are not a perfect couple so baby we wont have a perfect date too.” He says.

Niti wriggles her brows thinking what he actually means.

“First of all we will have our desert. Your favourite muffins.” He says and brings lavishly decorated muffins. Niti couldn’t believe that Parth did so much planning for this date.

“How dare you! How can you call this an imperfect date ? It’s just more than perfect, baby. I love it. And I love you more !” She says pulling him into her arms.

“Okay. Now lets have our dinner. I’m starving badly.” He shrugs.

“Okay.” Niti replies. They have their perfect dinner in their new home waiting for their future which stores love, love and only love !


Thank you tolerating me and my stupid updates today. And last but not the least HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTH.

P.S. Manan_forever ; PaNi_always

Hope u liked reading them 🙂
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Credit to: Anu

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