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Hello frns this is Nirika and am here with a short part of fan fiction about Parth Samthaan my, oops our all time fav…….Guys this is a one shot ff hope u dearies like it and its just what we always want the events to turn out like……..So here u go
Its 1oth March today and Parth is hell excited and hell upset regarding some of the issues.

He is pacing in his room when his eyes fall on the wall of his room, with the dark salmon background hung a framed print. ‘PARTH’ written over it in a very beautiful and creative manner. He looked and his feet unintentionally moved towards it. He touched it and all the past memories returned to his small yet confused mind.

He remembered that this was gifted to him on 11th March 2015 when he was there in KYY. And this small piece of work actually delighted him. Till date he is not able to believe that people around and far love him so much. This all was going in his mind when something else hit his thoughts with great force. His eyes turned teary when he remembered that all cannot be perfect, ever.

He realizes that all far away from him are showering him with so much faith, concern, and love but people around him always turn up misunderstanding him, their misconceptions about him being arrogant and full of attitude created differences in his most beautiful relations. And the inability to express his real self and unconfident behavior towards them snatched his most vital and indispensable thing.

He moved sideways slid the books in the shelf to a corner and opened a small drawer kind of thing by holding its knob.

The small door opened with a creak and his hand went in the chamber and came out with the most unexpected thing in his tight hold.

It was a photo, a smiling face with hazel eyes and silky tresses falling on the delicate shoulders.

It was the photo of one of the most important person of his life. It was Niti who was looking so damn gorgeous in that peach colored high neck with her evenly sparkling pearl teeth.

It seemed as if the smile was on her face on for him to see, to see saying that I would bring peace in your life at any cost. Trust me.

He touched her photo and slid his index finger over the tresses as if he is tugging her hairs behind her ear.

While doing so a lone tear escaped his right eye and fell on her cheek. He slid it away and hugged the photo frame, keeping it very close to his heart.

He remembered how by the end of KYY somehow both of them had started getting along with each other. Though they both failed to realize this, but in order to maintain the fake faces in front of this so mean and distrustful world, they detached from each other and in no time the cloud of darkness dawned over him.

And how come that not happens since the shine of his life was settled far away from him.

He remembered how restless he had been after the season ended, even though he could not come up with any reason, or rather he didn’t want to reveal. Not that he was doubtful about her feelings but the fact that whether he actually is capable for her or not mingled many times with his thoughts.

Moreover the great misunderstanding that aroused again between them because of one wrong and false statement of Vikas about her, including Part as well in the scene, discouraged him against his increasing desire to meet her once, and start a better part of his life.

It seemed every other person in his life whom he had ever trusted were wearing a mask and are slowly revealing on their own. The same happened with Disha. She broke up saying we would still remain friends and she won’t let any evil eye fall on him.

But then he failed again to understand her motives those small and weird acts resulted in creating differences between him and his new friend, discovering and working hard to achieve that position in Niti’s eyes, and when it was revealed that none other than his so called dear friend Disha was behind all this his heart shattered into pieces, firstly because she cheated on him twice once as the love of his life and next as a dearful friend, and secondly the heart shattered because Niti refused to stay there any longer, she left from there as well.

He closed his eyes, shut them tight but then they sprang open suddenly due to some sound.

He looked at his phone which just now beeped and a smile appeared on his face when he found that it was a voice message from Uttkarsh.

“Cracked it bro. This time don’t leave it buddy. And am always there” it said. His lips quirked up at the corners and now he smiled a whole hearted one.

He ran down the stairs and out of his apartment. He was driving quiet fast but one must not forget he has mastered over the speed, screeching sounds while he drive is most frequent.

He stopped the car with a halt and jumped out without opening the door.

He ran in a house, one smaller than his own but prettier the same. He got inside the house without a knock since it wasn’t locked, but the force with which he came, if the door would have been locked then he would have had hurt himself very badly.

He jumped over the sofa and twirled around a middle aged lady, while she screamed with both surprise and shock.

The lady asked him to let her go. And he stopped right then and hugged her tightly.

The same wide smile now accompanied her features as well.

“Guess what? The plan is ON. I will be there and my wish with me.” Parth justified all happily.

“What? Is it true? Well don’t give an answer to that I can search right on your face it affirmates just accurately.” The lady said.

“Thanks! Thanks a lot, like hundred times. You always believed in it and look it happened. Thanks again and again. Love you Di. ” he said in one go.

Yes she is his sister and he is meeting her after really long, probably 6 months. Well it’s really long for him. That’s because he love his family more than anything and couldn’t resist himself for more than 4 days without meeting his sister and his bestest buddy Uttu. Yeah they were mates from before, before KYY.

Mostly it’s him accusing her that she can’t take out time for her family, but in the past 6 months the situation was ironical. It was always her approaching him, but he always refused and twice even hurt her more by not at all showing his face to her when she came all the way from Delhi to Mumbai just to meet him.

And moreover in the first 3 months of this he didn’t even talked to her much. First of all he won’t take up her call, and next if he mistakenly somehow did then he won’t speak anything and would only answer in hums and monosyllables.

She was really worried about him in that phase, but now seeing him so cheered up after some time, which seemed quite a long one she felt very happy.

Finally they had lunch together and later he left for his place.

He came back and looked at the same ‘PARTH’ frame, and now with a satisfied smile he turned it around, there was something written on it, he flipped it once and again turned it front side.

It seemed like combination of some more words in between PARTH and he smiled a cheeky one looking at it.


Its big day today. It’s 11th March, and Parth have got many things to do.

And the list starts with going to the set. Oh yeah his film’s shooting, the one he is bagged in is going to start from today itself.

He checked his social account and saw like zillions of wishes and comments but yet his facial features seemed a bit annoyed.

He cleared his mind of all the thoughts and soon left for the small ceremony that was going to be held (Udghatan) on the set. Today to make it special the first seen to be shot is Parth’s entry, him appearing from in between the blasting land, yet with his signature style.

He waited few more seconds blinking at the phone screen but then took his car keys and was coming down from the lift when his phone beeped, there was again a message from Uttkarsh and it said, “come slow. Its 9:30 and not 8:30.” His eyes bulged out looking at it and soon he was furious. His phone beeped again and there was another one, “I didn’t know you were actually so serious about this one. Don’t blame me for it, since I couldn’t take chance in your case, yeah?”

He read it and the creases on his forehead unfolded. A weak smile came up next as he realized the true concern of his buddy.

Parth reached the shooting sight. It took another half an hour for the set up to get ready.

Parth’s first ever shot on Hindi cinema was shot. ‘Superb! It will be a blast.’ These were the words of the director right after the first take.

Parth’s chin didn’t raise high up in air rather he only gave a slight smile with a nod. Kind of little too professional. But then he wasn’t an ordinary person to get all the more excited right from the starting, not that he wasn’t happy, rather he was smiling a big one in his head but this he didn’t want to take any chances, not wanting people to complain again over and over about his unprofessional behavior.

Before the shoot started he had recalled someone’s words. “You don’t believe yourself. Because I already do, mark these, you will surely crack it and then when you will look around you will see me in every smile, praising you. That will be a peace to my heart. ”

He was on his way back when he smiled a wide one out recalling those words again and again.

He stopped near a studio and waited out. After long 2 minutes he saw a joyous figure moving towards him, now his legs paced faster and the figure hugged him tight patting twice on his back.

It was Uttkarsh; he wished him and hugged him again. Parth seemed to be waiting for something else coming out of his mouth. Uttkarsh could sense it and after making him wait really long he finally spill the beans. “It’s confirmed, but oblivious of your arrival.”

Parth’s shoulder sagged down hearing the last four words. Uttkarsh sensed this and immediately encouraged him, “and this is a surprise that would only turn fruitful.”

Parth shook his head vigorously in affirmation.

Its 7:17 now, and parth is pacing around in the lawn restlessly.

He is wearing black T over it a black blazer with red outshifts, and black formals to go with it.

He is still moving effortlessly yet edgily. He thinks about the past events. He remembers the day when Niti had invited him to her place along with everyone else from KYY team for a dinner.

It seemed she got an offer for working with another shoot team in new York. She was damn happy about it that day.

And when she had informed this during the dinner, a tinge of pain that always remained towards the left, below his shoulder now increased to peak level. He couldn’t help, but had to smile. He previously thought of avoiding everything but then don’t know what but something compelled him to look and observe her carefully. And it was then that he discovered that Niti was stealing glances from the corner of her eye and the wide spread smile revealed the digging shovel of her heart. He found that somewhere even she was equally hurt and in pain due to the detachment, or maybe even more than him.

That was the moment when he saw a lone tear escape from her left eye and immediately she bent down more on the dining table such that it fell directly on the ground avoiding the trail on her cheek. He was more than hurt after finding this. He felt so miserable for himself, more for her. He didn’t care about anyone around and wanted to just take her in a never ending hug. But then she cared about others and as he got up from his place and paced towards her, her eyes first bulged out realizing what he was upto but soon it got more teary and a squint in those hazel eyes stated it to him not to continue, as if they were pleading him to stop. He froze at his place for more than a moment then turned around abruptly and moved towards the balcony, his back to the living room.

Soon he felt a hand on his arm and as it turned him around the most shocking sight was visible, Parth with red eyes, holding back his tears. Uttkarsh horrified seeing this. He shook him and asked for such behavior.

Parth couldn’t reply for long and his effort to sound normal reddened his eyes more. Uttu let him go when he asked for some lonely time.

He turned around, again his back to the room, but again it was not late before another touch on his shoulder shattered all the walls he was maintaining in front of everyone, he turned around immediately but not before completing, “I can’t take it anymore dude am hurting her more than I had been ever hurt. She doesn’t deserve this”, and with this he turned around completely, his eyes closed shut and broke into a tight hug.

But soon he realized it was not Uttu. It was his mate. Although he was unaware of it till then but he realized that he needed this most, for both him and her, but the uncertainty if she would agree to this, told him to step back.

He again feared a new, what if she would take it wrong and would start hating him more. Just as it came to his mind, his hold on her went loose and his hand started to fall down. But that wasn’t destined, the nature which had witnessed all now wanted them to finally feel it all.

Before his hand drooped down, his stiff body was held between the band of two delicate arms who held him lovingly, with hate, with possessiveness, with complain. Her nails dug deeper when he stood unmoved and didn’t reciprocate. He realized with the advent of this act and he held her more tightly in his embrace within an instant, as if he would never let go.

The time passed on but they didn’t move. And somehow the realization dawned on him, he peeped his head out of her neck and looked around to find no one around.

Due to this even Niti slowly got away. She looked at his surprised face and when his eyes fell on her she nodded making him realize that she knew about it, that all have left.

Hello friends
Guys there’s more and would surely post it by tonight if u wanna read farther
Just a small part of my imagination which runs quite wild nowadays, plz guys COMMENT and let me know if u want the next part.

Credit to: niri

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