Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi9


Her whole body shaking on the bed. She was sweating profusely and her hands on the sides clutching the bed sheet tight in her fists. Her body arched. She moved abruptly putting lots of efforts to avoid it.

Her face scrutinized to a painful one. Her eyes were shut tight and she was trying hard to open them but only tightening them more, she perspired. Her breathing hacked and suddenly she screamed as if in lots of pain. And the next moment her body lay lifeless.

He hurried to her side and patted on her cheeks and found them ice cold. He froze for a moment and looked at her again, and his palms started rubbing hers while he repeated her name continuously, trying to wake her up.

Suddenly he felt her hand twitch and the next moment she seemed to struggle to get her hand out of his grip and she screamed on top of her voice and he saw tears rolling down her closed eyes.

She moved roughly on bed, her legs flailing as if to run around somewhere. He patted her cheeks more and shook her vigorously but she only clutched the cloth more and he felt her fingers again digging in his skin but he tightened his grip more when he found her struggling to get her hand free.

He saw it affecting as she moved less now but still her eyes and her face still carrying the painful expression.

He gently moved his hand over her forehead and head to calm her. He saw her twitching at first when he touched her face but later she seemed to settle firmly and calmed after an effort of almost a quarter of an hour.

He saw her staying calm for another 10 minutes when suddenly he felt the grip tighten and he found her facial features again carrying the worried look but before she drifted back to that haunting land he patted her cheeks and instantly her eyes flung open and his heart tinged seeing her eyes blood red and lip trembling. She sat in an instant and she looked at him horrified.

Her hand came up and she cupped his cheek and he sat totally amused and confused, he saw her lips stretching and forming a weak smile and her eyes brimmed and just as the tear rolled down her cheek, his hand came up trying to rub it off her face with the help of his thumb, all the while his gaze fixed on her face and as his thumb touched her cheek gently he saw her eyes sparkling but the next moment she landed in his lap. Her face expressionless and eyes shut, limbs unmoving but breathing slowly and deep.

He panicked and made her lie comfortably on the bed and he checked her forehead to find the temperature normal and skin not cold anymore. Her slow breathing explaining her tiredness and the deep sleep she was drifting to.

He took her in his arms and hugged her lying figure when his eyes swam and the tears finally flowed down.

He controlled himself and laid her on the bed again and covered her till waist.

He caught her right hand in between his palms and kneeled down on the floor. He kissed her forehead pouring all his love so that it can soothe her aching heart and calm her for some time.

He sat there itself and caressed her forehead. His pecks time and again near her forehead seemed to calm and divert every frown that was planning its way towards her.

He didn’t know when he drifted to sleep still holding her hand between his and his head resting on the bed while his legs settled on the floor.

The alarm ring on Niti’s phone was enough to wake her up while Parth stayed unaffected. Niti slowly opened her eyes blinking them many a times and finally she could fling them open and her hand moved to her face but she felt something holding on to it and she tilted her head only to find a sleeping Parth.

She saw their hands entwined and smiled to the fullest but instantly something hit her mind and she looked closely at his hand and her eyes brimmed while she carried a guilty expression. She saw the nail marks and she slowly got up and settled in a sitting position, attaching her back to the bed rest.

Her eyes and she shifted her gaze to his face, and saw him sleeping with a not so calm face yet he managed to look very cute and adorable. He cuddled more around his folded hand and she smiled looking at his childish act which he did unknowingly.

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead lightly, and saw him smiling as she did. She felt delighted that he remembers her touch even in sleep.

And suddenly his eyes flung open and he saw her smiling, and automatically his till now pale face lightened up.

He immediately sat straight and Niti smiled wider at his behavior. He came up the bed and hugged her tightly refusing to leave her at any condition. Niti was almost suffocating with that great force and as he realized that it’s causing discomfort to her and released her and she swiftly moved out of his hands.

He cupped her face and pecked her forehead and asked, “Niti, you are fine now?”

She nodded and smiled. His eyes turned angry and so did his features. He hated that fake smiling which she was trying to plaster on. “What the hell do you think of yourself?”He shouted on top of his voice not able to take it anymore.

This sudden outburst shocked Niti but she shivered yet confused as in what made him say that. Before she could ask she herself thought of some guesses and settled her idea on a single one that as he stayed here last night so he would now know that she behaves awkwardly during sleep, like she screams and scratch and all the stuff and hence as anyone else he too would hate it and hence hates her.

She was thinking all this just when he again screamed, “What do you think that I don’t know you and hence won’t be able to find that whether you are actually smiling or faking? Don’t you dare show me this fake smile, I just hate and loath it so much…. And also don’t dare act that nothing happened last night. Now I get it why you were suddenly so adamant when I insisted on staying for night, rather its final from now on I am going to stay unless you tell me what’s bothering you. Well I know you won’t open up so easily but don’t you worry Miss Taylor I have my own ways.”

She was listening it all and it took her a minute to get it all and register it in her mind.

And when she got it her eyes bulged out of the socket, he saw it and chuckled lightly, “What did you think that I am so dumb that if you won’t speak then I won’t get what’s bothering. Well you might have got how wrong you were, yeah?”

He got up and Niti stared him unblinkingly. He disappeared out of her room and she again recalled what he said and the confidence in his voice delighted her. Happy tears started to flow down her cheeks as she realized that he wasn’t going to leave her alone anymore and even after getting so much he is preferring to stay by her side rather than disappearing somewhere.

Parth came back and handed over her a glass of water. Niti looked up at him confused. He held it forward and his other hand caught a tear drop on the index finger and he said, “I knew this was coming up. Now drink it.”

Niti’s eyes brimmed more and her mouth curved more. She took it and drank some of it and slid it on the side table.

Parth again headed to move out when she caught his hand abruptly and he turned. She pulled his hand slowly towards him and he slid down and sat at the edge of the bed. She was smiling and Parth was busy guessing what she want now, or what she gonna do when Niti slid her over his eyes shutting them swiftly.

She held his hand up and roamed her fingers around the wounds she gave him and later she kissed at the place. Parth with shut eyes was trying to feel her every move when he felt the soft petals attach to his skin and he smiled recognizing her act.

His eyes were still closed when she kissed his forehead cupping his face and tilting it towards her. She kissed both of his eyelids and he felt a wet drop on his cheek. Her hands started to detach when Parth opened his eyes and saw her silently crying.

Her arms slid down slowly her eyes still closed, and her fingers knowingly caressed his wounds. He saw some more tears trickle down her cheek and he instantly cupped her left cheek with his right hand and that was when she opened her eyes immediately.

His left hand reached her face and he slid his forefingers to clear her face off the tears and his thumb finger slid on her lower lip and she took a sharp intake of breath. She could sense him breathing as heavily as she did and his breath hit her lower chin. His breath mixed with hers and he claimed her lips the next moment.

He grazed her upper lip, it took her some time but she responded as she sucked at his lower lip. His right hand left her cheek and he slid it down her shoulder, and towards the back. His hand trailed down while his fingers discovered her curves. His finger movements were creating havoc in her body and it came up in the kiss. She sucked more at his lip and his eyes glistened. His hand settled on her waist but abruptly it slid under her top and as his cold fingers made contact with her heated skin, she moaned and his tongue made its way in her mouth, he discovered each and every single corner of her mouth as her hands went to his back and pulled him more. Finally not in a mood but yet both detached in need of air.

Both were breathing heavily and they joined their foreheads, their eyes closed. Parth opened his eyes to find a small smile accompanying her features and his lips quirked up the corners. Shortly Niti too opened her eyes and found him already staring. She could feel her skin burning and creating havoc as his intense gaze seemed to settle on her forehead. She again looked up and found his gaze sliding from her eyes to her lips, stopped there for a second and her heart beat raced, but his eyes continued the trail down and now she felt his gaze settled on her heaving chest and now the read was out of control. She felt she would melt right away if he continued the same way and her hand instantly settled on the bed and she moved as if trying to move.

Parth caught her hands and asked, “What?” and Niti looked on confused. “Where do you think you are escaping Miss Taylor?” and instantly her cheeks turned read, he chuckled and pulled her a bit strongly. She was on her kneels trying to get down when due to his sudden pull she landed on his chest and both fell on the bed. Parth on his back and Niti over him, trying to get up when he caught her by the waist.

She looked at him dazed and smiled. “I hope you remember you need to rest, yeah?” and she answered instantly, “Like this??” and he looked at her dawned figure and answered, “Why not? I thought you were comfortable here.” And Niti blushed hard at his statement but managed to prevent the smile.

She tried getting up without answering and hence settled her one hand on the bed and other on his shoulder for support but due to his tight grip and the recently caused inflexibility she tripped again and her front crashed on his chest. She looked up at him only to find a heated gaze over her. Her breath got struck in her throat and she gulped hard, while parth smiled watching it, “Yeah I agree this position is better.” He said and her face turned a shade darker.


very very sorry guys i know it is short and not even complete but trust me i cudnt write further. i got a cut on my palm this morning and it really pains a lot…somehow managed to type with the right one….plz bear with me…surely i will post its continuation by night…and dont forget to COMMENT

love u all and thnx for all ur support

Credit to: niri

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    1. omg so many descriptions…..aaaah its so gud to read ur comments lovelies….and hey tanu dear thnx a lot…i myself do not have words to describe what am feeling after reading ur commn…

  2. Your writing is always amazing yrr… The epi was superb enjoyed 🙂 and you really beautify every scene .

    1. aaaw….thnx dear….glad that u liked it…i will keep going…and stay tuned to find more about this lovely relation of PaNi

  3. The kiss made him forget that he was supposed to ask niti about niti s condition at night. And ya one more really nice but short episode. Upload next one soon pls.

    1. yep dude it did……but sooner he will dig the things out….and thnx….i know it is short but this time i will try for a bigger one….plz wait for a bit more time

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    1. thnx dear and ya am taking care of it…but probably it has recovered not fully but yep healing rapidly….and dont woory am no such a fool that for this update i will risk all the rest of the updates…..wait a bit more to find more in the story…… u tooo…and yep am taking rest!!!

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  8. Awesome episode, love you loads.

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  9. YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! my palm is finally in a condition to write….well lots of things pending….including the update but i will update the next one soon….so dearies stay tuned to find something more awesome.

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