Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi9 continued

She was still struggling to get up preventing taking his support when suddenly Parth pulled her up by tightening the grip around her waist. She looked up at his face shocked as to why he did that. And as instantly he flipped their positions and now he was over her, his one hand resting on the bed rather supporting his body in air so that he won’t put all his weight on her.

Now Niti breathed hard and goose bumps rose all over her skin when she found him looking at her intently. He observed every expression of her and shifted his gaze from her face to her eyes looking straight in them.

Niti was startled for a moment but the next moment she felt better, as for now he moved a bit back keeping a safe distance yet his body dawned over her short one. Even though the skin contact was hardly somewhere yet he managed to affect her badly like all times.

Her hands were lying on the sides but looking at his so calm, yet concerned, hurt yet loving, angry yet comforting frame she felt all the best things in world coming up to her slowly, coming only when he was around.

She loved his company. She loved his talks. She loved his possessiveness. She loved his care. She loved his concern. She loved it when she found that the only thing which really disturbs him is her discomfort. Summing all, she loved Him.

Till date since the day she had met him first, she had decided firmly that the person whom she would fall for can be like anything, anything that would please her not necessarily the ideal man and she would love him like mad but won’t ask for a reciprocating act. She won’t ask the person to love her the same way or even love her. All she would know is that she would go to any extent as she would love him.

But now when she found him, it was getting difficult for her to not ask to love her back, to care for her, to be concerned about her small worries and sweet joys. Though in Parth’s case she never had to speak it up for anything of these to be done, but don’t know what was stopping them, them both, that they didn’t come out in open about it, they never expressed it vocally though actions were grabbed and noticed by everyone else.

She felt his finger slid from the corner of her forehead and trail down huskily to her cheek and tracing her jaw bone till the mid of her chin. She felt something curl in her lower stomach when she saw the heat enter his eyes again.

“You need me! And I am not going anywhere unless I sort this out. And you will help me, yeah?” he said as he leaned towards her lips.

He stopped an inch away and looked in her eyes for an answer and she spill it out, “I will.” Her voice sounded weak and lot affected, and Parth smiled listening to it.

His thumb slid over her lower lip and caressed it while her body stuttered with the effect of it.

“We will deal with it together. Do you trust me?” He said with all the love and care that he had for her.

Niti came out of trance as soon as she heard it and her heart pained seeing his eyes moist and him still unsure about the way she feel for him. He was still looking in her eyes to find the answer but he only got something down in the pits which he could not decipher.

He was busy with the act when suddenly he felt her arms curl around the back of his neck and he was pulled forward and down. In no time she was grazing at his lips with all the love that she can pour in it. She pulled him harder and his hand slipped and his hard front crashed on her soft one. She licked, sucked, caressed more and flipped their positions. Now she was on top of him and her hairs went to the sides covering their faces.

Parth could feel the assurance and affirmation she was giving to him. He was still shocked at her this act. She was kissing him as if it’s their last one and she wanted to drench all out of him and pour all of her inside him.

She had tried speaking it up to him a lot many times, what she felt about, felt for him, felt for Us. But as soon the words reached her mind, her tongue trailed off and not a sound would come out of this blo*dy mouth. Now when her throat had been carrying the gulp seeing him so vulnerable, the same repeated, her mouth didn’t open.

And as known and felt she proved that a kiss can speak the ongoing crap when the tongue refuse and probably it explained better.

“Parth! I know that you still don’t believe that I trust you but, try to get it, I Do. I just can’t prove it but I do Trust you Completely. I know you would never hurt me, any way! Somewhere I knew it before too but just failed to keep a good hold on it. I can’t lose you, not Again, and this time I won’t let any of us to grow some insecurities and ruin this.” She said as they slowly departed.

Parth could see the honesty in her eyes and the confidence in her voice too didn’t get unnoticed by him.

She got up from over him and sat on the edge looking down at her feet while he straightened himself and moved near her. And she heard him say, “I know it. I knew you believed me somewhere down in your heart and surely someday it would come up bold enough that you will accept and that is the reason why I never forced you to listen to me, but I surely forced you to listen to that heart of yours.”

She looked up shocked and he nodded and his palm lightly held hers and just as the skin contacted she squeezed it gently.

Both stayed for some time not speaking anything but just looking out of the window as the highway dazed with the car as it flooded with more cars with every passing second.

Suddenly Parth got up and she frowned at this sudden act. He appeared again after about half an hour and in the mean time she had a shower and as she was making her way out of her bathroom she saw him entering the room as along.

Parth was moving to her room with the tray and he entered careful enough not to spill the juice from the brimming glass. His eyes went on for searching her as he stood near the door when he saw her appearing from behind the bathroom door and his breath caught in his throat.

She was rubbing the back of her head with the towel, her hairs shifted to the left side, exposing the creamy skin of her right shoulder. The few water droplets still sticking to her neck and his eyes followed the trail of one from the neck to the shoulder and down to her collarbone and down, when she said loud enough for him to look up and answer her, “What is this?? God! Parth I can’t believe. Fruit salad!”

He saw her features screwing and forming a shocked and as well irritated expression as she stared the bowl in the tray.

She moved forward and now glared at him, “Haan toh, its required okay? Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? He clearly stated that you need to have healthy food. And don’t you dare think main iske saath compromise karne wala hoon, aur nahi tumhe karne dunga, get it?” he tried to sound angry but failed badly.

She continued glaring at him and said, “Parth! This is Not done. Tum tabse mujhe sirf healthy foos de rahe ho. I didn’t complain doesn’t mean I will continue this life time. And moreover I am perfectly fine now, I don’t need all this sadu sa khana anymore. I mean c’mon man I can’t eat soooooo much Healthy food for so loooooooong.”

Parth looked at her making faces and laughed at her cute antics and smiled seeing her behaving just like a kid. Well she was one, no matter how much she ever she try to pretend she was always a kid inside, so delicate and away from the harsh side of this world until….

And his thoughts came to halt as he saw her snapping her fingers in front of him. He looked at her face and tried to concentrate. His eyes fell on her luscious lips which moved curving too much to add to his impatience and he till now couldn’t make out a single word of what she said.
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  1. Their argument for fruit salad was Soo cute.. and finally after days i guess niti freshened up.. No complains yaar. But pls be regular .

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    N her reaction on healthy fruit salad – u juz nailed it sweety…
    Don’t u dare think of ending diz cuz of lack of comments.. Trust der r many many many readers bt dey don’t comment dats it (evn I used to be 1 of them)

    1. i know even u USED to be not ANYMORE…….thnx and i wanted it to be clear that Parth is the reason that Niti want to discover her own self…..keep commenting dear i need those very badly…and i wud tell u guys by next update if i wud continue or not…plz comment dearies also the silent readers…cmon guys come out and show up…any queries regarding the experience from a silent reader to the commenting one….approach Hely…..she wud tell u which position is better, yep dude????…………LOL…..keep commntng <3<3<3

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