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The car stopped in front of 10 floor high building.

Parth helped Niti to come out and they entered inside. Niti’s apartment is at 7th floor and she still always prefers to reach up or come down by stairs and not the lift, even if she is late or in hurry and so does Parth.

Parth has held her by the waist and she is clinging to his arm.

He leads her inside and they walk past the staircase. Niti also this time didn’t want to use the staircase and so didn’t bother much about it. He led her inside the lift and Niti lifted her hand to press the 7 button on the board and as she touched the button, she felt Parth’s finger on top of hers.

Both looked at each other and just as Niti was going to withdraw her hand, it was caught by him in between his large fingers and the caged hand of hers pressed the button.

Till then Parth was standing a bit towards the back and Niti near the door, but now he firmly decided to cage not only her fingers but her body too.

Her hand went down and before it could even reach the side of her waist, a band of hands surrounding her waist from over her hands and she felt him pulling her back such that her tired body hit his hard core lightly. She breathed deep and now she felt the warmth surrounding her giving her more energy to stay on her legs for a bit longer.

The lift halted easily and doors opened. Niti had closed her eyes, but now realizing the situation she flung them open and turned immediately, to find him smiling.

She scowled at it but her cheeks didn’t fail to attain the crimson red.

He helped her reach all the way through the corridor, her apartment and finally her bedroom. He made her sit comfortably on the bed and gave her a glass of water.

He came out of her room, without informing her anything, maybe because he himself was not aware of what he gonna do next. His eyes moved in all directions, aimless and when they fell on the kitchen, it reminded him that Niti has to get something for dinner but what.

He can’t order food from outside, it won’t be healthy. He thought of calling someone and ask for some help but whom? He could call his sister, surely she would help but how will she reach here in time moreover he haven’t met her since long and suddenly asking her to come over with food, didn’t sound appropriate.

He made his mind that he himself will try something. He moved towards her room and peeped inside from far itself, keeping in mind that she shouldn’t et disturbed or even see him. He saw her covering herself with the duvet till the waist and sliding down her body to maintain a lying position.

He smiled seeing her struggling but not calling him for help.

He thought of moving in and helping her but soon she showed him her back and turned the other side.

He now made his way to the kitchen and took out his phone in order to look for some healthy recipes on internet. He thought he would cook something light. Not that he had many options, since he wasn’t as good at cooking, but surely a big time foodie.

He paced in the kitchen going through the recipes. Finally his mind halted at one which would be easy as well as healthy.

Somehow she managed to complete the simple recipe, something involving lots of veggies and some rice. He also made some juice simultaneously.

Although checking time and again whether the rice was cooked was a boring yet tiring job. Also chopping all these veggies wasn’t so easy, but he was happy that he could complete moreover it even smelled good, but he immediately covered the vessel as he didn’t want Niti to guess that he readied all the food. His mouth watered yet he refused to even taste it thinking that Niti should be the first one to check, he just wished she like it.

He served it in two plates but found that they were just a bit more filled than half and hence each plate won’t be enough for one, rather all could be finished by one person if one is very hungry, which he thought about Niti. So immediately he coursed all the content into a single, bit bigger plate. And the juice also in just one glass as she would question him if he would have only juice in front of her, hence he refused his mind for both.

He moved with the tray to her room and as he entered he found her still facing the other side.

He kept the tray on side table and moved to the other corner of the bed. As he moved slowly, simultaneously her face came to his vision and he admired the sound asleep beauty.

He reached the farther corner and kneeled down. He saw the peace her face accompanied and recalled her face three days back, it had all the crease lines highlighted even when she smiled, or she pretended to smile, he wondered.

He smiled lightly realizing that she enjoys his company and looking at her face he thought of not waking her up.

He readied to get up but recalled the doctor’s words that she must not skip her meals and shook her head calling him out of the trance.

He lightly shook her and her eyes opened with a jerk. He looked at her, not able to take off his eyes and utter something.

Her eyes wandering caught his and he smiled at her shocked, surprised but delighted figure. Just as her eyes caught his, they refused to flutter and slowly they moved towards his stretched lips, causing him to smile.

He got this act of her and moved his face towards her, their lips just centimeters apart and he saw her eyes getting bigger and popping out with every passing microsecond and his face continued the trail and he saw her brows forming a V when suddenly his lips reached near her ear and he uttered the words, “You should have something or else gonna faint again and this time I won’t carry your unconscious figure in my arms. You look short and light but believe me its hell tiring. My arms are still aching.”

Parth parted away and smiled at her. On the other hand, Niti could not believe at this, he was mocking at her, and later laughing!

Her eyes widened and her nose flared up in anger, at which Parth smiled more but then he held her by her arms and made her sit on the bed.

Slowly he brought the tray to her vision and she again gave the shocked expression finding that it didn’t look like an ordered one, all the colorful bits of veggies in the floral orange rice recipe. She looked up at him only to find his gaze already fixed on her. She saw him looking at her expectantly and she frowned in confusion. Suddenly a thought struck her and she instantly looked up at him and her eyes widened more in shock and surprise when she analyzed that he cooked it.

Parth was no more looking at her but everywhere else.

Her hands immediately came up from the sides and he held his hands, compelling him to look at her and he saw her round shining eyes now brimming with the not flown tears and a smile accompanying face but he could also decipher the crease lines slowly appearing on her head and he frowned as to what was it then.

He followed her gaze and found it stuck at his own right hand, and he frowned more realizing that now she was crying but not the happy tears but after seeing to two cuts on his index and ring fingers respectively.

He saw her fingers slowly sliding over his cut and he felt the gentle touch that seemingly reduced the pain and heal it at places.

He glanced at her face to find the tear slide down her cheek and fall on his open palm, she bent little and his hand came up held between hers, as she kissed on the open palm.

He smiled wide at the gesture but rearranged his face to hide his smile and he showed fake anger, and said “I knew it. You can only cry right. I told you before that I don’t want these tears anymore in your eyes; they make me ill and drive me devastatingly crazy. What do you want, you want to kill me?”

And even before he could open his mouth again she broke into a tight, protective hug. He sat dazed for a moment but held her close after a minute as he realized she was sobbing.

He gently rubbed her back and she calmed a bit. What she spoke next, tinged near his heart and he cursed himself for ever letting out those words.

“Just ask me once if you want me to go away, to leave, but don’t dare say you would have a truck with death. Or watch me leave before you.” She said with all the pain and determination she carried all along.

She moved back to look at him and found the guilt accompanying him, and she scowled more.

“Parth!” she tried to speak and explain but then decided otherwise and continued after a second’s break, “You sure I can eat this? I mean, I hope you heard the doctor that I need to eat healthy and Safe food.” And with this she broke into laughter seeing parth frowning and turning shocked at her statement, whereas he sat expressionless and waited for her to stop.

Once she did, he slid the coverlid aside and the aroma entered her nostrils, the delicious smell of the roasted veggies and the spicy air surrounding the tray filled her nostrils completely and she inhaled more. She couldn’t wait any longer to take a bite of it and slid the spoon in her hand when she realized that Parth was still sitting the same way and he wasn’t having anything around.

She flung her eyes at his face and raised her brows questioning him. He acted clueless and shrugged raising his left brow as to what happened.

“What? Don’t say that you had it before me. Don’t even try ‘cause I know you haven’t.” Niti asked turning him stone for a moment but he rearranged himself and answered confident, “And why do you ever think that I would wait for me, don’t act so dumb and clueless, as if you don’t know about me. Remember I am a big time Foodie!”

“I am not acting. And I am saying that since I know you, so don’t try to cook another tale and just eat along with.” She said in one go and he smiled realizing that she was absolutely correct.

“Yeah?” she asked softly and he sprang up from the bed and out of her sight. She frowned and looked around in anger and finally outside the window to find it all dark and the city lights and horn sounds reaching her.

She was still looking out, frowning when she felt the fluffy bed pressed against, and she looked up only to find him smiling wide and looking at the plate down and she noticed one more spoon in his left hand and another juice glass near the tray.

She nodded disbelievingly at his impossibly childish and cute act. She smiled thinking how he didn’t let it out any way that he was damn hungry.

Though she was also hungry but she recalled that Parth didn’t have anything since morning and she wondered he could manage not to complain even once. She felt delighted that he could do this for her.

Parth stuck the spoon inside the rice and glanced up to find her looking at him dreamingly, he smiled to the fullest and after a moment faked coughing to bring her out of the dream world and thankfully it worked.

He smiled sarcastically and she focused on the food plate and bent her head down. She shut her eyes tight and cursed under her breath.

Suddenly she felt something warm around her hand and she looked down at her hand and saw his hand touching her hand at the edge and she heard him say simultaneously, “You can dream about me once you are asleep. And believe me a filled stomach helps you get sweeter and hotter dreams.” He said huskily and saw her blushing hard at his words and he smiled in a triumphant finding her still thinking over his words and her cheeks going a shade darker with every passing second.

He held her hands abruptly and again said, “I hope I won’t need to spoon feed, babe.” And her heart skipped a beat at that. And she forced the spoon in her mouth and chewed very little and tried to gulp down but not able to, she coughed hard and went for the juice.

Parth first worried but when she was fine, he smiled in a sneer and she continued eating slowly.

After about five spoons she heard him say, “I am sorry to interrupt your thought process but I thought I would like to know about the taste.” And she immediately looked up and realized she didn’t utter a word about it yet moreover she was so affected by his words that she couldn’t even analyze the taste and now finally she chewed and felt the flavors melt on her tongue and he enjoyed the bite.

“It’s really very good. I mean the flavors and the texture, it’s all so perfect. And why are you asking me, you know to decipher more when it comes to food.” She said and as she did she realized that he haven’t started yet and looked straight in his eyes to find him already looking at her expressionless.

“Parth why didn’t you start yet? Eat it, it’s really yummy and I know you are hungry.” She said gesturing him to eat and she heard him hmmm in a reply and continued, “What Hmm? I said eat, so start eating!”

“Hmm” again came the reply and she tilted her head to find him do the same and without a second’s delay she pushed the spoon in his mouth dazing him completely and she laughed out really loud seeing his face forming a different angle. He looked really funny she thought.

She remembered the shoot day when they had to shoot the similar sequence, Nandini feeding Manik and him making faces. She remembered how Charlie and Ayaz played a prank by actually changing the food into some really boring stuff at the last moment. Only after the shoot was scene and it was revealed by none other than Parth.

He had an angry expression at first but when he watched the scene the director was reviewing, he laughed at his own condition seeing the different shapes he formed of his jaw.

Moreover he made everyone else on the set taste that food too and others laughed more realizing his state.

She was thinking this when unknowingly she smiled and soon her own mouth was filled with food stuff, and dazed she looked at parth still holding the spoon. Thank God! This time it was at least something eatable, rather it was really yummy.

Parth handed over the spoon to her and started eating without waiting for her.

“Parth! How can you leave me? Eating all alone!” she complained.

“Of course! As if you waited! Moreover you already ate some and I haven’t. I have to cope up right.” He said and she smiled again at his impossible behavior.

One thing that she was sure after spending this whole lot of time with him was he acted bold, uncaring, selfish and tough. But actually he was most delicate inside and rather a pure soul still resting in him as a kid.

And this is what she feared, she cared and she loved about him.

Both had that limited content as dinner. Parth quickly cleaned the spot and helped her lie down comfortably. He asked her to finish the juice meanwhile he also cleaned the messed up kitchen which he had left as such after cooking.

When he came back to Niti’s room he saw the glass on the side table and thankfully it was empty, but then his eyes fell on Niti’s still figure and saw that she was staring at her lower thigh and seemingly was busy in thinking something deep.

He came ahead and shook her lightly by the shoulder and just as he did, she spoke instantly looking up at him, “Are you going to stay tonight also?”

And it was then that Parth realized what happened last night, Niti’s sweating and scared face came to his vision and he worried anew, as to why she suddenly asked about and what does she actually mean.

“I think you should leave. I can manage here on my own.” Niti said and Parth could sense the breakage when he heard her, he could decipher the fake smile behind which she hid something he didn’t know.

But Parth didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable and suggested, “then I think I should call either Charlie or Ayaz here. You need….”

But before he could complete Niti hurriedly spoke, rather shouted, “NO.”

Parth who was already having his phone in his hand looked up immediately, shocked at her this reaction.

He moved near her and meanwhile Niti realized what she recently did. She slapped herself mentally and rearranged her face with a calm expression.

“I mean there’s no need I can manage. No need to call someone to babysit me.” She spoke in a shaky voice trying very hard to sound cool and confident when she saw him throwing daggers at her.

“Drop the act right away and speak up the crap that you are hiding behind this.” He said it pointing at her smiling lips.

Niti gulped in fear seeing his coal red eyes continuously staring at her.

“Speak up Niti.” He almost shouted. He saw tears welling up in Niti’s eyes and instantly his anger vanished. He sat near her on the bed edge and saw her getting away as if she doesn’t want him to be near, as if she loath his touch. He didn’t protest against it silently got up and saw her shoulders sag down in discontentment. Parth frowned at her reaction. It was getting difficult for him to find out what she actually wants.

“Fine! I am staying here and don’t dare utter a word.” He saw her eyes brimming more as he said it and he pulled at his locks in frustration.

“This is final and I am not going to change it!” he declared and moved out clearing the plates and the glasses.

Niti who was already lying on the bed started shivering internally. She was scared if Parth will be around at night, not that she didn’t want his company but that she can’t reveal the truth.

She had been fighting with her thoughts when she saw him making his way again to her room.

She saw his gaze fixed at her left and he frowned looking at something and she found him staring at the untouched tablets. His form straightened as she looked up at him, he paced towards the kitchen and came in with the same speed along with a glass of water.

He came and held her hand and without looking at her face he set her on the bed in a sitting position and handed over the tablets along with the glass of water and his eyes came up instantly with coal, when he saw her hand unmoved.

He glared at her and silently she gulped down the tablets.

Again he settled her on the bed and covered her with the duvet till the waist with making any skin contact with her bare arms.

He had even slid the duvet only by catching it between his finger tips as if he didn’t want to pollute the fabric.

With this he moved out silently, carrying all his anger still inside him.

Niti carefully observed it all continuously staring at him till he disappeared behind the living room wall.

She cursed herself for that move. She felt guilty that because of her own self now he didn’t even touch her. She made him think that she didn’t want to spend time with him and that his touch only disgusts her, whereas the truth lied in the fact that she craved for him day and night, when he wasn’t around and now when he was, she never wanted to lose his side, wanted to cuddle and spoon around him.

She knew she was always weak at expressing her true desires and she scowled that she again messed up everything with him.

But then it was only good for him that he stayed away from her, at night, or else the fact that he will have to encounter with the bitter phase, she wasn’t sure how he will react and how it will affect her. She was too scared to let it out and moreover too worried about the consequences, the fear that stayed inside her since long, how it had been coming out in sprouts since last few days.

She knew that if he gonna stay here then surely he would come to know. The only solution that came to her mind was that she has to wake up the whole night. She decided firmly and kept thinking about how she will answer him or rather explain her real feelings to him, that she doesn’t want him to go away or to stay away from her.

She was moving her fingers in swirls on her palm thinking about Parth and how will she handle him next morning since she doesn’t want to get away from him, and she was keeping her head busy with all the thinking only so that she doesn’t sleep, but the heavy medicines acted to ruin her plan and she didn’t realize when did she fell in sleep.

Parth sitting on couch moved his legs up and settled on the other end to lie in a sitting position. Soon he too drifted to sleep while thinking about the sudden change in her behavior.


Parth wasn’t yet in deep sleep since till now whole time he had been tossing over the couch not able to settle comfortably, when he heard something, some really disturbing noise.

Previously his sleepy eyes protested against opening and remained shut but soon he heard something, somewhat like a scream and instantly he popped out of the couch and as he stood on his feet another scream hit his ears and he ran to the source.

He came up to side of the bed and his eyes bulged out horrified. He saw her again in the same state as last night or rather worse.

So Sorrrrrry……. Plz plz plz plz guys don’t stop reading……I was just not in a condition to write and also could not inform…..soooooo sorrrrryy……. I guess my cousin informed…well she told me she did but again sorry with a promise that I will update every second day from now on…….plz plz plz don’t get angry…..i really cudn’t help it anyhow from now on hopefully nothing like that will happen,,,,,,you never know but just hope for the best and see u guys in comment section……..

Credit to: niri

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