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Parth sat in from the right, and Niti was lying such that her head was towards him and legs falling down the seat towards the other door.

Parth first sat in comfortably and as he closed the door, he took her head in his hands, and dragged her up his lap. Uttkarsh who was starting the car saw it from the mirror and smiled at his gesture.

Niti was dazed for a moment but overwhelmed with his care she made herself more comfortable in his lap and turned such that she faced him completely now.

Parth looked down and smiled, she responded with a warm one and Parth’s eyes stuck on her lower lip a bit bulged and he reminisce their kiss and a heat entered his eyes, which was easily deciphered by her. He bent his head a bit and she knew what was coming up. She raised her hand and patted at his left shoulder and he instantly blinked coming out of the trance and then frowned looking at the mirror in which he could see the reflection of Uttu, his mouth hung open and he was curiously staring at the two.

Parth raised his left brow and Uttu giggled and before he could start anything further, Uttkarsh started the car and looked in front.

Niti witnessed it all and was smiling an unseen one. She saw that Parth still carried the frown and she slowly reached his left hand which was lying beside her, and she moved her own palm in his. Parth got alerted at the touch and looked down to find her entwining their fingers and then he looked at her to find her looking the other side.

She was avoiding any eye contact but he could still see her blushing and his eyes enjoyed her state. After few minutes of travelling, the silence almost covering every part of the vehicle Uttkarsh suddenly spoke, “What’s the timing then guys?”

Both looked at him through the mirror and frowned due to confusion. He saw it but didn’t say anything. Finally parth spoke, “what timings?”

“Buddy, the party man!” Uttkarsh exclaimed. Parth looked totally confused and raised his left eyebrow, and formed the ‘alien topic’ expression.

“What? Now don’t say I don’t have any role in your love story.” Uttkarsh said faking anger.

Niti blushed heavily listening to ‘love story’ and Parth glared at him.

“Please guys don’t tease me anymore.” Uttkarsh said innocently and Parth glared more as he was already pissed off with the word game and unable to control any longer he sat straight and said, “Look man, don’t play these word games with me. What the heck are you talking about, what party, what timing, what??” he said in one go, totally confused and irritated.

“Are you serious??” Uttkarsh formed an O and said sarcastically. He continued, “Aren’t you guys going to throw an amazing party that you both are finally together.”

As soon as Parth heard it, his face turned shocked, he was surprised at his words, but smiled recalling the word together.

Niti looked everywhere else but Uttkarsh through the mirror.

Parth sensed it and instantly spoke, “Dude, it’s….it’s nothing the way you think, we are just…”

But Uttkarsh said before he could complete, “in a relation, right?”

Parth was going to answer in a No but he didn’t open his mouth realizing that he himself doesn’t know what actually this all is, and moreover he didn’t want to hurt her by say either of the two, that is yes or no, since he really didn’t know what her state of mind was like, currently.

On the other hand Nit’s gaze was fixed on Parth waiting for his answer. Parth looked down to find Niti looking at him expectantly and his tongue hesitated to respond. This was sensed by Uttkarsh and he thought of diverting the topic and to carry out this diversion he saw a diversion ahead, he suddenly sped the car and took a sharp turn at the diversion.

Parth instantly bent a bit low and his left hand went down her waist cupping it from over her stomach and the right one around her shoulder holding her still at the place, in order to protect her from the halt.

Their faces so close were out of sight for Uttkarsh due to their position behind the driver seat.

Niti opened her eyes to find him looking at her intensely and her hand reached up her shoulder and trailed to the back of his head.

Now the car was moving steady and without halts.

Their faces were inches apart when Niti lightly clutched at his hairs and Parth smiled at it.

She pulled him closer and he slowly leaned more and their lips now at a distance hardly more than thickness of paper, and their breaths hacked.

He bent a bit more and his lips touched hers but before it could advance into a kiss, Uttkarsh coughed dramatically.

“It’s alright Parth now the diversion is gone” Uttkarsh chuckled after completing.

And Parth straightened immediately whereas Niti blushed more and she kept staring at the back of the seat, her eyes wandering, very unsteady.

“You moron! What was the need to make such a sharp turn at that? Why did you speed the car?” Parth sounded angry.

“Look! Who’s talking! Are you serious? I mean what’s wrong with you man? From when did you start bothering about speed? Unless you have got someone whose state matters to you so much!” Uttkarsh replied.

Parth looked at him through the mirror to find him eyeing at Niti, and looked down, and again looked up at him only to glare badly and Uttkarsh chuckled more.

The lights from outside gradually decreased and the dark making its place didn’t go unnoticed. The sun had set and the only source of light around was the bulb in the car.

“Shit man, we‘re on wrong side.” Uttkarsh exclaimed and Parth looked up. Niti horrified at his statement. “That car is approaching us and seems like break fail.” Uttkarsh said again, sounding really scared, when Parth looked around and then forward. He found that Uttkarsh was playing a prank. But before Niti could get it, Uttkarsh screamed at the top of his voice, “BANG”.

And just as he did, Niti turned around instantly and hugged Parth around his waist digging her head more in his lap. Parth who had opened his mouth only to stop Uttkarsh, suddenly felt this and looked down, to find her still digging more in him and he saw Uttkarsh smirking at that and he looked down to smile an unseen one.

Uttkarsh continued, “Guys please don’t look out and dig your head somewhere, I think the cops are here and I need to deal with them.”

Parth looked on disbelievingly and Uttkarsh gestured him to look down and Parth too smiled to find Niti still in the same state believing it all to be true.

Uttkarsh halted the car at a corner and moved out. Niti could listen to this and was still scared when she felt Parth’s cool fingers sliding up her arms and reaching her shoulders and he bent down to complete the hug.

He raised his head a bit and lightly kissed on her forehead and said, “Niti, it’s alright. Nothing happened. Look up.”

Niti looked up still unsure and saw him smiling. She wondered, and Parth helped her to sit on the seat, her back resting on the seat rest and her whole body supported by the door at one end and by Parth’s left hand holding at her arm on the other arm.

She looked around still confused but parth helped her, “Don’t worry Niti. It was Uttu. He played a prank.”

And she looked on unbelievingly. “Yeah, that’s true. He was just joking.”

Niti frowned but before her mood could be spoilt more, Parth actually set her in mood.

He trailed his right hand index and middle finger up her arm, causing her to shiver at that. She remembered during the shoot as well whenever there was such a scene including this act she always used to calm herself before the scene. His touch, especially the feathery trail of his long fingers over her skinny arms affected her a lot. She used to worry if someday it will come out that he always affects her, so much that she wonders at her own self.

She looked up at him to find him leaning towards her, and realized that this time his trail of fingers didn’t halt at her shoulders rather it continued on over the fabric and soon reached her exposed neck and up towards her cheek. She felt the throng travel down her spine.

He leaned more and halted at an inch’s distance and spoke, “See, everyone around knows that we need to be together, and sometimes really Alone.” He stretched the last word and Niti blushed.

His fingers over the heated skin of her neck moved in circles causing havoc in her body and her breaths hacked as his fingers slowly reached down near her spine and he moved her hairs off her left shoulder. All the while his left hand was holding and supporting her tired body steadily.

She felt his cool fingers moving, rather sliding slowly from one end of her shoulder to other and shifting the thick volume of her hairs to her left. Her loose white top, actually an off shoulder one but it was settled on the ends of her shoulder till then.

Goosebumps rose over her skin as she felt him sliding the top down her shoulder very slowly, causing her muscles to give in.

He knew every single way to tease her, didn’t he? His head leaned and he dug it in the crook of her neck and she took a sharp intake of breath as his lips touched her bare skin of lower neck.

She clutched at his T-shirt when he started the trail of kisses over her skin. She felt his tongue come in entrance and reach her skin as his lips reached the corner of her shoulders. She felt his warm tongue moving on her shoulder and she bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning.

Abruptly he moved back and she saw his eyes gleaming and he looked warmly in her eyes, and he let go of her hand and she leaned more on the door to support her body and he smiled seeing that.

He moved ahead again, and lightly kissed her right cheek. And he saw the pink of the blush travelling all over her skin as he did that.

She looked down, felling a lot more shy, not able to look up and make an eye contact.

He got it and held her jaw firmly and made her look at him. She peeked at his face and saw his eyes questioning her if she regrets their act, he saw vagueness in his eyes and she felt hurt that he was still unsure about her feelings but she let it go to bring on something better.

She leaned forward and he could sense the strain she was giving to her body and so slid forward and before she could initiate any act she saw his hand moving and then out of her sight as it slid inside her T-shirt and she breathed heavily as he clutched at the flesh of her waist.

She felt her body melting at that and felt like the walls containing the fluid inside, itself liquefying and that in no time she will be spread on the sheet, her treacherous body would itch her soon, like every time.

But he held her firmly and got closer before her body could actually sag down. She felt his hard frame hit her delicate one, softly, and now only their heads were apart whereas whole of their bodies seemed to melt into each other.

Soon Parth dig his head again in her neck and this time he lightly bit at her flesh near the shoulder end.

Niti wasn’t expecting it and unknowingly she moaned and she could feel him smile on her skin as he heard it.

She held him by his shoulder and his head moved up and his tongue rolled out and swiped on the skin under her ear. A warmth spread low in her stomach and she bit her lower lip more to stop herself from moaning. She thought she was going to lose it if it continues. Not that she didn’t want it or that she would regret. No she won’t, ever. But it was just that she didn’t want it this way.

She couldn’t push him away. No she won’t. She abruptly pushed him and saw his shocked eyes but before his brilliant brains could work over it she moved close to him, very close. Till now it was her affected the most but as her fingers trailed over the fabric and moved up his collar bone, his breathing hacked and he was equally affected now.

He caught hold of her hair at the back and pulled down from back, and her chin came up.

He moved more and grazed at her chin and she felt butterflies in her lower stomach, causing her to moan loud enough this time.

He left the handful of her hairs and immediately reached her soft petals. He grazed more at the lower lip and then at the upper one. His tongue made his way into her mouth discovering the whole of the corners when he encountered hers and heatedly they both sucked at each other’s.

It was drawing passionate, and she seemed to be dominating this time just when she felt the need to separate since they were out of breath.

All the while she had closed her eyes but just as she lost the touch on his lips her eyes flung open and still breathing heavily she saw his eyes out of socket and she smiled and so did he.

There was a tap on the door which got both of them out of the trance and Parth moved to the corner of his side and slid the glass down only to find their ‘generous driver’ peeping in with a smirk.

Uttkarsh smirked more looking at Parth’s disheveled hairs when he said, “Guys I think the cop is no more interested in getting hold of any of us, what say Niti?” he asked quizzically and Niti blushed really heavy this time and bent her head and her tresses slid down and covered her face. She successfully covered her blushed face. Parth punched lightly at his stomach and said, “Enough! Get going.”

“Enough?? Are you sure?” Uttkarsh acted surprised and smirked later when Parth glared at him.

“Yeah, yeah! I get it. But still a treat, since you guys are not agreeing to throw a party I thought at least I should do my part. I am leaving with Tisha, you know got a new show so have to go for some meeting, so I hope you guys don’t mind leaving ALONE.” He said and left before he could be really blown away by Parth.

Parth turned to look at Niti, if she is fine but found in the same condition, and smiled a cheeky one looking at her childish act.

He got out and sat on the driver seat.

He started the car and it was only then that Niti looked up and he saw her dazed face through the mirror, as she found that he wasn’t sitting beside anymore and her eyes landed on the mirror as she searched around.

Parth chuckled and winked and they drove to her house.

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  11. hey guys i know its really crazy of me but really guys what am giving u now hopefully it will delight u
    so its Parth’s new song’s lyrics: for JIND MERI ROYI ROYI
    and it goes like…
    Je Tenu Vekhan Nu Ankhiyan Tarsi,
    Tenu Vekh Na Paya Piya.

    Je Tenu Vekhan Nu Ankhiyan Tarsi,
    Tenu Vekh Na Paya Piya.

    Je Tenu Gale Lagana Barsi,
    Pehle Na Lagaya Piya.

    Tu Jind Meri Royi Royi,
    Meri Royi Royi,
    Jind Royi Meri O Piya.

    Tu Jind Meri Royi Royi,
    Meri Royi Royi,
    Jind Royi Meri O Piya.

    Ha aa aa aaa,
    Ha aa aa aaaa,
    Ha aaa aaa Aaaa.

    Kabhi Sun Tu Mera Kaha,
    Teri Palkon Mein Mera jahaan.

    Tujhe Dhundhu Main Har Jagah,
    Tu Milja Subha Ki Tarah.

    Dekh Ishke De Badal Barse,
    Khwahishon Ki Tarah Tu Bhi Aaa.

    Tenu Dekhan Nu Dil Mera Tarse,
    Mere Dil Ko Sukoon De Bhi Ja.

    Tu Jind Meri Royi Royi,
    Meri Royi Royi,
    Jind Royi Meri O Piya.

    Tu Jind Meri Royi Royi,
    Meri Royi Royi,
    Jind Royi Meri O Piya.

    Tu Ho Mere Pukare,
    Yeh Doorie Tu Mita De,
    Mere Dil Hi Ko Bhi De Sahare.

    Teri Hui Jo Aahat,
    Dil Ko Mili Ye Raahat,
    Tu Hai Meri Zaroorat,
    Tujh Mein Jinda Hu Main Bakhudaaaaaaa.

    Hey ey ey eyyy eeeyyyy
    Aa aa aa aaa aaaa
    Haa aa aa aaaaa Aaa

    Hey ey ey eyyy eeeyyyy
    Aa aa aa aaa aaaa
    Haa aa aa aaaaa Aaa

    Aa aa aa Aa Aa aaaa
    Aa aa aa Aa Aa aaaa
    Haa aa aa aaaaa Aaa
    Haa aa aa aaaaa Aaa.

    Je Tenu Vekhan Nu Ankhiyan Tarsi,
    Tenu Vekh Na Payaaa Piyaaaaa.

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  12. guys really sorry but the first para is this one previous one has mistakes:
    Jo Tenu Vekhan Nu Ankhiyan Tarsi
    Tenu Vekh Na Paya Piya

    Jo Tenu Gale Lagavan Tarsi
    Gale Na Lagaya Piya

    Tu Jind Meri Royi Royi……

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  15. Wow niri… Such a romantic update yaar…loved it…ummaahhh?????Actuly i didn’t expect this romance….omg our PaNi???love them a lotttttt.and our uttuuuuu sooo cuteeee.nice description dear…keep updating☺☺

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