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Niti had been lying the same way since last ten minutes, as she was thinking about what Parth said last, Parth was busy calling someone again and again, going restless and looking at her hurt hand time and again.

He had already tied the handkerchief he had on the place where it bled.

Just then Niti heard someone entering her ward in a hurry, and she saw Uttkarsh coming in along with a nurse and a doctor, the same one who had treated Niti till then.

Doctor immediately cleared his way to her left and checked her hand. He undid the tied cloth and she flinched in pain as the cloth suddenly got separated from her bruised hand. She felt a warm palm placed near her shoulder and she saw the owner as she tilted her head sideways. She saw that unconsciously she had caught hold of his shirt as she felt the pain.

His hand was caressing her back and she felt his eyes on her. She looked up and she found his eyes refusing to quit the stare he was holding and so did hers.

And in no time she heard a sound which distracted her and she moved a bit to find the doctor keeping back the scissors. “It’s done.” The doctor had said.

She looked at Parth only to find him smiling, and only then she understood that he affects her so much that she didn’t even feel the pain when she felt his stare on her.

She wondered more that he knew her better than she herself did.

“Niti, I think you need care. And this time I mean that you yourself also must care about you. Only your dear ones worrying for you won’t help.” He said the last one looking at Parth and both Niti and Parth didn’t fail to show a shocked expression on their faces realizing what he meant, but managed to wipe it off their faces soon enough.

“And Parth you must also get dressed. Nurse dress his wound.” Doctor said shortly still looking at him.

Niti saw the nurse approaching Parth and saw his smiling face. She failed to notice all the time he was looking at her, but her gaze was fixed only on his smiling lips and next on the Nurse’s and Parth’s hand and her face formed an angry and irritated expression as she saw her fingers covering the hole of his wrist and his palm.

Parth moved his head down suddenly, realizing her gaze fixed somewhere and just then the nurse looked on horrified, his previous actions enough to scare her. Parth realized the heat coming in vibes and hitting directly at the nurse and he smiled finding Niti showing her angry features to the nurse as she made her way away from him and towards the side table on Niti’s left.

Uttkarsh chuckled an unheard one as he saw the doctor leaving puzzled and the nurse nodding her head in disbelief whereas Parth and Niti were avoiding looking at anything in particular.

Uttkarsh didn’t fail to notice the warmth both were sharing trying to keep it still a secret and being himself he asked quizzically, “Guys I hope… I didn’t miss anything. Did I?”

And he saw Parth straightening at that and since he was looking all the while at Parth, when Parth glared him he felt the need to escape and soon enough he got the way.

“Did I Niti?” he asked now looking at Niti and found her looking at the sides not answering anything.

After stealing a glance of Parth from the corner of his eyes he found him looking at Niti, a bit worried, maybe ‘cause he felt that she would turn uncomfortable with it, and now he saw Parth smiling looking at her blushing figure and he seemed to do it as unconsciously as Niti was clutching at the side of his blazer.

He felt the need to nod his head at the impossible behavior of these two fools.

But he felt much relieved realizing that these fools were actually behaving normally after really really long. He smiled seeing that both don’t yet know but they have become each other’s integral part.

“Ok guys I have talked to the doctor and on my request he allowed the discharge.” Uttkarsh said it to bring them out of their dream world and into the reality.

Both of them looked at him as he suddenly spoke the first few words a bit louder, intentionally.

He went on, “And don’t anyone of you dare ask me why it’s needed.” And he saw both of them looking at him expectantly.

“God I can’t believe it….like really guys…” he stopped but suddenly he spoke make them both blush at his statement followed by Parth’s glare, “Guys, if I stay here doesn’t mean that the people around are also interested in watching this MMS scene of yours. Watching you falling into each other’s ar…m… each other’s eyes…” and he quickly made his way out of the ward showing thumbs up at Niti.

Parth was burning in flames to catch him by neck and bang his face for those words but his anger flew into air when he saw Niti first smiling lightly and second by second her mouth stretched more and she was laughing whole heartedly now and her right hand came up to cover her pearl teeth.

Parth cursed at it as he felt missing the sight. He moved his hand towards her face but it halted in mid when he saw the nurse still there and his hand stayed there stoned. Niti felt him moving and saw from the corner of her eye that his hand was positioned the same way for more than a few moments. She looked up to find him glaring at the nurse and just then the nurse turned shortly with a smile but as soon as she got his action, she fled away and out of the room.

All the time his eyes still burning like coal on her rushing figure, still throwing daggers at her. Niti couldn’t control anymore and burst into a loud laughter, surprising him even more.

Previously he glared at her but when Niti’s hand reached his arm and caught it while laughing; his eyes turned soft and looked on, mesmerized. Then Niti looked up to find him still amusing at her smiling features and she made a funny face pouting her lips to bring him out of the trance. Just as she did, Parth broke into a loud chuckle, laughing hard because of the sudden funny face she made.

As both were laughing like maniac, the whole room vibrating with the echo sounds of their laughter, when Niti’s eyes started brimming and Parth observed her features again forming a painful expression. He looked on stunned but as the tears trailed down her face he immediately took her in a calming hug.

As he was cuddling her feeble body in his he felt her shaking due to the crying.

He tightened the hold and felt her relaxing a bit.

Her sobs now reduced and he could feel her struggling to speak. She somehow managed to speak up holding him close to himself.

“Parth, I am really sorry. It’s not enough, I know it very well. But I am just not getting what should I do to make it up. I can’t think of anything fair enough. I just wish I could give you back your time which you suffered because of me. I… can do anything to make it up. But please tell me what I should do. I… I can’t afford to lose you Again.” She completed and Parth felt her actually shivering as she trailed the last word with all the pain carried.

He cupped her face and took it firmly in his hand forcing her to look up at him and he stared intensely in her eyes. His right hand moved up and he covered her eyelids consequently closing her eyes and he took her hand and kissed deep over her injured wrist. She felt his cool lips over her heated skin and she felt a throng of electricity pass down her spine.

He lightly pecked on her eyelids and she felt all the tension and worries clearing away as he did.

“Niti!” she heard him say in a soft voice. She opened her eyes to find him closing his. He held her hurt hand firmly and placed it on his heart. She heard him say again with a calm expression on his serene face.

“This place will be hurt more than the tolerating range if it detaches from you. There’s only one thing here which completes it and you very well know an empty heart doesn’t let you survive.”

She kept her finger on his lips to stop him from saying further, and as she did, she saw a picture come in front of his eyes, him lying lifeless on the ground and her heart pinched at that and scary thought led her to take him up into a bone crushing hug. And this time Parth braced her more and he lifted her up.

She felt the most soothing place down her feet and she hid her head in his chest.

They stayed the same way, cuddling into each other and finally they had to separate when they heard the door knob turning and both straightened themselves.

It was Uttkarsh again who ruined their moment, though both knew he was the only person responsible for their coming together and returning back to normal, yet she cursed him that he always poked his nose in. But this time she wasn’t annoyed rather more than thankful to him.

“Buddy, you know what I think. You have cleared all the misunderstanding only because you must have been feeling bored without interrupting.” Parth scowled.

“Anything happened?” Uttkarsh asked sounding teasing.

“Happened??” he asked again and Parth immediately answered, “No. but what’s the damn thing so urgent that you had to poke your nose, well you do that every now and then, so what’s it now.”

“Whoa…what happened man, something’s fishy. I mean this reaction; you seem so Desperate for something.” Uttkarsh stretched the word desperate while rolling his eyes towards Niti and he saw Niti blushing a lot more than usual but before he is caught by his neck he shortly informed and ran out, “She is discharged and we are leaving in ten.”

Niti and Parth smiled at his reaction and as Niti tried to get up she saw from the corner of her eyes, him moving really fast to reach her. She saw his features accompanied with fierce expressions and waited with baited breath for him to speak but then completely faced him after waiting for some time when she found him not opening his mouth at all.

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Credit to: niri

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  1. Parth <3
    By reading ur ff.. I can clearly imagine PANI
    Thnx niri for a such a nyc update :p
    Waiting 4 nxt… Update soon 🙂

    1. thnx so much dear…keep reading and let me know how am i doing…also plz keep commenting…and next update soon

  2. Awesome niri

  3. Oh dear niri, I just dunno why you are my inspiration yr but unwillingly I am losing the interest.. I Seriously dunno.. I wanna read your story like mad utkarsh as parth’s the closest buddy ugh?? Kya kahu samajh nahi aa raha.. Your writing only made me write an ff too… And now I am like literally shocked as why i am unable to reall the whole..

    You and farah and mandy have the talent to write.. Love ya loads loads

    1. dude that’s something too high…Farha and mandy….my god you compare me with them…dude this is really a high dose and i hope am not boring you guys and dearies in real also Uttu and Parth actually share a great bond….they are like gud buddies…moreover its my ff…fantasy…how can something gud and shocking not come up here….and dude plz dont spoil me with such great compliments or christen me with such unimaginable names and comparisons…guys am like myself great fan of these 2 and here u come up comparing me with them…i am like on cloud 9 for sure today
      love u loads for making me feel soooo specialllllll

      1. You are.. Really and on instagram i read that uttu sided vikas amd it was really hurtful.. But anyways I comoletely understand but olease keep ayaz also as the bestest one.. And trust me you are no less than any.. Ya sorry honestly I will keep farha in the top 😉 sorry.. Bu dont forget it was you who inspired me and later on i got to know them.

      2. no dear FYI it was Uttu who had actually helped Parth get out of all the mess and Uttu sided Vikas stating that Parth and Niti didn’t share great time Along he never sided Vikas during the controversy….that’s why he has an important role in my ff..he stayed a true frnd when Parth actually needed him…am saying all this coz am a follower of both Parth and Uttu on most of social networking sites…coming to ayaz i have stored something for him as well…
        and ya no issues regarding farha at top after all we very well know she is the best and am so happy…over excited actually that you really compared me with her and actually she is my inspiration…so ultimately…inspiration of us both

      3. Oh! Oh! I was going in a wrong track.. Plop! Thank you niri for informing and keep writing always ha. Will always support and love to read more of your updates

    2. What!! Uttu sided vikas? That one is really shocking. As far i know parth n uttu was like best frnd n both uttu n karan jotwani along with parth were the member of the controversial whatts app group. Uttu himself admitted it. Then how can he support vikas? I dont know 🙁 . But if u know clearly let me know.i m upset as i like them both

  4. Uttus mms comments!! It was soo funny. I want to see more pani romance at niti/parth home 😛

    1. ya dude there will be more and one more thing the 5th contd. part updated is actually the continuation of 6th one …seems like published wrongly…go through it after reading this

  5. I love all ur updates niri…they’re so long,interesting, loving..almost all shades dear…thanks for such lovely updates… Keep updating dear…??

    1. oh thats so sweet of you and dont worry i will keep updating till you guys keep suporting and dudes read the 5th contd. part its the continuation of 6th part in actual…just go through it…

  6. Superb niri…so finally misunderstandings gone and happiness is on….uttu is so cute …he’s the best buddy i have ever seen….pani looks awesome…niri ur story is full of emotions and romance….

    1. yep dude its all going to be emotional romance and lot more…coz am myself like a too emotional person…it is different that i dont show or put it out…but actually i am really delicate inside…and i hate myself for it…it makes me really weak at times…urggghhh…let it be…and a bada wala thnx for liking and reading and of course commenting….

  7. Its too good. Wish niti parth could be real couple they look too good together. Yeah they look good with other people also. But they look best together. I wish someday may be after long time they will be with each other forever hamesha….I know dats so silly of me but wish it could be true…
    N your story I’ll always say I didn’t like it I loved it.stay blessed ❤❤❤

    1. aaah that’s the same as i wish but dude i think its their life and they really need to sort it their own way…only thing which now we can do is imagine and that’s what am doing…imagining and putting it for u guys to form a better image of them together and yep Pani is the best…well i believe that and second comes SaHil (sanam and ahil) i love them too and glad that at least they are together if not on screen then off screen… too stay blessed since i would wait for your coments……and Dude THIS IS THE 6TH PART AND THE 5TH PART CONTINUED IS ACTUALLY CONTINUATION OF THIS ONE GO THROUGH THAT IT CAME UP WRONG WAY>>….WRONG WAY PUBLISHED

  8. I loved it to the core. …awesome , marvellous episode. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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