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Sorry sorry sorry guys but really I cudn’t help. I had to extend the visit by one more day and with everyone around I can’t have any access to my tab and moreover I wanted to enjoy to the fullest to make it up for the last 7 months and for the coming time. Fine I won’t Bore you Any more now…so read this and enjoy
and Precap at the start itself: Ayaz comes back and unknowingly spoils PaNi romance.


The warmth sliding down his right shoulder made him tilt his head and look sideways, only to find his best buddy standing beside.

Immediately he moved his face the other size and cleared his face and eyes of the tears.

He then turned front and stood up, when Uttkarsh shook hand with him. “Hey buddy.” He heard him saying.

“Hey. Long time, eh?” he answered. “Yeah, it was before the dinner night. How are you going?” Uttkarsh asked.

“All well. And umm… You met her?” he asked with some hesitance.

“Yep! And she seemed to have gone through some really hazardous health issues…” and as he said it, he saw Parth’s face drooping down and a guilt entering his eyes which moistened his Iris. Uttkarsh could make out very easily that even though it was all a misunderstanding taken on by Niti, he somewhere or rather at a whole considered himself to be responsible for it.

Also Uttkarsh knew that if even once Niti had denied to listen to the explanation he was going to present to clarify all the misunderstanding, he won’t have tried again, not because of his ego issue but only because he must have thought that more than him it’s going to hurt her after realizing the truth.

And this way both of them were unintentionally hurting themselves and each other, even more.

He regretted that he was not there with this poor soul in his bad phase, and seeing him now in this condition hurt him more than anything else.

His mind was on the thought process still when he remembered that he didn’t complete.

“Yeah, it seems she was really un well, but… the care and concern turned her more lively than ever and am sure she will be much better soon.” As he completed he saw Parth looking at him with a stunned expression on his face and something in his eyes, a whole of complex emotions, hurt, regret, shine, shock, care, concern, worry and something more deep which he could not decipher.

Suddenly something passed along his features and he saw him turning granite again closing his own self down there in some corner.

But before he could completely close all the doors for anyone to peep into him to reach his real self and conceal all his tears in the deep bottoms of his eyes, Uttkarsh took him into a tight hug.

He knew it all has to come out, now or never, and if not then, consequently he will live with this like a closed shell, the whole of his life.

He rubbed his back and the walls that Parth was trying to build with all the difficulties, could not remain any longer and now his eyes blinked for the first time, right from the moment Uttkarsh came up to him. And now when he opened them, two large tear drops trailed down his cheeks and he hugged Uttkarsh back.

“Parth!” Uttkarsh asked after a long silence to find if he is in a condition to handle.

“Hmm” came the reply. “Niti knows everything now. I… I told her all about Charlie’s place’s incident and then about the real phase of the last days of the shoot.”

Just as the words reached Parth’s ears, he jerked him away and it took him almost a minute to engulf it all after analyzing it.

And then he looked up and his bulged eyes turned more round and his eyebrows raised, asking him if he meant what he said, and Uttkarsh nodded.

Immediately his eyes moistened painfully. He looked at him with lots of hurt in his eyes. And before Uttkarsh could explain anything he rushed back and out from there.

He hurt me! He cheated me! He was the one to betray!

Great, now when he suffered the most, I was accusing him all the while thinking that I am the sufferer. Thinking that all is his fault. I was wondering all the while that if he is at fault then why I am hurting myself. And here comes the truth with the hard blow.

I was the one. The one who actually betrayed him when he needed me the most. The one who hurt him when he was never at fault. The one to cheat him by going away or the other way disappearing.

God! What have I done? I lost everything. I spoiled the most beautiful relation of all times. I destroyed myself. Myself? No. I destroyed him, punishing for the mistake he never committed.

I was wondering what was that pain which I could decipher right from the very second I met him. Such a fool and selfish b*t*h I am who couldn’t get the most obvious thing that he surely will be in pain if he is accused even if did not do any such sin.

He vanished because of me. The poison I spit on his face engulfed the whole of him. And I am responsible for every bit that suffered, of his.

All this was revolving in her mind, her eyes flowing without a halt. The trail of sobs attacked her throat and convulsed her.

She had held her left hand with the right one and as she was analyzing all the information she had now she cursed herself more and more and didn’t realize that she dug her own nails in her right hand and the vein that was punchered for the saline to flow inside her body now drew straight and could be seen stiffening at this act of her yet she didn’t realize it.

She was looking at the window, her gaze stuck at the bottom of it around the hinges when she heard the door open suddenly with a not so loud sound.

As she drew her eyes up she found the most selfless soul standing in front of her and before she could even open her mouth, or rather even part her lips she saw him rush to the side of her bed.

And as she looked at his face her eyes flew more and the tears trickling down her face doubled their pace.

Parth! Here! Her mind shook and she felt more and more of the guilt attacking her.

No. Uttkarsh shouldn’t have done this. No. No. this wasn’t supposed to be the way. Neither the situation, nor the condition, also not the place.

How am I gonna deal with this. Wait how she gonna deal with it? And thinking this he paced through the corridor and entered the lift to reach the 3rd floor, well that’s where she is shifted for further treatment and he needed to reach her soon now.

He was in the left when he recalled few words of his ‘dearest friend’. “Now, now you can’t tell her the truth. She won’t believe and you will have to crave for her for the rest of the time. And my, my. If she does believe you then, then also you are not going to have her. Ever. She will break into pieces and nothing of her would be left for you to have. She would kill herself with all the guilt.”

At that time he couldn’t get the last words she said but know he knew why she said that. He wondered that Disha knew it even before they themselves realized it.

The lift came to a halt and in the next 5 seconds he covered the 12 feet and opened the door of the ward in hurry but controlled his fast moving hands in order not to create large sound.

As he moved towards her bed he halted beside her and saw her more than red nose and even redder eyes which refused to flow. The mere sight of her in so much pain hurt him a lot. And he felt someone pinching his heart again and again with each tear flowing down her eyes.

She had turned so pale that it seemed she wasn’t well from almost like 6 months and had been weak all throughout.

He immediately cupped face and lifted it up in order to have a clearer view of her current condition and his heart ached more when his fingers felt the moistened skin of her cheek so cold even after the heated tears flowing continuously without a break.

“Niti!” she heard his pained voice calling her name and her body went numb.

She hated herself for being there. She didn’t get what did she ever do to deserve him, and now she felt that she actually didn’t deserve him ever.

“Look at me please!” she heard him cry. And her eyes flowed uncontrollably now. She couldn’t make an eye contact with him now; she was too much ashamed of herself. She felt like just running far away from this place. And then his more than pained and hurt voice hit her ears again.

“I am sorry.” She heard him say it in a low shaky voice. She felt a wet drop on the backside of her left palm and her head jerked up to shock her even more.

She saw him carrying a very painful expression on his face and his eyes closed and another tear escaped his right eye and this time it fell on the bed cover beside her.

And just as she saw it her shoulders suddenly sagged down, and her body turned very feeble and she felt a course of disturbing pain pass through her already sagged body.

Parth’s expert fingers cupping her face didn’t fail to recognize it and his eyes flung open instantly.

He looked her still drooped eyes and just as he was looking at her weak figure breaking every second, his eyes fell on her hand and he saw a trail of thin line of blood flowing down only to smear the bed cloth with the red color and he saw her still digging her nails deep in it.

He immediately caught hold of both her hands and separated them and as the nails suddenly detached from the pierced skin, she flinched and hissed in pain.

She caught his horrified eyes, and he shouted most scared, “Niti! What the hell are you doing???”

And he caught her left hand which was bleeding and it was only then Niti realized what she had been doing unconsciously and her eyes bulged out shocked on her own act. Parth didn’t miss the expression and it didn’t take him more than a second to get her current state of mind. His heart and all his body went taut realizing her act.

The hairs all over his body raised as the fear crept deep inside his heart. He shivered and immediately his hand went around her only to pull her in a bone crushing hug.

Her hands fell at the sides, as he did, and she found her head attached his chest.

She felt him shivering but there was something more. She stayed mute and still and soon she discovered that he was sobbing silently. She felt herself again responsible for all the mess but this time she knew that she is the only one who can heal Him. And coming to her recovery she felt it impossible by anyone, moreover she felt she has to suffer the guilt.

She again felt his body shaking a bit and her arms went slowly up and reached his back and firmly locked at his back.

Her reciprocation seemed to already start healing him.

Slowly he detached and took her face in his palms and he kissed lightly on her forehead and she closed her eyes in order to completely feel his touch on her.

“Whatever Uttu said it’s all…that’s all fake, false. I am sorry am at fault. But… please give me a last chance and I will not anything ruin us… not even myself.” He said as he joined their heads.

“Please Parth. Please don’t do this again.” He heard her say and he sighed thinking she believed him, but again she said, now her sobs disturbing their conversation, “Don’t do this, I already feel so guilty. Don’t you dare say sorry again when I am the one at fault, when I am the one to destroy you, destroy myself, Destroy Us.” And just as Parth got her real meaning he shook his head in a vigorous No. He cleared hers as well as his own face of the tears and again cupped her face, “It wasn’t your Fault.” He tried explaining but she refused to listen and he cursed her this time for acting so stubborn.

He shouted as he suddenly pushed her face up with the help the help of his hands surrounding her face, “Niti! Look at me.”

She shivered at his tone and her eyes immediately caught his angry ones, but she saw them turning soft, really soft, almost instantly.

He kept staring at her face, his eyes moving all over her features and he calmly said,“ It’s not your fault.. it’s not mine…it’s none of us responsible for all the misunderstandings… it’s her who did this all… that…”

She was carefully listening to him and she saw his eyes turning coal in anger as he said the last words barely controlling his anger.

“Her… who??” Niti asked unconsciously. And Parth looked at her, and stared for a minute, she felt he wanted to pour all his love into her to make her realize and accept it completely.

She felt some energy entering her treacherous body finally and her hands reached his cheeks and his eyes showed a shade of shock as she did it and immediately they lighted up with the delight he seemed to have gaining from it.

She supported her body on her knees to reach near about his face and her eyes brimmed. She felt the tears trickle down her cheeks as she bent and pecked lightly on his left cheek and lightly kissed the corner of his lips.

She saw his eyes coming out of socket as she did this and she warmly smiled at it and all this while for the first time she looked straight in his eyes.

His hand travelled down and rested on her waist. He saw her facing moving backward and he instantly fused his lips with her. Her hands reached the back of her head. It was slow and light first, and later he withdrew a bit and now just feathered his lips on hers thrice, teasing her, she held his locks tightly as he clutched her waist tightly.

He still teased her and this time she pulled him closer and kissed him madly, she bit his lower lip as a punishment, and shivers ran down his spine. He smiled at her act and they parted away to catch breath.

His left hand slowly travelled up to her shoulder and she felt shivers running down and Goosebumps over her skin when he slid the hairs falling on her shoulders the other side.

His face buried in the side of her neck and she tried pushing at his shoulder when he caught both of her hands abruptly and his fingers trailed towards her upper arms.

She hissed as his hand touched the place she had herself hurt by digging her nails.

He immediately looked down to find the blowing still oozing at some spots and getting clotted near the edges.

He looked at her critically and made her lie down and after covering her till the waist he took his phone out and called someone and went to a corner and came back and sat near her after ending the call.

He cupped her right cheek with his left hand and held her right hand in his other one.

“I am telling you for the last time Niti. I won’t go away from you. And you can’t back out now when you have crossed a threshold. You don’t have an option. None of us have.” And with this he leaned forward and continued, “and in case there is, I will vanish it myself.”

Niti smiled broad hearing him as she knew both of them wanted the same.

Guys the trip was sooo awesomeee…..oohhhhhhh I miss all of them…..

Guys the frns who stay the same lifelong with only their real face and no fake images are true frns

I am lucky to have some of that kind….meeting them almost after 30 months…aaah feels so gud…none of them changed they are just the same and the best part is they still care about me more than anything else

Luv you mukku, rola, pihu, and vishu….you guys made these days memorable

Guys met my mom after again 7 months and you know what guys my mom is typically like a serial actress who has to enact the role of a caring mother

As I reached she started with the boring stuff….ooooh my baby has turned so weak, so feeble, I knew you wont like the food…and all the more stuff like this…and the funny part is I rather think I have got some extra kilos.

So guys I am not yet finished with my Blah Blah…but won’t bore you guys anymore…although bored u already so much

Guys plz plz plz comment and tell me how do you feel about this part and some of you were asking howcome Niti first get close to him and then she spits all her hatred in front of dear Uttu……. So guys its actually that she wants to believe that Parth cant be wrong and following her heart she comes close and gives him a chance but when Uttu comes and remind her of olden times she feels that she was cheated as the misunderstandings weren’t cleared till then.

So guys that’s the explanation and see you at the comment section…Okay Okay I know I said something like this last time as well but I just got stuck there but this time for sure I will interact in the comment section

Love u all<3<3<3<3<3

Credit to: niri

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      1. Surely as I am an extrovert, will never hesitate to share anything. You have inspired me a lot with your way of writing. More than your story your writing attracts me.

      2. aaah that’s like too much for me to take in dear….don’t turn into such a frn jo pehle khud everest pe chadhaye and peeche mudte hi dhakka de jaye…lol… and really i am not worth inspiring someone so plz plz dont keep ur hopes too high…..and coming to story u can compliment that and my imagination…even i love it dude…and am glad i will never change whatever come my way…yuckkk and urrrgh such a boring lecture aint it….but really thnx and keep commenting i will be waiting…

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    1. oh thanks dude and yeah i always miss them…thnx for commenting and will update the next one i donno when…i can’t find free time to write lest i have many ideas regarding the track…so can only say u will have to wait…and again thnx

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      and yep misunderstandings cleared and the track that has to follow…naaah…i am not going to reveal so easily….actually i just have the framework in my mind and i yet donno how will i put it…so the bottom line remains: i am as clueless as anyone of You guys… keep waiting…and the next part is for me to know and u guys to find out…keep smiling and making me smile with these hearty and lovely comments

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    1. thnx a lot dear for commenting and for letting me know u are not going to stop doing that…..and yeah it was great…i miss them but u guys really, like really really cheer me up all the while….. and guyz am uploading it on wattpad, those who have a account plz go through…i feel that one is more easier and comfy to put a story on…and dont worry am going to continue even on TU pages, afterall how can i let u guys live in peace without boring u with my stories….see u then…..umm, like when???? i donno…but i will reply soon

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