Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi5 continued


As she raised her eyes to meet upto his, she saw him already staring and she felt shivers run down her skin. She saw him standing still and looking at her quizzically. She immediately shifted her gaze to the floor, and stayed frozen in the abnormal position, her body supported mostly on her right hand and her head tilted towards the right.

“No no c’mon. You can easily take care of yourself Alone.” Parth stated sarcastically and she saw him still gazing.

Niti felt burned and she settled her left elbow on the bed and tried getting in the sitting position. She tried by putting some weight on the left side, and Oh Lord! It hurt. It really hurt. And the instant reaction that came up out of her body was, her elbows not able to hold longer, drooped suddenly and she thudded on the bed.

“Aaah…sss” came the voice from between the two drained rose petals as she hissed unconsciously.

“Dumb woman! Are you really mad? Well you are actually sick and seemingly it has affected your mind directly. Can’t you get that you need help. You need me.” Parth said as he quickly moved by her side and helped her settle firmly.

All the while Niti kept her gaze low and then she felt Parth hold her shoulder gently and she looked at him. He was shocked to find her swimming eyes but acted unaffected.

He held her right hand and tried helping her to get up but she felt a twitch in her lower backbone and she hissed as it hurt.

His eyes immediately started searching for the place where it hurt. Finally he looked in her eyes not able to decipher.

He found her left hand bend and reaching lower to the side of her waist and he got her miserable condition.

He suddenly left her hand and again attained a fierce expression but then he lifted her up in his arms in an instant.

She looked on shocked and when she realized she started to blabber, “Parth…Parth. Listen I am fine, you don’t have to…” and her words stuck in throat when she found him moving towards the door. Freaking in that condition she managed to say, “Parth. Leave me…I can go on my own, Parth just…” and her tongue froze when she found him staring her, his coal red eyes glaring her, and his set jaw informed more about his anger.

“Not a word. We are leaving, Now.” He stretched the last word in a high pitch.

Niti shivered at his tone moreover he wasn’t even looking at her anymore which hurt her more.

As they came out and through the corridor and around the reception, Parth felt something wet on his hand and he looked down to find Niti all mute and her head plastered to his right lower shoulder and her eyes closed yet flowing.

He looked shocked and paced his steps to reach Uttkarsh’s car. As they reached near the car Uttkarsh opened the back door as he had already seen him carrying Niti in the corridor.

Parth settled her firmly over the back seat and as he was moving back to come out and sit on the front seat beside Uttkarsh, he felt her tug at his hand and he stayed the same way, bent over her lying figure. He bent down to listen to her and her head moved up slightly and there came her lips on the corner of his lower one for a single instant and his eyes bulged out, “I am sorry.” He heard her say but couldn’t respond as his mind was still stuck at her cute act to ask for apology.

He came out of the back seat, the door still open and his hand holding it.

Uttkarsh saw him looking around; his gaze very unsure and no fixed at anything in particular, also his face was a darker shade of crimson red. He looked on confused as to why he is behaving this way.

“Buddy, you are okay right?” Uttkarsh asked sounding confused.

“Huh? What? Umm… nothing just…Let’s go.” Parth said and cursed himself as he could get that he was sounding affected.

“Fine let’s go.” And with this Uttkarsh went on closing the back door but Parth interrupted, “No I was saying that I would sit on the back seat.” He said it all without looking at him, unintentionally and as he looked he found him smiling sarcastically and Parth hit him on the left arm, “Owww.. That hurt.” Uttkarsh exclaimed.

“Shut up and drive.” Parth ordered coming back to his I am the boss attitude.

Uttkarsh saw from the raised window glass that as Parth talked about sitting behind, a smiled came up on Niti’s face.
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  1. hi niri… missed u n ur story yaar…. i m reading all the 3 parts now. they r awsome. finally the misunderstandings are clear. i dnt know how i have spent the past days without enjoying ur ff. same internet problem. but reading them at a stretch is an wonderful experience. thanx dear

    1. thnx to you dear and guys this is 6th epi contd. and not 5th its published wrong way…dont get confused it has to come up after the 6th one
      and tanu…thnx a lot dear and yep for me seems like this problem….network gonna stay weak all along the week…..just hope i turn successful in updating what i want….keep smiling and look for the 6th one that i updated

      1. after reading the first few lines i understood the switch. so read accordingly. it was not a problem. dnt worry

  2. Niri yaar. Thats supper. Both parth n uttu r too cute

    1. thanx dear..i know i tooo feel the same…they are really cute rather adorable…love them..

  3. wow…. going good..glad that everythn is going to b fine…

    1. ummm…. maybe…or maybe not….dont worry…but worry coz am not revealing anything
      thnx a lot dear for commenting…and keep commenting and always smiling. yeah???

  4. Yummy ? (just like pizza ???)did not like it but loved it ❤❤❤ to every bit. I think you should take up writing as career you are damn good at it ??? n as always stay blessed ❤❤

  5. I was just goin thru the old epis since i was sooo bored…i got one doubt.. is this just the reason fr the fight btwn them?.. coz wen parth went to nitis place early mrng..taking coffee sip scene… he saw blood spots beneath her tongue…so was just wonderin is ter anythn more to be revealed….anyways keepin on.waiting fr ur updates…

  6. Awesome episode, it’s very interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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