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They both turned statue seeing the most unexpected yet the most reliable person entering the ward.

The person popped his head inside first. Seemingly he was expecting Niti to be sleeping, but his eye balls almost came out of socket finding Parth there. And that too sitting so close to Niti, there was just an inch’s difference between their faces.

Next his eyes fell on their entwined hands and his head confused yet and moreover shocked didn’t yet realized that he was looking a complete idiot the way he was bent and was standing in and out or rather in between not moving anyway, in or out.

Just as Parth and Niti saw his gaze fixed on their joined hands, both immediately left each other’s hand.

Uttkarsh, entered inside and his still shocked face was looking all the way towards Parth, Niti too observed this and so she asked what she actually wanted to know, “Uttkarsh! What are you doing here? I mean how did you got to know?”

“Niti, how are you? I hope better than before. And why shouldn’t I be here?” he said shifting his gaze from Parth and onto Niti’s face and his brows raised quizzically.

Niti’s eyes bulged out at it and she stammered after once looking at Parth (for a microsecond) she looked back at Uttkarsh “Umm…no, no Uttu nothing like that, rather I am glad you are here now, actually I was wondering how you got to know?”

“C’mon Niti how won’t I will be here and to clear your doubt let me tell you Ayaz informed me and he requested me to come over here, since he is not here for you. Actually he had informed me about you by 3 am but since even I was out of city it took me around 3 hrs to reach city and then here, look the time elapsed and now its 6: 40 am already. I am really sorry dear I wasn’t there when you needed me.” Uttkarsh explained and as he completed he looked at Parth.

He came forward and first shook hand and then hugged Parth, “How are you, buddy?”

It has become his habit to call Parth buddy from the set of KYY just like on screen he started calling him buddy even off screen and Parth too liked it, since he felt a different kind of bond and delight while being with Uttkarsh.

“Perfectly alright, buddy. And what about you?”Parth answered trying to sound normal.

“All well, but what are you doing here, I mean here for Niti, but why you?” Uttkarsh said when he could not contain it anymore.

“Actually Uttu, he was the one to bring me here, when I fainted he helped me since he was around and brought me here.” Niti said before Parth could answer.

“Oh I get it. That’s really kind of you Parth.” He showed gratitude.

Parth face turned into a frowning one. “C’mon man, I mean how I can let her be there even after finding that she’s not good. Like really, you are saying that it was something really great!”

“Ok, ok. I am sorry. Of course anyone would have done it. And Niti you are fine now?” he asked Niti, as he sensed Parth’s rising anger.

“Yeah, she is a bit better, but still very weak.” Parth answered before Niti could even open her mouth.

“Umm…that’s good. Well guys I think I need a coffee, so I will just get it.” Uttkarsh amused at the scenario and diverted his own mind.

He got up but before he could walk away, Parth held his hand and said, “You stay with her, I will get coffee for all three of us.” And he left with that.

Uttkarsh looked at his disappearing figure and looked at Niti, to pour the bucket of questions. Actually Uttkarsh is a friend of both and thankfully he is the only one who shares great bonding with both. He had been in touch with both of them all the while, but the balance tilted a bit more towards Niti, since she didn’t refuse to talk and get along with people around, like Parth did by cutting off himself from the world and shut him in some corner.

Uttkarsh sat next to Niti and asked, “Are you fine? And what actually happened?”

“Yep, Uttu I Am Fine, and don’t worry anymore. And it was nothing I just fainted.” Niti answered reassuring him that she is fine.

“And how come Parth here? I mean that’s most unexpected and all was fine till day before yesterday so what happened suddenly to you.” Uttkarsh asked trying to sound normal.

“Nothing Uttu, I said na I just fainted but now am lot better.” Niti said trying to divert the topic which she knew is going to soon turn towards PaNi.

“And what about Parth?” Uttkarsh asked without a leaving a chance to know about it and let her change the topic.

He looked at her, rather stared, Niti turned a bit uncomfortable and finally giving up she answered, “Well thanks to Parth that he helped me so much as he got me to the hospital, since he was around when it happened.”

“And where were you?” Uttkarsh asked realizing that she is still keeping something.

“Uttu….” She started to say not knowing what to say to divert his mind but before she could think something he cut her, “Niti, don’t you dare cook up a story in front of me. Get one thing straight, I am in no mood to scold you, or to listen all the fake part from you!” Uttkarsh warned.

“I saw you guys were really close, holding each other’s hand and moreover looking at him I can easily make out he didn’t sleep throughout the night.” He said whatever was roaming in and around his head.

He saw Niti getting uncomfortable with this sudden trail of questions so he tried calming her down.

“Niti, listen I know you guys might have got stuck or something but am asking all this ‘cause I know you both were never comfortable with each other, moreover your disputes that reached peak in the last days of shoot…” he hadn’t completed, but listening his these words all the memories came back to Niti and with a bang she realized she had been so close to Parth in past 2 days, she cursed how could she let him come near after all that he did in the past to hurt her. All the misunderstandings she wasn’t having even a hint about their truth, came back to her confused mind and her eyes immediately brimmed with the formed tears.

Uttkarsh who wasn’t actually looking towards her face all the while continued, “…I thought you very much mad on him, that you won’t want him near you. But then seeing you guys together, that’s confusing, isn’t it?” he now looked up at her for answers when he saw that she is now in tears and he cursed himself for not able to shut his mouth at the right time.

He got up from his place and came near her, “Niti, I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just… I am really sorry. Please don’t cry. I didn’t mean that there’s any problem…I totally understand you must have thought something, Niti please don’t cry.” He pleaded.

Niti kept on crying and a totally confused Uttkarsh came up and side hugged her, at the same time Parth came up with the coffee mugs and as he opened it, he saw the sight, totally hurt and more confused he returned unnoticed by any of the two.

Niti cried harder and after about ten minutes her tears finally came to a halt.

She popped her head out of his embrace and he immediately left her.

“Niti listen don’t keep it in your head, your heart will ache more, just say it, I know something is definitely troubling and affecting you. Please Niti say it, put it all out, you will feel better.” Uttkarsh said realizing she has lot to say, but never dared.

He took her hand in his and clutched it lightly, “Do you trust me?”

Niti didn’t answer and she felt his grip getting loose over her hand and she immediately clutched his slipping fingers, and when he looked up at it she said, “I trust you completely, but… I don’t know…I think you will feel more troubled.”

“Niti! Don’t start all this crap, you very will know it’s not that way, yeah? So tell me what is it?” Uttkarsh asked irritated due to the formal talk.

Just as he said, Niti felt all the walls shatter and now she could not keep all the pain inside her more and so she spoke in a broken voice, “Uttu… I want to be with him, Parth….forever, but my mind doesn’t approve me of that, especially what happened in the past, I am afraid if he will repeat it, then I will die, I can’t bear that pain again…if this time he cheats on me… I won’t survive and I know that for sure.”

Uttkarsh looked on amused, wondering what was hurting her so much, “but Niti what are you talking about, and when did he cheat you, and what does Again means…were you guys together after the shoot days??” He asked all confused.

“Uttu, you remember, somewhat 10 days before the last shoot, I had shouted on Parth and he had thrown all the things around and didn’t come or attended anyone’s calls for next three days. You know why I did that? He and I had started sharing a better bond…” Niti said.

“Yeah I know, rather everyone on the shoot was happy that finally you guys are getting along.” Uttkarsh said as he remembered how all of them had started enjoying the shoots more when Parth and Niti had decided to vanish those unwanted differences.

“He started talking to me nicely, always helped me, even before when we never talked, you all know, taking care of me and moreover my feelings, he said he wanted me to be his friend and I was more than delighted. Then after some days of this nice phase once he asked me if I would go with him to the club down the city along the mid of it. He took me and there he cheered me up, I was really very happy, I had started dreaming about us together, but then I saw his real face he was talking to someone on phone when I sneaked from my place and what I heard shook me to core and shattered all my dreams. He said that the other day during the party at Charlie’s place, he was the one who spiked my drink” she wanted to complete when a large sob attacked her.

Uttkarsh was shocked to listen it but as he saw Niti struggling he immediately helped her with a glass of water.

She started again before he could ask or even say something, “He was the one to spike my drink and later next day when I asked him about it he clearly refused, but when I told him I heard what he was talking last night over phone he turned blue with shock yet he refuse to accept that he wanted to take advantage of me by doing so. Rather he shouted at me…. I am grateful to Disha that she helped me in getting his real face, she herself came to club that night and led me to the place he was talking all this.”
She took a sharp intake of breath as another trail of sobs attacked her as she was remembering all this.

Uttkarsh sat there stunned. “Niti how can this happen? I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed and Niti immediately looked up at him, and with all the hatred rising again she again spoke, “Exactly how a person can be such a hypocrite, how can one cheat someone through and through? And yet he dared to show me the anger as if he is the most innocent of all.”

Uttkarsh’s expressions turned fierce and spoke in a voice bit louder than usual, “Enough Niti, what do you even know about it that you are saying all this crap? Do you even know whom he was talking to that night? It was Me. Yes and you know when you left from there without informing him anything, he had been searching for you all night, moreover you didn’t attend his calls to worry him more…he was wandering on streets looking around for you, he went to your house thrice…he would have died in an accident, sitting in middle of the road had I not reached him before the bus came up to him. He was broken thinking you are in some great trouble and was feeling so helpless that he can’t help you. Later when after calling everyone else when he finally called Chandani and found that you are with her he was relieved a bit.”

Niti heard this and she was shocked and she remembered that she reached directly at Chandani’s place and cried there for almost an hour and unknowingly fell asleep. She also remembered that Chandani informed about Parth’s call and that he sounded a lot worried but she ignored it completely trying to act bold and arrogant.

“He could have talked to you right away if he didn’t know that you were sleeping also you cried for long so he didn’t disturb you. I couldn’t imagine you both fought over that next day. Do you even know what he was saying? He was telling me that Ayaz had planned to spike your drink but Parth didn’t let you drink. It was Disha who sneaked to your resting place and changed your drink, when Parth got to know that you are not in your senses he only tried to protect you from those bastards who were gazing at you to throw you to some corner and… he beat them until they were half dead, smeared all in blood, moreover he was the one to drop you home safe and sound.”

Niti looked on horrified realizing it.

Uttkarsh continued, “And Niti, Parth fell from the moving car the day you fought on shoot, he had to be hospitalized and it had to be kept a secret from everyone that he has undergone an accident. Do you even know, realizing that day that you have so many misconceptions about him he broke into pieces though then he didn’t tell me that you thought this way about him but he didn’t even get the dressings on the fourth day, over his wounds because he thought you will be hurt if you get to know that it all happened because he was thinking only and only about you. And he shouted because when you took Disha’s name he couldn’t believe that his fate again cheated on her and so did his so called dearest friend Miss Disha. Niti you have taken it too far just because you thought it better to suffer inside and not let it out, in front of him, in front of me, in front of anyone. And in the process you do not what and all he suffered and till what extent he hurt himself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And Niti surely he didn’t deserve it.”

Uttkarsh finished feeling really bad and worried about Parth and as he could not take it any longer he moved out of the ward banging the door with a loud thud.

Niti, now in tears, was hell scared and stunned with all the information revolving inside her head. She looked continuously at the door from where Uttkarsh just went out and she recalled all his words.

Guys how’s it, I hope not so boring but believe me guys it was required for the track to go on swiftly. How’s Uttu, guys he is always calm and cheerful but in actual life as well as in my ff he shares a great bond with Parth, though very few times they do the public display of affection, of their friendship.

He is actually a gud buddy of Parth and Niti also likes his company (as a trust worthy friend).

So guys plz plz plz tell me how’s it and what more do you expect from me.

As promised I am posting it and now its 1:17 pm, so enjoy these and plz leave ur feedback in the comment section and this time will surely come to the comment section….


So guys happy Holi (ok ok Choti Holi) well this is what we celebrate it north with all the puja and all
Dearies currently in Bangalore and tmrw going to land in Delhi, hom town….ahh finally I will be home…guys it’s been 7 months since I visited my home….i am so happy and excited…but scared Holi…so all the colors probably will be my face pack before I even show them my face….one more sad part…I won’t b able to update tmrw, since my family needs some time yeah? And am damn sure I won’t b left alone for even a minute…so see u in the comment section and then with the update on 25th

Love u all… many thanks for the support and all your lovely comments….

Love u Loads since you cheer me up so well…ok then time to say goodbye.

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