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She had opened her eyes. He was sure of it, but then they instantly shut, leaving him to get more worried about it.

He rushed out and called for the doctor. And they both made it fast in the ward.

“So she had opened her eyes, right?” the doctor enquired. “Yeah but then she closed them immediately.” Parth answered.

Doctor checked her pulse. “She will be better in a while; it’s because of the weakness. She has gained consciousness but it will take her some time to be able to wake up or talk.”

“I think as she is better now, you should also take some rest.” The doctor advised while leaving.

Parth didn’t answer, he was already busy with his thought process regarding her, the fact that she immediately closed her eyes as she saw him, was very disturbing. He wondered if it meant that she was more hurt that he was there.

He looked at her once and decided to leave since he could not tolerate the mere thought that she would again look at him with all the hate and loath.

But then looking at her pale face reminded him of her previous condition, and he worried anew that currently there’s no one around to look after her, except him.

He made his mind, let her think whatever she wants to but he won’t budge unless he see her in a better condition, whether she likes it or not.

That reminded him of calling Charlie. He dialed her number again and soon there was a frown on his face. “Where the hell has this lady disappeared?” he wondered.

Now he called for Ayaz. After 4 rings he finally took the call. “What’s up?” came the cheery voice from the other end.

“Yep Ayaz, How are you man?” Parth answered sounding a bit low. “What is it that’s bothering you Again?” Ayaz asked concerned. “Well it’s that Niti… She is in hospital in unconscious state, had a black out, but now she is better but soon she will be fine, well so this is to ask you if you could come here, I mean then I can…” but before he could complete Ayaz cut him. “I get it but I can’t help dude am in Delhi currently and so am afraid you gonna have to stay up there man, I know it gonna be tough but I think you should stay there, after all she is a human and moreover once you guys had been costars as well, right? So you should…” Parth could feel the anger rising when Ayaz talked to him in that tone. As if she is dead or alive didn’t matter to him and so he spoke Ayaz could complete with the crap. “Yeah I get it you carry on there and don’t worry I will be here itself.” He assured.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to stay there; rather it was the thought that was disturbing him time and again.

The thought that she will hate his presence and in the process hurt herself scared and worried him more.

He turned around to find her sleeping. He never believed in Fairy tales but today he won’t say No to the sleeping beauty.

He went near her and sat beside the bed. He held her delicate palm in between his large ones. He held it firmly and gently without disturbing her.

He kissed on her palm and then opened her palm, cupping his face with her palm, feeling all the delicateness of it which he missed till then.

He didn’t want all this to end, not her being unconscious but he wanted their closeness to prevail the same way. Oh God how badly he missed her fragrance all these days, how miserably he thought about her all day and night. The soft ample cheeks of her he used to cups reminded him again and again of the bitter truth.

He lightly held her hand again in his right one.

“Please don’t.” he said in a low breaking voice, “Don’t do this to yourself. I know you are doing this to punish me, I don’t know for what, but whatever it is I am not worth all the care. And you DON’T deserve it.” And with this he closed his pained eyes and kept his head over their joined palms and keeping them shut he stayed the same way.

He felt something move between his fingers and immediately his eyes flung open he sat straight and looked down to find his hand still entwined with hers and her fingers moving lightly.

Overwhelmingly he looked towards her face. She slowly opened her eyes and invariably searched for something. Her search process stopped altogether when her eyes fell on his weakly smiling figure.

She tried to move her hand and realized he held it. He too realized it the same moment and immediately drew his hand back.

She felt a tinge deep inside her chest at his act. He looked up at her expecting her to say few hurting words to him regarding him touching her and all the stuff, but surprisingly she laid mute.

He snapped his head sideways not able to look in her eyes, “I was just leaving, I know you don’t want a sight of me here. Actually I had tried contacting your friends but in vain. None could stay so I just… anyways I would leave if you don’t want me to stay, I just thought…” and he looked down at her now to explain that he didn’t have a choice and it wasn’t because he wanted to annoy and disturb her more, when he find her in tears. Her eyes brimming with them. He felt better to die than to witness this.

“So you would have left if someone else would have been there with me?” she asked in a weak voice.

And his heart stopped realizing the pain in her voice. His heart was pinning with each word she said.

His mind ordered him to give a yes to her but his heart pleaded to listen to his soul for the last time, to not kill the hope merely in traces now and tell her he couldn’t have left even if he wanted.

And the words which made its way out of his mouth himself shocked him.

“I can’t see you in this condition, I can’t leave you even if you want me to, I can’t even if there had been your whole world around, I can’t…”his voice broke.

The trail of tears flowing down her cheeks doubled their pace, but before he could start again, blaming himself she spoke, “Exactly, you can’t leave or else I will lose my whole world.”

These shook him to the core, he couldn’t believe his ears.

Immediately he took her in a bone crushing hug, and her heart delighted more.

He kissed her forehead with all the love and care he had for her in him.

He cupped her face and joined their foreheads.

Niti’s hand went up to hold on to both of his just when she felt something wet on his left one.

She pulled it down and her eyes pricked at the corners seeing his totally bruised and hurt hand.

The blood had clotted around the edges but the knuckles still continued to bleed.

She snapped her eyes to him. “Parth what is this?” she asked, and it was only then that he reminded of his injury, he tried to pull away but she didn’t let go.

“How did this happen? And why didn’t get it dressed? Look its bleeding profusely. Doesn’t it pain?” she asked in one go.

He cupped her face with the right one, then stole a tear escaping from the corner of her eye on his index finger and said, “Surely not more than this.”

She looked at him and her face turned up with more painful expressions. He looked at it and instantly took a seat beside her on the same cot, and as he did she broke into a hug, burying her head down in his chest.

He reciprocated the hug with the same intensity. They never wanted it to end. The peace that recently accommodated in between them was disturbed by the entry of a murmuring nurse who stood fixed to the floor realizing their condition and felt embarrassed that she came in the wrong time.

Niti also hesitated realizing this but Parth stayed unaffected except that a frown had now accompanied his features.

He snapped his eyes at the nurse making her more tensed.

Niti slowly got out of his hold slowly and straightened herself in the bed. He also stood up and moved to the side a bit.

The nurse came around the other side and checked Niti, later she glanced at her reports and then without making an eye contact with Parth she dictated, “She is really weak and need attention and care. The meds have to be continued and no skipping of meals else nothing would help.”

Parth looked at Niti’s still pale face with a pained expression complaining through his eyes and asking her why.

Niti looked all around except his eyes.

He sat down after the nurse left and stared her, as if threatening.

Niti stirred uncomfortably and then finally said, “I get it. I get it. I won’t skip my meals again. And not even compromise with my sleep.” She said in a light voice. She continued, “You are no more mad at me, right?” she asked very unsure.

“Niti! I can never be mad at you. And you can leave the thought of skipping your meals right away, since that won’t be under your control anymore, I will be the one to make sure you don’t act as stupid again.” Parth said mockingly.

Niti scowled at his this attitude but smiled realizing his protectiveness.

She looked up at him with a wide smile.

“Don’t giggle so soon, moreover it makes you look not less than an idiot.” Parth again mocked.

And her face burned when he did. He laughed at that and then stopped after a while.

He took her hand in his. “Can I ask you something? And I want you to answer very honestly.” Niti nodded in affirmation.

“Are you really happy that I am here? Mean you sure it won’t hurt you?” he asked waiting eagerly for a reply.

Niti was about to say something but her tongue rolled back. She looked straight in his eyes and before the next second her mouth fell on his, and she kissed him lightly.

Parth was dazed for a moment but his heart flopped when he realized it.

He looked at Niti after coming out of it. Her eyes were drawn down and her eyelids were flickering time and again.

Realizing his gaze on her, the pink around her cheeks turned a shade darker and her fingers started mingling with the bracelet string in her hand.

Parth moved forward and her heart skipped a beat.

He was coming closer every second, No microsecond. And her heart almost came to her mouth when he suddenly drew closer, his breath mixing with hers, and their lips just half an inch away.

Suddenly he drew back and retraced the path he came closer by in an instant.

She was left dazzled at the sudden change of act.

He looked at her shocked face and smiled an unseen one.

Niti looked down to find an envelope in his hand and discovered tat he leaned forward to get it from the other side.

“What?” she heard him say when she was again staring his face. “Expecting something?” he asked and her face burned in embarrassment. “Well I don’t mind it!” he said leaning forward.

And her eyes bulged out at that. And she took a sharp intake of breath and instantly spoke, “Parth!”

He stopped midway, glanced at her for a second and moved back.

Just as he straightened, he laughed a hearty one. “Look at your face!” he said still laughing and pointing at her.

She scowled at it and cursed herself for appearing so affected by all the closeness.

She pouted thinking this and before she could even realize that the laughter came to an end suddenly, she found him capturing her in a close embrace and next he grazed her lips with all the passion.

Her eyes bulged out and his smiled seeing it. They parted to catch breath.

“You are a tease, aren’t you?” he said in between his hacked breath. “First if all you tease and affect me and then don’t expect consequences? Not fair dear.”

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