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They parted away to catch breath. Just then his phone rang. He ignored and looked at her.

“You are a tease, aren’t you?” he said in between his hacked breath. “First of all you tease and affect me and then don’t expect consequences? Not fair dear.”

She blushed hard now. And then she heard his phone ring again.

He frowned and took the call. He gestured her that he will be back in a minute and moved out.

Niti’s left hand came up unconsciously and her index finger moved to the right corner of the lip.

A smile accompanied her features, reminiscing his delicate touch of possessiveness.

Her finger moved from the right corner towards the left one. But before it could reach the other end it stopped at the left edge and her body froze.

She saw him standing exactly a step ahead of the door; he too was fixed to the ground on his same place.

Just as he looked up he saw her posture and instantly got what she had been doing and understanding that his lips quirked up at the corners and he smiled a boyish one.

She blushed more and immediately she settled her left hand on the bed, very infirmly.

He came closer to the bed and sat on the stool nearby.

“Niti!” he said as he found her bending down and her gaze fixed on her lower thigh covered by the sheet.

“Hmmm” Niti replied in a monosyllable still looking down.

“Well! I think, we should…”he paused as he saw her straightening at that.

And the reaction was immediate. “We should?” she asked restlessly without completely looking at him.

He again continued, “We should…have something spicy…” he stretched the last word in a husky tone.

Her eyes met his straight away and he chuckled a short one as he saw her shocked expression.

“We should have something spicy…” and he lifted his both hands above his thighs and continued, “like hot…” he said as he leaned his body and hands forward. All the while Niti’s gaze was fixed at his moving hands and she heard carefully. He saw him leaning more but suddenly his hands took a sharp turn and now his index fingers pointed to something and she heard him simultaneously speaking, “like hot and sour soup.”

She sighed relieved and he chuckled more realizing it.

“Umm…I know you are really disappointed since I couldn’t give you what You WANTED” he said stretching the word. “But Miss Wanting currently you are not in a position to take it, what You want, what I Want and when you once get well I promise I won’t leave…” he stretched the words You and want but before he could complete, his voice was shut. “Parth!” Niti said shortly almost pleading him to stop, “What?? Anyways you know I actually don’t mind It.” he said but ended without concluding after seeing her glaring at him.

He laughed at that and she turned more red.

“Okay okay am just leaving and you take some rest.” He said smiling.

“Parth… You mind staying here for the night.” She asked very unsure with a plead in her voice.

Parth turned around just as he was going, he stood fixed to the ground and Niti tensed more at that. He suddenly smiled a big one, “Of course not, sweetheart. I would love to.” And her heart skipped a beat at the word ‘sweet heart’. He continued, “I just thought you won’t find it comfortable.”

“I can nowhere be more comfortable than around you.” She spoke suddenly leaving him dazed.

He wondered at the saccharine sweet words and as he took them in, another part came up shocking him more.

She held his hand and kissed lightly on it, and he saw a lone tear escape the corner of her right eye.

“I know I had done many mistakes in the past but now I won’t either commit new ones or repeat any from the past.” He said pressing his hand assuring her.

He helped her lie down, slowly and gently and covered her till the chest and placed his palm on her eyelids closing them causing her to fall sleep.

He caressed her forehead and her head gently which helped her really well in falling into a deep sleep after so long.

It wasn’t even 10 minutes before she fell asleep.

He tugged the few strands of hairs disturbing at the back of her head.

He got up and lied down on the couch in the same ward.

He was exhausted but still his heart didn’t agree to miss the sight of her even for a moment.

He sat almost in a lying position and keenly observed her every movement. He saw her stir slightly without coming out of sleep and simultaneously her eyelids fluttered still closed. He saw her curling her left hand fingers in to a lose fist, and then saw it slowly sliding down her stomach and fall on the bed. He saw her head roll towards right, that is towards his side and his heart delighted at that.

He got up from his place and moved near her and gently and caressingly cleared her forehead and her face of the tresses falling on it. As he did it, he bent down and pecked near her forehead. He sat next to her and held her palm gently in his and said, “I won’t let you suffer anymore. No one can hurt you, not even me. And this time it’s a promise that I will fulfill at any cost.”

He stayed the same way, his face held between his palms, on his elbows, observing her delicateness.

Sudden shake of the place below him stirred him in sleep.

Suddenly he felt a tinge on his hand and his eyes flung open at it. He saw his hand held tight by her in hers, and her nails digging in his skin causing him to flinch.

He looked up to find her sweating profusely and murmuring something. Suddenly he observed her body going taut and the next moment she cried as if in pain, “Aaah…huh….aaaaa…huh…hhhh…..arrrrrr” and he felt the ground below him slip away suddenly.

He immediately patted her cheeks to bring her out of the sleep. But her eyes shut more. She tensed and curled more on the bed.

Parth went cold seeing it all, suddenly her body hacked and it refused to take in any air.

Oh God! She is not breathing! His mind rang with the thought. He immediately took the bottle from beside and sprinkled its content on her face and immediately her eyes flung open.

His mind cried in joy.

And instantly she held on to his arm, as she did Parth bent down and hugged her.

She started crying and suddenly she was breathing hard. Parth, who was caressing her back in order to calm her, took her face in his hands. “Niti. Niti Shhh…shhh…calm down…calm down…I am here…just look I am here….right beside you…nothing…nothing will happen…Niti look…look don’t shut your eyes…look here…see I am here itself… and I will not leave…just…just calm down.”

Niti looked up still terrified but as she peeped in his eyes she came back to senses and clung to him, holding him in a bone crushing hug.

He reciprocated with all his love and concern. They stayed the same for don’t know how long.

Finally Niti parted away still holding his hand in hers. Parth calmed her down and made her settle on the bed. He sat on the edge and side hugged her. Niti didn’t let go when he started to get up, “please don’t leave me alone. Parth” she said in between her sobs.

Hearing them Parth held her tighter, after long time of cuddling sleep finally dawned her eyelids.

Parth felt her tighten the grip time and again. His heart sank seeing her in this condition. And he cursed himself more that he ever let her go.

He saw the clock showing 2 am. Whole night she sagged in his arms and his cheeks moisture more because of the heated tears that flowed down his cheeks through his closed eyes.

Some time in night she felt her forehead moisture wet. She stirred but the comfortable band of hands around her helped her settle firmly and contentedly.

She cursed herself as she felt the beats of his heart grieving in pain seeing her like this.

She never wanted to let this in front of him, the reason, the most unobvious cause of her sleepless nights. She knew he would feel himself responsible for this and curse himself for this, for long, like really long, till the time she didn’t know when it would end.

She cursed herself more that she can’t tell him the real reason.

All the thoughts flew away from her mind as the band tightened and so the grip of his love which fled the sorrows far away from her and pulled her down in a deep sleep.

She twitched and her eyes flung open. She felt herself in a grip and she smiled realizing the owner.

She looked up only to hurt her eyes again. His face all pale and the dried tear marks on his cheeks pained her heart.

She tried to come out of his hold without disturbing him but seemingly she wasn’t much good at it since his eyes opened fully as she just stirred. And she was shaken to the core seeing his eyes blood red and swollen more than general.

She immediately took his face in her palms and rolled her eyes all over his face with all the concern on her face reflecting the pain in her heart.

Parth smiled a bit trying to ensure that he is perfectly fine. He saw soft heated tears curl out of her sleepy eyes and tried to say but Niti put her palm on his mouth stopping him from saying all the crap that she knew he was going to start.

“You are not the cause Parth! I am! See I always do this, put you in pain. Severe pain. That’s why I can see you like this. Right?” she spoke accusing herself. “Look how selfish I am just for some happiness of mine I am giving you so much pain. You have to tolerate so much because of me; you had to stay here along with, even though you didn’t want. You had to cuddle me without your wish. Look how am shutting the door to your happiness.” And before she could go on with more of it, he stood up suddenly and moved towards the door.

“And what would you say about me Niti?” he said without turning, giving her his back. “I am the most selfish jerk who stayed here. Am I not? And look at my fate I am even not capable of making you believe that I am happy with you, and nowhere else. I am just so useless that I can’t even tell you the depth of my feelings that I have for you. I can’t even keep myself away from you to stop all these sufferings of yours.”

He felt a soft touch on his right shoulder and suddenly it tightened. He turned around only to find a struggling Niti to stay on her feet and in the process she clutched tight on his shoulder to stay on. Parth looked on horrified and immediately snapped his eyes to hers.

She felt the anger in his eyes and shivered inside. He took her right away in his arms and gently laid her on the bed still managing to his anger through his harsh movements as he started to go.

“Parth, we both know we need each other, or else both of us will be vanished, nothing of us would remain. But I want it to remain, I want US to remain.” And his heart melted as the words popped out of her mouth.

He slowly turned around and went on his feet. He caught both her palms in his and bent his head over their joined hands. “Niti please don’t ever go away from me ever, or else I will die…I can’t survive, I would just jump off this same building you dare do it again.” He said with tears flowing down and falling on the ground.

He moved his head up and took her right hand on the left of his chest and said, “It really hurts when you even talk about leaving from here.” He said very emotionally with his voice without a word of dishonesty.

His jaw suddenly set hard and his features turned into granite. “I won’t let you leave. It’s no more your choice. You can’t take decisions on our behalf.”

He looked at her as the joy, suddenly enter his eyes and his features turn as soft as possible. “You agree?” he asked waiting for her reply, very impatiently but tried to sound as calm as ever.

She nodded her head in a vigorous yes. Next she held him in her arms as if assuring him that she herself won’t allow him to leave nor will she.

He pecked at the bottom of her neck towards the back, and she took a sharp intake of breath at that.

He kissed lightly the upper part of her upper neck near her cheek.

Now his cool lips sucked at the heated skin of her ample cheeks. She felt something down there in her lower stomach.

He breathed heavy and his lips moved forward only to grasp hers, when the door creaked and he heard the same murmuring voice.

He looked around sharply only to find her struggle with the next words as she felt the words stuck in her throat.

“Well good mor…”were the words which fell in Niti’s ears before she flung her eyes open only to find a totally scared and nervous nurse who visited her last night.

She turned to find Parth throwing daggers at her. She clenched Parth’s hand lightly. He frowned at that and looked towards her to find her indicating him through her eyes to move aside and not scare the already terrified lady anymore.

“Of course!” he said sarcastically. Niti laughed lightly at his behavior and also amused at the ‘perfect timing’ of the nurse every single time.

The nurse checked her, her gaze nowhere particularly but she saw her stealing glances of Parth, still nervous. Niti looked at her and smiled assuringly. She looked at her asking through her eyes if any complications and the nurse just smiled.

A totally confused Niti looked in Parth’s direction only to find him doing the same. Realizing it she shook her head a bit and again looked forward for the nurse’s reply.

“All the reports are clear. She will be fine soon but we need to keep her under observation for at least one more day.” She said in a cheeky voice all the time looking at only Niti.

“And then you can take her home, Your Niti.” She looked at parth while saying this. She said it a bit sarcastically and Parth glared as she did, and before the volcano erupts she quickly made her way out smiling a big one.

Niti looked on all confused. She saw Parth now glaring at her. She raised her brows giving a ‘what-did-I-do’ expression.

“Of course! How can you do something? Can’t you see the way she was mocking at me? Go on with your ‘Parth-don’t-act-horrid’ attitude, if I won’t have given her the liberty that you compelled me to, she couldn’t have even dared to look at him forget about mocking. You don’t know these people they act innocent only to get their way out.” Parth said in one go and opened his mouth to say further but Niti cut him, “She was absolutely right about the eruption.”

“What eruption?” Parth asked amusing at the sudden change of topic.

“Nothing, just this volcanic outburst.” She said and saw him going taut at that and laughed but immediately controlling it pointed her finger at him, “Look, you are proving that you can outburst it on anyone even at me, though I am not at fault, I will have to bear it. You can’t control your anger.”

Parth looked more furiously.

“You can?” she asked softly which made him forget everything else and just stare at her pouting lips.

She twitched her nose and his desire raised more. Her most flexible tongue uncurled and came out of her mouth and licked the lower of her lip to get back some moisture to them.

Just as she did she saw the heat entering his eyes.

He bent down and moved the thumb of his right hand on her lower lip. She felt the heated touch and her skin sprang with so many outbursts due to the sudden rise in the level of hormones across her body.
Her breathing hacked as his lazy drawl over her lips continued. She looked so affected.

Her left hand reached the side of his collar and she tugged at the fine cloth of his T-shirt.

His lips quirked at the corners realizing it. His face came up next to hers, just an inch’s difference in their faces.

His breath hot yet fresh fell on her lips causing havoc in her body.

He knew every single way to tease her, to arouse her desires and later leave her untouched, the Devil.

She moved a bit towards him and his eyes delighted watching it, her bold act (ok not so bold, but guys usually she is very shy, very very shy. You know what guys, the director had to convince her for whole one week for the smooch scene both the times.)

His feathery touch on her lips could go on and turn into a passionate one but there aren’t less hurdles and disturbances in their love life.

There it was. Another knock on the door. They parted away and this time Niti too frowned cursing under breath.

And as they moved aside, entered the most unexpected figure.

Precap: guyz Uttkarsh would help clearing the misunderstandings and Ayaz will become ‘KABAB MEIN HADDI’
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