Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi2


3 Months back (contd. from last update)

He again looked around horrified worrying all might have seen this and so they left. He was more worried about her feelings about this. And so with unsure eyes he looked in her eyes and he was more than shocked. Previously because her eyes were blood red and secondly he found a totally calm expression on her face, though it still had some crease lines on her forehead.

He peeped in her eyes more and found them assuring him that she is not regretting the hug.
He moved a step back now and she too rearranged her own face. She held him by his arm and politely indicated through her eyes to follow her.

He was spellbound due to this act of her, his heart almost flung to his mouth and retraced back. He wanted to smile but couldn’t because his heart still pained a lot.

Slowly she dragged him in her bedroom, of course a shock to him that they didn’t settle in the living room but to a private section of the house HER BEDROOM.

He felt the hold on his arm getting tighter as he entered the room.

All this while all he could see of her were her long silky tresses failing to her waist and her left side earring which sparkled, the platinum stroke the light.

And when he was still amused at all this; his dragged body suddenly came to a halt causing his hard structure to collide with her delicate and weak one.

She slipped due to the effect of it and before she came to floor her body was securely held in between two firm and strong hands. Parth straightened slowly and so did she. He moved back feeling a bit awkward.

She gestured him to settle down on the bed, and never during this, she made an eye contact with him.

She left from the room, leaving a very nervous and anxious Parth to gaze at her moving out.

Parth was wondering all the while about what would happen next. He knew he have to talk to her and this time he got a real opportunity and he must not miss it. But where to start from? He was thinking it all when he saw a glass of water placed in front of his eyes.

He looked up to find an equally disturbed Niti still avoiding eye contact.

She again spread her arm further to take the glass, and he did. But soon he stood up with a jerk and offered her the same glass. And this was the time when she finally looked up straight in his eyes, and when his eyes witnessed this condition his heart pained more.

And before she could again dig her face somewhere he thudded the glass on the table, immediately held her in a tight hug, but time this he was sure about his action. But now she beat her hands on his chest and flailed her arms to get out of his tight hold.

But Parth didn’t let go and soon she broke down in his arms, and sagged more into a cuddle. He held her tight enough and now the empty space in the left corner was somehow feeling much better.

They stayed the same way for another 10 seconds and then he let her go and made her sit on the bed and he sat beside.

But before he could start, she stood up and spoke, “its ok Parth. None of them saw it. We were alone then. They had left and couldn’t see you because of the curtains, they thought you left in mid, and none protested. So… so don’t worry about the leak.” she said it in between her sobs.

She started again “Thanks for abiding for so long. And am sorry for all the inconvenience, I ju…”, but before she could complete she was held tightly on her waist by two large, strong and piercing hands and was flung right on the bed with heavy weight on her fragile structure.

Her eyes had shut due to the surprise and shock and now when she opened them she found him on top of her caging her between his arms which were landing firmly on the bed. And when she looked at his face, she was scared to the core seeing the sight in front of her eyes. She saw two coal red eyes burning in anger and held straight on her face.

“I… You… was…js… just…” she stammered, and there was a finger on her lips shutting them, with a feathery touch.

“Not. A. WORD.” Came the words from his gritted teeth.

She started to move and slide a bit when she saw his jaw locking, and immediately she froze at her place.

He moved closer to her face and her eyes bulged out. Their faces were so close now that their lips just resolved.

She was scared and very unsure about his next act.

Just then he sprang up from the bed and stood on the floor facing opposite to her.

She sighed in relief but was thoroughly disturbed as to why he did that.

She got up from the bed and sat on it and she was lot more nervous as to what should she do. Her mind wasn’t answering and it was then that she heard a sigh coming out of his mouth.

She saw him stiffening his shoulders and his head snapped sideways.

“Yes of course Niti, I did all this because I was worried that all must have seen it and now since I did this so I must make up for it and that can be done by relaxing you, right? You are so accurate and am glad you understand me so well. I am the same mean Bastard, isn’t it? I came around only due to some hidden reason you don’t know yet, am here for some huge profit of mine.” She heard him say it all in one go with so much pain in his voice that her eyes teared, she felt her own heart aching listening to it.

She knew he didn’t do it all for some hidden motive, she knew it was pure, but her brain refused to accept it.

All the past events came up like a punch, to her sight.

She got more teary. And the sobs attacked her again. She saw him congeal when the sounds reached him, he immediately turned around and saw him with bulged out eyes, his eyes blood red, nose so pink, she saw his lower lip tremble as another sob rose up her throat.

He hated it and so did she. She saw something soft pass on his face. She tried to speak, “I… I know… that it’s …its no…not some hidden… profit, but I…. I can’t forg…forget everything in one go… how can… I… I….”she stammered but was cut in between.

“I what? You can’t trust me?” Parth asked, or completed what she couldn’t.

“No… no Parth… I din… I…” she tried to explain but was again interrupted again, “Don’t trust me! I don’t ask you to….. just trust your own trust, your own heart. I don’t say give me a chance to come back in your life. No don’t. But please at least listen to me once… you have many a times misunderst…” but before he could complete, his face was pulled down and his lips were fused with hers.

She drew him in a passionate kiss, her hands trailed from his cheeks into his hairs. She had closed her eyes but the tears refused to stop and were flowing down her cheeks. She now opened her eyes to find his close, and immediately drew back.

But it wasn’t upto her now, before she could isolate, she was held by her waist and now his lips fell on hers, grazed her lips, and his hand travelled from her waist to one of them in her hairs and the other one near her left shoulder.

He refused to detach and sucked more on hers, as if to rule her mind, body and soul.

They slowly separated their eyes still closed and he moved his forehead only to stick to hers.

They stayed the same way don’t know for how long, his hands holding her arms near her shoulders, and hers on his waist, tightly clutching his shirt.

She finally broke the silence, “I can’t take it anymore, it’s killing me, in and out. I just can’t take it Parth. Why? Why can’t things be easier between us? Why can’t we…” “Be Together.” he completed.

And with this they broke into a hug.

“I can’t live without it! But then I can’t take it even. Why did you do it Parth?” she said with so much pain in her voice that it shattered him again and again since he knew it was because of him that they both are going through this.

“Niti…….” And he fell silent after this. She waited with baited breath and realizing this he finally spoke. “I don’t deserve you! But I want you ALWAYS! And it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me who did it all, I couldn’t have ever, the mere thought of it disgusts me.” He said it and now separated completely and looked in her eyes holding her firmly in his grip, “You are very important to me, very special. Believe me on this. For the last time. I Did Not Do It. But still I will make up for it.”

He waited for her to answer but she didn’t and so his shoulders sagged down, and before he could collapse on the ground, with again a thoroughly punctured heart, a delicate touch on his left cheek, cupping it, sparked his eyes.

She held his face in between her palms now and pecked on his lips and attached her face to his chest and buried her head more.

He held her securely in his arms.


They sat on the couch in the living room for quite long but didn’t talk much, just some sighs, hums and few monosyllable chats, but these were more than enough to heal their so much hurt hearts.

Later in night Parth left from Niti’s place, after planting a deep kiss on her forehead.

He entered his house and as he switched on the lights he saw the time in the digital watch on the front wall of his room. 3:18 a.m. He gasped seeing the time. Not because he had been up till long but because Niti was among the ones who could barely resist any sleep after 12:00. The latest up to what she had been awake till date was 1:00 according to his knowledge. And today she woke up till 3:00. That was so unlike her.

He wondered whether it was because of him that she had pretended all the while that she wasn’t sleepy.

Niti is cuddling on her bed, with the quilt thrown to one side.

She couldn’t sleep, in spite of trying from long. Not that it’s the first time.

It’s been almost three months since she didn’t sleep during night hours; sleep seemed to have forgotten the way to her eyes.

She had spent almost 30-40 sleepless nights. It all started after she was done with KYY.

She didn’t initially realize the reason but soon it itself made its way to her.

And when she did, her eyes refused to stop flowing. She felt the pain in her very difficult to carry along.

She could never concentrate, she had lost her smile. It was only then when she found a way to see him, meet him, maybe for the last time, as she had expected when she got the offer and the idea to say a goodbye to all, brought her the thought that he could make his way to her place with everyone else.
That was the time when she after so long smiled a cheeky one.

She wondered the mere thought of her meeting him brought such a huge smile on her face even though she knew she would be again hurt, maybe even more than before.

But what came up to her now, totally startled her. She loved it but she hated it. She knew if she would fall weak then there are more than enough chances of her heart to be crushed again under someone’s feet, but don’t know why she wanted it again, that touch of his on her, that concern in his eyes, those unsure hands which wanted to cuddle and spoon her, she wanted more.

She knew it would burn her to ashes if it all would turn out fake, but for the sake of this healing aid it provided her heart she couldn’t back out. She just couldn’t.

Next day when Niti was still in deep sleep, a continuous noise disturbed her. She woke up with a jerk realizing it’s the door bell. She wondered who would be there, since last few days none approached her early in the morning. Also she slept till quiet late since she goes to sleep only after 4 in the morning.

She combed her hairs with her hands and tied them up in a pony tail, and sprinkled some water on her eyes so that bulginess decreases a bit.

She reached the living room and opened the door only to find a nervous parth on her footstep.

She gasped seeing him there so early in the morning. It was only 6 now, and she was surprised more to see him dressed up so well.

She kept on staring which made him feel more nervous, his hands were folded at his back.

She realized his awkwardness and tried to smile and simultaneously wished him ‘good morning’.

He smiled a wide one and replied back in a cheery voice.

He remembered how during the last days of the shoot when they had just started get along, she one morning called him up to inform about the delay in the shoot. The first words which fell in his ears were ‘GOOD MORNING’. He could imagine her smiling a wide one while wishing this. And hearing this though he hadn’t looked up on the phone screen before taking up the call, he smiled immediately. Yeah it was quite unusual for him to be wished like this. And this time he loved it.

He shook his head lightly to come out of the past when he saw her waving her hand in front of his face.

He recalls that though he was staring her and did listen to every word he didn’t respond.

She had asked him to step in, twice. And as he realized it he immediately came in, and shrugged his shoulders in apologizing manner. She chuckled on his behavior and his so cute contrite.

He came in and settled on the same couch as last night. He saw her moving to some corner, probably kitchen, he expected. It was only then that he noticed that she was a bit messy today, although the condition of her house was far much better than his own but also the fact remains that she didn’t seem to have been awake since long, while he expected her to be all dressed up till then.

He knew she wakes early, she sleeps max till 5 in the morning, but then he realized that she had stayed up till long last night.

Oblivious of the fact, that quiet many things changed its course since they departed, he went on with assuming his expected answers to be the reason.

He saw her emerging from behind the curtain with two coffee mugs in her hands.

She came and settled on the same couch but on the opposite end unlike last night when they both were almost cuddling with pain in their hearts, without any gap between their bodies.

Parth took the mug from her hand and the aroma of the cappuccino coming in puffs delighted him.

He took one sip and felt most relaxed. He settled more on the couch turning to his right a bit, to face her completely.

“I know I again managed to ruin your peace….. Since today I ruined your peaceful sleep.” He said initiating a convo.

She spewed the first sip she had taken in, thinking that he got to know that she sleeps late and wakes late, and that her whole routine is changed.

He immediately got up and reached near her, asking what happened, and if she is fine.

“Nothing I just didn’t realize it was so hot.” She said enacting as if her tongue burned due to it.

“How can you be so dumb? You were holding it right! You should be careful enough. Now stop throwing these daggers and pull your tongue out. Lemme see if it’s a severe burn.” He said it in one go. And she gasped at his this reaction.

She just kept on staring. “Again went to some fantasy world? Come out babe! And stick your tongue out, I know it will be hurting.” He said again to draw her attention.

She was dazed hearing the word ‘babe’ from his mouth and instantly her cheeks flushed a darker shade of red.

She recalled his words and reluctantly stuck her tongue out.

Parth who was continuously looking at her, was mesmerized, first watching her go red hearing the word and later her stuttering when slowly her tongue made its way out of her two rose petal lips.

“A bit more.” He said in a whisper fervently.

Now it was almost half of her tongue out. He moved forward, his urge to hold it in between his lips rising, but then he noticed some spot of blood towards the lower part of her tongue.

His forehead creased and Niti wondered why it happened. He asked her if it’s paining and she gave a negative answer by nodding her head in a No. Suddenly she saw him turning red in anger.

“Why are you lying, again?” he almost shouted and Niti wondered how come it can pain when it didn’t even burn, and so slid her tongue back inside.

She saw his gaze was still fixed on her mouth, particularly her lips. Suddenly she remembered past night’s event when their lips had fused together and she felt something lower in her stomach.

“You sure, your mouth don’t hurt. Not even your inner lip?” he asked dangerously.

And she gulped hard for stopping herself from crying and breaks herself in his arms.

He was tensed looking at her this condition and so was she. “Parth…” she said almost in a whisper and her lower lip trembled, and it was only then that Parth saw a deep cut on her lower lip towards the inner side.

He cupped her face immediately in his large hands, and asked with lot of concern, “how did this happen and why you didn’t tell me?”

But before he could say anything further she hugged him tight leaving him startled.

All this concern of his compelled her to believe that he was right and the world wrong, that her heart was right and brain wrong, that her soul was right and her body again wrong.

It seemed she wanted it from so long and now when he was there along with her she can’t let anything ruin it, although she feared if he himself will ruin it someday.

But then he was there now to deprive her mind of any such feared, he hugged her back held her tight very close to himself.

Suddenly he jerked her away and she almost broke down, but before the pieces could spread apart he kissed her lightly on her forehead and asked her softly with great concern, “How?”

She gathered herself, and decided to disclose the truth, which she knew would leave him dazed.

Precap: The truth will be revealed and you all would soon know the reason why Parth and Niti again separated.

Hey lovelies, so how do you find this, I know am so dumb but dudes couldn’t help it coz I was in my home town and only source of internet around was out of town, since some towers were under replacement.
Actually I had already posted it b4 leaving but couldn’t check whether it is updated or not.
Only after returning in noon when I checked for any of ur comments I realized its not updated yet. Tried to make it many a times but in vain.

Hope you forgive me for the delay.
Believe me the first thing ever I did after coming out was to hurriedly type this one AGAIN and post it fast, and hence again sorry for the typos

Love u all and keep smiling<3<3<3

Credit to: niri

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