Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi2 contd.


She had closed her eyes and had been accumulating all the strength that she could gather to let out those words to reveal the truth.

“Parth……” she finally said in a low and heavy voice, which concerned him more.

“Make it this time Niti…” Parth encouraged her. And just as the words came out of his mouth Niti realized that she was just then going to reveal everything, and she shook her inner self to come out of that dazed state and broke into another words.

“Parth…”she continued in the same low voice, “how did you manage to come so early, to MY house?” she asked.

Parth straightened a bit and seemed as if thinking something deep when she again called his name lightly, but strong enough to bring him out of his thought process.

“Well, Niti, you now last night what happened…. and I was worried that you would be troubling yourself with too much of thought process and must not have slept before late, although it was already much late when I had left, I know you must not have got good sleep even. Well am saying all this ’cause I know you. ” he completed and sighed.

It was then that the thought struck Niti.

Last night, rather morning, was the only one when she fell asleep without her sleeping pills and that too, a sweet and cordial sleep, even though she slept only for seemingly an hour and a half but that was in peace. By the time Parth came she was no more sleepy, it seemed the so restless mind of hers finally calmed due to whatever happened last night.

Even though she had been cursing herself for falling so weak in front of him, but down somewhere she knew that it was the most gratifying act she have done in past few weeks.

And as she realized this, a smile appeared on her face, unconsciously. Parth who was looking at her then, failed to understand her reaction, rather he expected her to answer something as a taunt but when she didn’t, he realized that all is not the same anymore.

But Niti answered finally, though she didn’t seem to realize that she was actually talking to him, which is answering him.

“Last night….” She said with a gleam in her eyes though she was not looking at Parth, “it was blissful… I had a good sleep and you know what I slept like this after some time, well more seems like a long era… thank YOU”, and with this she just hugged him. After a second she realized what she said and what she did, and just as she got it she detached from him, and the next sight was Parth sitting there in a completely dazed state. His eyes bulged, almost popping out. When he found Niti staring for almost more than 3 seconds, he blinked once and now looked downwards and everywhere else except her.

“Parth… umm…” her unsure voice trailed in his ears, but before she gets the chance to complete he cut her, “What happened Niti… what does this all mean? Slept after long…Waking up this late? What is all this?? And what else are you hiding… tell me right away.” He said rather ordered.

Niti shivered realizing that he wasn’t going to leave it all so soon, and anytime he may ask her to give the exact explanation, which she wasn’t ready for.

“What does this all mean, why you said so, tell me.” He again pleaded.

“Nothing, it’s just that my tongue slipped” she said.

“Oh yeah!” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Listen, just cut all the crap and tell me the shit which you are not revealing!” he barked, now almost at the verge of losing all his control.

Huge tears formed in Niti’s eyes but she blinked several times to not let them flow out and gulped hard to keep herself from sobbing.

“There’s lot Parth you don’t know yet and moreover I think you should not eve… ” and she was cut in between, again.

“You are not going to decide what I should know, just say it all Niti… I want to know what and all changed…” he said agitated “and WHY” he completed in clear voice.

Niti’s living room

Niti is sitting on the right couch and Parth in front of her on another one. His face between his palms, with his elbows firmly resting on this either thighs, he bent down a bit looking straight at her struggling figure.

Niti finally raises her head high with all the courage and strength she could gather and tilted her head towards the right a bit preparing her for speaking it all.

“You think life had been so fruitful for me all these days, I got a nice job (the offer), am all cheery and happy all the while… I am arranging parties and get together… am on cover pages… and all the crap that’s possible, yeah? ” she blurt.

“It must have been much more easier for you and know what I rather think you must have been enjoying but here nothing was same, nothing since you did that, you” but she was cut in between when a furious voice startled her, “And exactly what did I DO? Tell me for god sake.” Parth said all irritated and hurt that she thought this way about him that he had been enjoying all the while.

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