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He entered a familiar locality and wondered how his feet and almost all his body parts coordinate against him to lead him to this place.

He have come here before many a times after they parted away, but it was never known to her, since he always stepped back as soon as he reached around her, he reached near.

But all this made him hold on the steering wheel with such force that it seemed to shatter in few minutes if it continued the way. It reminded him of her words. He decided that it will be the last time he would make an attempt to explain things to her. Rather he thought he would just spit it on her face, give her his back and won’t return unless she realizes what mistake she did by misunderstanding him again and again.

He wondered how she could repeat the same mistake again; previously also she had been mistaken regarding him and his words. And when she found out the truth she was the first one to blame her own self and promising herself that she would never repeat it, he knew she repented but why she want to create it all over again, setting up a huge wall between them.

He determined his will not to show her that he is very much affected and concerned of what she thinks of him, rather he would just give her the truth she had been yelling for some hours ago, and let her decide then if she would take it or not. He doesn’t give a damn, but actually he did. And as he realized he started hating her more, hating her more because she made him fall so low, she made him turn this way.

His car sped on the highway and the sprinting buildings boiled him more.

He got into the familiar locality and rushed out and into the building in full rage ready to show her his real side. He reached in front of her apartment and rang the bell thrice, in one go. He seemed so desperate to let it all out.

He again rang it. No response. What the hell is she doing now. Enjoying? He shook the thought right away when he remembered her swollen, bulged out eyes. His blood ran cold and his body went taut suddenly. He banged the door shouting her name.

The door didn’t budge and the crease lines on his forehead turned many folds.

He stepped back and hit the door with great force. And Thud. The door came off its hinges.

He looked around to find the hall empty, his eyes moved warily all around and only then he spotted a lying figure near the kitchen floor.

He paced in the direction.

He saw her lying on her back in a completely unconscious state, her head rolling towards the side and her thin slender arms lay lifeless.

He rushed to her and kneeled down. He took her in his arms but just as he touched her cold body his mind buzzed with all the possible thoughts. He patted her cheeks to bring some life to them but her body refused to respond.

He slid his gaze from her face to the place around and he saw the golden brown creature making its way out through the railing in the balcony and a throng of electricity passed down his spine.

“Damn!” his lips hissed seeing her in this condition; he carried her in his arms down the stairs and rushed to his car, and firmly laid her on the back seat.

He made her body comfortable on the back seat and rushed to the front one.

The car is moving fast on the highway and he adjusted the mirror such that it enable him to see her clearly, he moved his eyes on the lying figure searching for any bite marks on her now pale body.

He saw her lower lip tremble and he saw her unconsciously speaking, actually repeating a word.

He sped the car more. He rode very fast and finally was in front of the ‘City Hospital’ and not even a single time during the ride did he cause a halt.

He took her in his arms and attached her head close to his chest. His heart beneath the blanket of the flesh was beating rapidly. It was no more serene like some time before.

He came in the building and his eyes searched for a doctor or anybody for God sake who could treat her then.

He saw not even a single person moved forward.

His brows joined together. “Doctor!” he shouted on top of his voice. The building thundered with the sound of it.

Immediately a doctor and a ward boy came up for helping him.

The treatment started right away when he thundered over the doctor regarding the formalities.

He came in the ward where she still lay lifeless. The doctor was still assessing her.

“Is she fine? What happened to her? And any ….” his voice broke, “any traces… of poison…” And the doctor’s eyes bulged out at that.

“Was it a suicide attempt.” doctor asked. And the reply came immediate. “No! Well am asking that ‘cause when I saw her she was lying down and a snake was escaping out, so…”Parth couldn’t continue.

“Doesn’t seem like the snake caused any damage. Well it was a black out. And hopefully she would recover soon. Is she having her meals properly?” doctor asked. And Parth stood there dazed not in a condition to answer it.

He recalled last night also during dinner Niti had very less can say almost negligible.

Doctor raised his left eyebrow at that and asked, “Who is she?”

“Umm….a Friend” he answered with a pause and the guy looked at him quizzically.

“Anyways, have any idea about the history in this case?” doctor asked expectantly.

Parth looked confused. “You know that it’s not the first time, right?” he asked again.

Parth went blank at that. “Well now let me clarify some points. This again and again skipping meals and all the mental stress can turn out fatal. Anemia may turn chronic. Be careful handling this. She requires proper care and attention, we gonna keep her in observation till tomorrow and she would gain consciousness by morning probably.” He ended.

The doctor started moving out but stopped seeing him fixed to the ground. “You wanna stay?” he asked and Parth nodded in affirmation.

Parth is sitting beside the patient bed. It’s been 3 hours since she is been unconscious. He decided to call Charlie. He took out his phone and dialed for Charlie. The number was engaged. Later it was out of coverage area.

Hell! No one is there when She needs them. And the one she hates and loath so much is sitting beside her and hence she will have to tolerate his presence.

He clutched the side of the bed with his right hand and thumped the left one on the table beside due to all the rage and anger flowing inside him.

It made a large sound and his eyes were still burning with anger, anger on himself when he felt a feathery touch on his right hand, and immediately he looked down towards his hand.

He found her fingers moving and now he glanced at her face which was so pale because of all the crying.

He saw her eyelids still shut. He looked closely and amused at the serene beauty, the undefined peace which seemed to have dawned her features recently.

He caught her hand and entwined their fingers. He held it firmly and later placed a light kiss on the back of her palm.

His eyes and his heart pained too much to see her like this. He cursed himself for putting her in a condition as this.

He wondered more, how he couldn’t get it all the while that she had been suffering as well. May be because he was too afraid of a heart break that if he gets to know that she was never bothered about him.

He stood and moved closer, and dipped his head down and their foreheads joined.

His eyes got more teary. A lone tear escaped the corner of his right eye and fell on her cheek.

He immediately drew back and turned and made his way out.

He paced in the corridor and wandering reached a lone corner.

He was brimming with emotions, hurt, angry, devastated, impaired, annoyed mad, livid, fragile and what not.

He felt losing control over everything.

He punched hard on the wall and the oozed blood trailed down his knuckles and down on the floor.

He thumped his hand again at the same place and pulled hard at his locks. His teeth gritted with the effort to keep himself from devastating and destroying more.

He made his way back towards the ward since he realized that he forgot his phone in there and he had decided that he would leave before she gets to know and before that he would inform about it to Charlie, or Ayaz.

As he turned inside the room, his fast moving feet came to a halt. He plastered to the ground.

He saw her flicker her eyes. She seemed to be straining herself in order to have a clear view.

He rushed to her but didn’t utter a word.

He saw her opening them fully now and she looked much dazed and shocked to find him next to her.

Looking at her features he felt confused if she is happy or irritated to find him there.

He expected the latter one to be true but hoped for the former one to be the cause.


She felt something wet on her cheek. Her eyes and her head felt heavy.

Just then she felt the warmth around her disappear suddenly.

Her head strained with the effort to keep her eyes open. Finally when she could she found the figure disappearing behind the slowly closing door. She didn’t have any idea about the identity but she felt it to be someone really close, since her hearted pinned when that ‘close’ person left from beside her.

She tried to get up but her limbs refused to follow her command.

She frowned inside her head, she tried to turn a bit and Oh God her head, it pained like hell. Due to the action her head rolled like that of a lifeless doll rather than moving swiftly.

She felt the silence around her for long.

She still strained her head to look clear since the vision blurred more when last time she did the same.

And then after few minutes which she seemed more like long time to pass she heard or rather felt someone enter the room, she strained more and what came to her vision dazed her completely.

He stood there, panting, and what next came up shook her to the cores, his eyes blood red and swollen.

God! He had been CRYING!!! For her!!

And as the realization dawned her she felt the place beneath her slip away.

She hadn’t expected yes it was most unexpected and she loved it that the most wonderful feeling finally reached here to soothe her heart.

She hated her body for being so untrustworthy, as it didn’t allow her to express her delight.

The thought that she can make him feel relieved through her eyes struck her but again the treacherous body of hers refused.

And before she could have the sight of him smiling after finding her more than comfortable due to his presence, her eyes drooped down.

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