Parth.No Gift Is Better Epi2 contd again


Hearing the words, she glared at him, her eyes blazed with anger, “Parth please! At least now drop the act.”

“Of course, you very well know am pretending but then I want to listen it from your mouth. Now say it. Say it aloud!” he almost shouted.

As she heard him, she felt the blood in her veins boiled too much, how he can talk to her in such a tone. But when she analyzed his words, all the sufferings she went through all these days, hit her brain with a brutal force. She could no more hold on to it, and keep it all inside her.

“You are trying to rake up it all. I get it. So Mr. Parth just answer me, honestly. Wasn’t it you who spiked my drink the other day at Charlie’s place. Wasn’t it you who told Uttkarsh that I am already in some relation with someone else when he shared that he want to be a closer friend of mine? Again wasn’t it you who called me a classed playgirl, a tease?” she said in one go on top of her voice.

Parth was astounded on knowing all this. Yes he had planned to play some pranks on her at Charlie’s place but it never included spiking her drink, rather he himself was the one to drop her home safely, he was the one to hit those bastards from the shoot team when they tried to make their way in her unconscious state, he beat them until they were totally smeared in blood.

The next day when Niti had come for the shot, she had thrown daggers at him all day long, and hence he stopped looking at her altogether, hurt too much that he staked his professional reputation for her, and she wasn’t even aware.

Uttkarsh had asked him about Niti, saying that he wants to search a friend in her, he knows she is alone and at times he feels she needs company, a shoulder to cry, a hand to help her come up, he had even thought of searching for a guy for her, and it was only then that Parth told him that she was already in a relation, though he wondered why he ever said it. He never got it then. But now he knew that he never wanted to let her go and when Uttkarsh asked about her getting in a relation with someone ELSE, he couldn’t take it and just cooked it up.

But coming to calling her a tease, ‘play girl’ he stood flabbergasted. How can he say that? How can She say that!

All the memories of them together returned to him all over again, his eyes turned teary.

And then he heard her say something over again, “And you thought I would fall on my knees and beg you to accept me when all had such a thought about me since you said it. Do you seriously think I was so desperate to get close to someone, get close to You!” she said mocking.

A cold passed through him hearing it. He stiffened at ‘close to someone’ and he went cold through and through at ‘YOU’.

Steel entered his eyes and he turned around to face her completely. She saw all the expressions wipe out from his face. And she felt the cold difference enter between them, which could not make it between them till now.

She assumed it all to be true since he didn’t protest against any, moreover she felt that he was shocked to find that she knows it all and hence he doesn’t have an escape now so he simply accepted it.

Parth searched her eyes to find the slightest spark of trust towards him in them, which can bring him out of all the darkness, which is slowly engulfing him, but when he didn’t he turned around without a word and made his way out of her house, building, reached his car and sped away.

He was speeding his car every now and then, and him speeding means literally speeding, going over a speed anyone else can hardly tolerate without the top.

His mind was still shocked and his heart thoroughly hurt.

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  1. finally its here….. awesome….why dosent he clarify to her?

    1. well he also expects something from her..and dude am sorry can’t reveal much hope u understand..thnx for commenting

      1. its ok dear i understand. u r going super duper fine. am in luv with ur writing. thanx for such a wonderful FF. luv u

    2. love u more dear and thank YOU

  2. Awesome pls do write a long one like before. Pls its a request
    Pls don’t make them fight too much

    1. thnx dear but csorryant fulfil this one now, actually am busy with some stuff, like really imprtnt one, so am writing in small bits but am posting whenever i get few minutes, believe me am more eager than you to write a long one

      1. It’s OK dear. Even small is fine but a bit fast that’s it

    2. hey dear its the problem with the website i post it early only but it gets updated after really long, c now itself i have already posted the next one abt 3 hrs ago and not yet published and its making me angry, i really dont want to make u guys wait coz then i will have to wait for your views LOL

  3. Oh my god. It’s getting too senti…I can’t bear this…nxt episode plss…but trust…u shouldn’t have bought that trust factor…atleast some kind of understanding

    1. u gotta wait dear..TRUST me….wait for next and you may find ur answers….another news- i have just posted the next part, well cant expect it to be updated before 4 hrs atleast i think tu team is really working slow nowadays…and believe me i felt very nice that u shared ur view…just love to talk to u guys

    2. hey dear are u sanjana who commented in the las tone as well?

      1. Yeah…:). I didn’t want to keep my name…so I keep Changing…

  4. awesome one…but want a long one

    1. thnx dear and sorry bit doubtful abt long update

  5. good one dear…..want next one soon…waiting for it to be posted

    1. thx dude and already posted

    2. thnx dude and already posted

  6. awesome but what will happen next.. this is brutal plz make something nice

    1. have planned something dear kindly wait

  7. hey gud one… will they be separated now??

    1. not exactly separated and rest find out after reading ^<

  8. i agree with sanjuktha they shud have some understanding
    bottom line…nice one

    1. well i wont reveal now that whether they have understanding or not…guys make ur self comfy after reading

  9. hey niri..its gud..plz update next one

    1. hi dear and thnx

  10. awwwwwwwww bechara parth, why is this niti thinking so wrong abt him…waiting for it to reveal…love u

    1. yeah dear hopefully will reveal it soon

  11. If he doesn’t find trust in her eyes then he should put efforts to make her believe him he need to give explanation abt what actlly happened ….if he’s silent any girl will think like he accepted that he did it….so parth needs to speak up..

    1. dont worry dearies am there na i have something much more pleasing and i have high hopes that u guys wud like it and soon u wud know why he din protest…so just wait a bit more..thnx for commenting

  12. Such a bad phase for PaNi yaar??…till last night everything was looking good btwn them and then suddenly all this stuff is like really shocking for me…update the next part soon deat

    1. have updated dear but i guess it isnt posted yet…wait for some time i will make them the best ever couple…..of course with ur support guys…so plz keep commenting and reading…and loved that u all shared ur feelings with me

  13. Hey guys PLZ LOOK HERE AND READ THIS i have mentioned in the story that its been 6 months since Parth is in isolation from rest of the world actually it is 4 months and the three month period after which he meets niti at her place for dinner with everyone else from the shoot is actually 2 months later after kyy ended and not 3 months……just wanted to clarify this thing

  14. Awesome episode, love you loads.

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