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He sped his car more. Driving without destination, he roamed almost all around the part of the city. Finally to settle things in his mind he moved to his place of isolation, a far corner at the outskirts of the city. Not that he always required coming here in the past but it was a newly found one which he discovered few weeks back.

It always provided him the space he required to think, calm him, and prepare him to face this world.

He stopped his car with a halt just few feet away from the edge of the cliff and got out of it and banged the door with utmost force.

He paced faster moving towards the edge and stopped exactly a foot away from the edge.

He looked forward. His blurred vision could see the lights coming from the mid and corners of the city in front of his eyes.
But these lights were merely fake illusions, not true enough to pull him out of the dark.

His hands lay lifeless on sides. His mind was full of several thoughts but none in particular to ponder over. It took him a lot of time to gather everything and analyze it. And the first thing that made its way to his clear thoughts was that She didn’t trust Him.

He saw all the hatred that clearly was reflected in her eyes. He didn’t want to explain anything.

The spark of longing that he had just found last night disappeared in thin air. He hated it, those distrustful eyes of hers on him.

He remembered all the accusation and then her tear welled up eyes. His free palms curled into tight fists, and his body shivered with the effort to keep himself from breaking something around him. He wanted to shout out aloud, wanted to let the groan out but he didn’t. He just stood there for few more minutes with his hands still so stiff and fists tight.

He finally turned around and sat in his car and drove away.

He wanted to go to his sister since she was the only one who could help him then but he didn’t, again he chose to keep it all in himself though he knew it would burn him, initially it will be slow and later as time grows it would turn him to ashes, though he was already ruined now.

He couldn’t think sane now. He again stopped his car on a lonely road and came out and his feet lead him to a greener part towards the side. He unconsciously called his sister and when her voice, delighted yet concerned fell in his ears he broke into sobs but had held the earphone tight enough so that not even a rattle of a sound reach her.

He was on call, but not there, for almost 18 minutes now, without uttering a single word all the while.

He heard her sister pleading him to speak up and even she cried, well it seemed though.

But he couldn’t, he just couldn’t. He knew that the revelation would hurt her more and he didn’t want her to ruin her precious moments on a junk like him.

He disconnected the call, and just as he did, he opened the gallery in his phone and glanced at one of the smiling image of Niti, and a lone tear escaped his right eye, and fell on the green grass below and around his feet.

And that was it. His body went taut and he went cold through and through.

Niti had been pacing in her room and so were her tears out of her eyes.

She was hurt too much to realize it all now.

She cursed herself for asking him it all though she knew it was all correct.

She hated herself because before all this, somewhere, somehow she hoped it all to be false, she hoped that he would nod a No to all of it. But now when he firmly accepted it all hopes shattered, this optimism is also not always beneficial, it illusionize a lot, she wondered how could she ever hope that a miracle would take place and he would suddenly turn the right, no the rightest person ever.

She was a fool, an idiot, silly, inane, absurd and what not.

Her eyes blurred and black dots appeared in her vision.

She hoped not to faint this time. It has been going on since she starved herself so that her body pain can help her overcome her heart pain.

She has already fainted thrice, once when she was with Charlie and twice when with Chandani (close friend).

But this time she will be alone. She doesn’t want anyone to come up in the morning and find her in that miserable state. Hence she decided she would just crash on her bed.

But this wasn’t destined. Before she could even reach her bedroom, she heard a loud thud near the balcony, and when she turned towards the balcony, what came to her vision was most unexpected.

She saw a snake making its way in her kitchen and in the process its streamlined body pushed on to a few pots and two of them fell down.

Just as the creature realized her presence it moved its head high and hissed at her.

The utmost courage she was trying to keep till then went down on floor and so did she.

I know guys am mad I can post a single long one instead of these short parts but this is because am writing at intervals and hence want to complete what’s going on in my mind or else I have a problem of forgetting the short incidents a want to put in.
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and it’s a total of 1000 words
Oopsy forgot the Precap,

Precap: Guys they cant stay away, even if they want destiny won’t allow

Credit to: niri

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  3. Hey guys PLZ LOOK HERE AND READ THIS i have mentioned in the story that its been six months since Parth is in isolation from the rest of the world, actually it is 4 months and the three months period after which he meets Niti at her place for dinner with everyone else from thier shoot is actually 2 months later after Kyy ended and NOT 3 months…just wanted to clarify this

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