Part 8 19/07/2018

Shocked Anu came forward to Mehak and asked is it true Meera, what is Mr Khanna is saying is it true, Mehak was still sobbing heavily unable to form any words. Shaurya came forward to Anu and showed their wedding picture on his mobile, to begin with her name is not Meera, and Meera is her mother’s name. Her name is Mehak my Mehak. Mehak looked at him when he said that. He showed them more of their pictures together including their haldi and many more. Anu asked them to come home to talk and she helped Mehak to get up and Kunal who was still in shocked gets up slowly and followed them.

Upon reaching home all stand and at each corner at the living area and Anu’s mil sat on the seater on the hall as she made Mehak to sit down. Shaurya looked at Mehak and asked her do you want to talk or shall I talk? She didn’t reply as she still scrunching her nose and her tears has lessen but didn’t stop. Shaurya started how they met through ISC competition at Delhi their love blossomed and how they got married. He also admitted his mistake as he was upset and behaved badly with her as his mother got sick and he and Mehak has to separate, but by the time he came to look for her she already left Delhi. It’s almost a year her family looking for her. Anu came to sit next to Mehak and asked, why Mehak why did you do such thing you have such lovely family willing to shower you with love and for 1 minute you didn’t think about anyone, Shaurya came to Anu and defended please Anu it was not her fault she was confused as I behaved badly with her and when she return home her family members pressured her so she was not able to think. The root cause for all the problem is my temper that’s why I lose her and I was looking for her the entire city , because I promised her family that I  will find her safe and sound so I need to keep up to my word. Mehak quickly gets up from there and looked at Shaurya angrily you can say anything Shaurya I am not listening to you and coming with you, she turned to looked at Anu and her mother didi , maa I am sorry I have caused so much problem for you both please forgive me , I will pack my things and go away from here Anu quickly shushed her and said where do you want to go, do you think its safe for a girl to roam in our street alone, it was miracle when the night you reached Manali and I found you and take you here how about you end up in the wrong place and something bad happen to you , only your news will be the headline and do you think your family will be able to accept it. Don’t talk anything just go to your room and freshen up rest a bit. You look very sick and pale. Mehak walked slowly to her room and close the room and washed her face and lie down for a while.

Outside Shaurya sat with Anu and talking to her. He explained that it was his mistake as he promised to give her all he happiness and he hides some truth from her and when she find out she distanced herself and some unfortunate things happen in the beginning of their marriage life and he ruined all without thinking, now he wants to make it up and fulfill his promise. Anu assured him that she will talk to Mehak and make her understand so things will be better for both of them and their family. She excused herself and went in to prepare some meals as all haven’t eaten anything. Kunal approached Shaurya as Shaurya busy with his mobile. He called him Mr Khanna, Shaurya looked up at him. Kunal folded his hand and apologized for behaving badly and he didn’t know Pikachu is his wife, and proposed her she have told me decently few times to stay away from her but even in front of you I was not behaving properly, I understand as a good husband you can’t handle it and that’s why you beat me, Shaurya nodded and smiled in return he thanked him , do you know even my private investigators can’t find her as she hide in Manali with a different name, do you know you are the reason I was able to find her here, Kunal looked at him puzzled. Yes your photographs taken for Discover Manali was shown at the Mumbai tourism exhibition I was there and saw her photographs then immediately tracked down and arrived Manali in 2 days, so thank you so much for giving my Mehak to me, he thanked him. Kunal asked maybe in my next life I will try my luck to get Mehak Ji as my life partner, Shaurya with his possessive tone for every upcoming life if Mehak reborn then I will be her partner so you try some others. Kunal just able to see his love and possessiveness and stand in silent .Adi came back from school and saw Kunal and Shaurya at the patio, he asked where is didi, Shaurya and Kunal replied unison in the room, and both looked at each other, Kunal excused himself and went inside the house, while Shaurya made a call and ask them on the preparations and tell them I want all in perfect condition nothing should be lack off you understand and he hangs up.

Kunal knocked Mehak’s room door and she replied in her low voice come in, he opens the door gently and upon seeing him she sat down and adjusted her duppatta. He was near the door and said to her Mehak Ji I am sorry for misbehaving with you and causing you so much of uneasiness. I didn’t know and caused you some problem to you and your husband. Your husband is a good man, any man don’t like to see some stranger misbehaving with their wife that’s why he got angry beat me up he said as he touched his jaw which is blue black. He folded his hands and asked for her forgiveness Mehak told him it’s okay and it was her mistake also as she was the one that cause the misunderstandings. He turned to leave from the room Mehak interrupted him Kunal Ji please apply ice pack and take medicines, he nodded and before he leave he able to say next time before I propose a girl I will find out she is married or not got boyfriend or not or else my face will be torn into pieces, Mehak able to smile at his joke as he walked out.

Mehak didn’t leave her room till night she rested at Anu’s lap as Anu caressed her hair gently. Talked to her and said beta all home husband and wife will have problem and fights misunderstandings but try to talk and sort out. Looking at Shaurya he is not bad maybe situation made him look like one, why don’t you give him a chance, look at me Mehak, I lost my husband 3yrs back when Adi was 3yrs old do you know till date how much I miss him, I just wished to see him one last time, but God wanted him too soon he took him before seeing our son grow up. I want all the happiness for you as I considered you as my sister and I only wished to see you being happy.

Mehak was a bit calm now and stopped crying she said she want to sleep but Anu asked her to wait as she will bring her some milk so Anu came off from her room to the kitchen, Shaurya who was at the living area waited anxiously for Anu. She asked him to follow to kitchen and told about how is Mehak now and told him that she have tried but I am afraid if I talk more she will pack her things and run away again. I don’t know what to do, Shaurya rubbed his forehead and told her, her great grandmother is very ill and they have called me to inform about it, she wants to see Mehak and I have promised to bring her back home at any cost. Anu boiled the milk and pour into the cup and Shaurya asked is this for Mehak, she said yes.

He insert his hand into the pocket and took out a blister pack and showed her this is sleeping tablet , can we mix this inside and you give the milk to her and she will sleep, I can take her with me back to Delhi to her family especially our grandma who is waiting anxiously for her return, Anu was perplexed seeing his suggestion and he folded his hands and asked her this is the best way to bring Mehak back to Delhi please help me, he begged her and after few minutes she agreed to help him and took the tablet shakily and mixed in the milk and stirred it and walked to Mehak’s room and offered her the milk. Mehak took it and slowly sip them milk and she took the glass from her and caressed her head and said I will only care for your own good thing beta trust me sleep now you will feel better soon. Mehak rested and in short while she slept and Anu helped to get her bag and packed her clothes while Shaurya went to get his rented jeep near to her house.

Once Mehak was in deep sleep Shaurya with Anu’s help carried her to the vehicle and laid her inside and took the bag from her. He thanked Anu and her family for all the help they provided and they have taken care Mehak very well for the past 11 months. If they need any help he asked them to contact him immediately and he will be able to do for them. Anu just wished them both sort their misunderstandings and start a fresh new life ahead and they have separated enough and both of them should talk and sort all their differences. She wished them all the best and keep in touch. Shaurya took their blessings and left from there.

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  1. Ahhhh nice part… So much waited for this…
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    Finally she back to Delhi….
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    Finally mr khanna success to bring her back…

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  2. Hi heseenah, awesome update. Loved it. Just waiting for mehak to wake up to know her reaction. Shaurya is back with bang. Plz update next part soon. Lots of love ????

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      Hi kavya is gonna be rude shock for Mehak
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  3. hi di nice update just waiting to see mehek reaction must say eagerly waiting for it hope sharma family able to convince her & finally kunal realized , a lesson ?? bye di

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  5. Awesome update
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    Poor mehak??
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