PART 7 Ankahee Ansuni Bateein Meri Dil Ki AABMDK

Part 7 13/07/2018

The next few days Mehak try to hide from Shaurya. She goes to work quickly and remain in the kitchen while chottu handle the orders and she prepares them accordingly. Although her mind is rummaged between her thoughts and her daily life. She was wondering what Shaurya’s intention is now and why is he still being quite this is not his usual way handling situation. Or is it he really changed, she brush off her thoughts and said Shaurya Khanna will never change so do I. I will not give another chance to get myself to hurt by him anymore. Most people in Manali whenever there is festival or celebration all will go and celebrate. The cafe also closes early. She asked chottu to accompany her till her alley to the house and usually he will follow her. But on that day after closing the cafe chottu told her that his mom is sick and he needs to go home. Mehak was afraid to walk down the alley she was praying deep in her heart and walked down the alley. It was very quiet only one or two people walking and after that it was very quiet.

Mehak walked quickly suddenly a strong arm pulls her and pinned her up against the wall, a rough hand covered her mouth her heart raced as she sees the hooded figure in front of her. It was none other than Shaurya one of his arm wrapped around her waist and one was covering her mouth. Her heart raced wildly and her breathing gets heavier as he could feel her softness crushed on his hard chest. She squirm on his hold but he only tighten his grip around her waist. His cologne and his smell was something she missed a lot.  His face was inches away from hers. Both looked at each other intently Mehak told herself to not to let any tears to come down from her eyes. Their memories of the metro proposal, more other moments they shared came to Mehak’s thoughts. Shaurya warned her I will take out my hand but don’t scream or make any noise you understand? She shakes her head in yes he gently removes his hand from her mouth both looked at each other. Mehak’s throat dried up and she swallow some saliva to her dried throat, she turned her face away and asked what you want, why are you here Shaurya? You he replied, she closed her eyes and refuse to face him. He hold her gently by her chin and face him. Calling her name gently Mehak looked at me. She shakes her head in NO. He said if you don’t open your eyes I will kiss you now, she open her eyelid and looked at him in distress. I want to talk to you Mehak why are you avoiding me. Mehak managed to push him away he jerked a few steps away. What do you want to talk to me, look there is nothing to talk between you and me, he defended there is US here and we need to talk, she smiled sarcastically US is no longer there. You are different and I am different. Please go and look after your life and let me live my way. If you keep coming like this then he interrupted what will you do Mehak, if I come and interrupt what will you do, run to another city? Hide and use another name again, it’s almost 1year you run away from all, if I can find you here I will keep finding you back again, you know me very well. Mehak replied yes I know very well about you that’s why I can’t accept you in my life and continued to torture by you. Now good or bad let me suffer alone. If you keep coming after me then I assure you Mr Khanna you won’t even see my death body she warned him and walked away as the tears she was holding too long made its way down she wiped it away and moved quickly away from him to home.

Shaurya stands in the alley shell shocked by her threat to suicide, this was not his Mehak, his Mehak will not give up so easily she will fight with him and bring him down but never seen her like this. Mehak went to the house and she unlock the lock quickly and run to her room and she fell on the bed and cried silently. She cried for sometimes and slept in that position too. Anu and her mil came back home and saw that the food on dining table still the same as how they left, Anu went to open Mehak’s room and saw her sleeping, she came back and told her mil , looks like she slept without eating maa , let’s eat first. As they are eating Anu’s mil told her talk to her beta is not good to sleep empty stomach and these few days she is very quiet and looks unwell too. Anu assured her will talk to her and see what they can do to make her feel better.

The next morning Mehak gets up she freshen up and told herself she need to be strong to face him and he must go away from here the sooner the better, she went to kitchen to prepare some breakfast for all. As she finish all and put on the dining table Anu greeted her good morning Meera, wow you are up so early today, Mehak smiled and greeted her morning didi, yesterday I came home early and was tired slept so today I manage to wake up early that’s why. Anu caressed her hair and said ok but you didn’t eat your dinner that’s why want to know are you okay is there anything bothering you, do you want to share with me, Mehak shakes her head quickly and said there is nothing bothering me, you, maa and Adi have given me so much what is going to bother me, I am fine just sometimes at cafe we have lots of work and tired after that I am okay. Anu asked her again all okay right Meera, if not feeling well just let me know we can go and see doctor why don’t you rest today or finish work early today, Mehak assured her she will finish her work quickly and come home.

As promised Mehak quickly completed her work at cafe and return home early. Adi saw her who was back early then usual he asked her to follow her to play cricket with the rest of the neighbor’s kids, Mehak followed him to the ground near to the house and all the kids surrounded her, she tie her duppatta at her side as first one kid went to batting, after few attempts he came back to sit next to her and Adi’s turn for batting. He scored and he asked Mehak to go ready for her turn, she went and take her position to batting. She hit the ball and the player he runs and catch it. The next turn Mehak bat and the ball went in different direction and it hit on Kunal’s forehead who was walking towards the ground. He shrieked in pain and Mehak gets scared and rushed to his aide. She asked him Kunal Ji Kunal Ji are you alright sorry I didn’t see before batting and I accidently hit you, he was covering his forehead and sat on the ground complaining in pain. He manage to say Meera Ji it’s okay, Mehak quickly take her duppatta and blow some air and press it on his swollen forehead she asked Adi to run home to get first aid kit and some ice pack too, Adi runs back home and return with the needed items. She was blowing off his swollen forehead as Kunal watched her attentively smiling at her worried face, she was mumbling to him sorry I didn’t know you are coming that way I am so sorry, but he was mesmerized by her beauty and her sweet smell. Shaurya who was sitting far away watching Mehak playing cricket and now attending to Kunal gets annoyed and his face becomes red and he came to her and swiftly he pulled the gauze she was having in her hand and he came stand in front of Kunal and Mehak was behind his tall figure, Kunal looked at him confusingly and Mehak stuttered let me do the first aid on him , Shaurya sat down and said let me handle this you go and prepare some hot water he looked at her deeply and Mehak gets scared by his look and quickly she took a few step behind Shaurya looked at Kunal and checked his wound this is not so bad just the ball hit and miss. You are lucky because Pikachu was not really batting hard or else you will get blood clot. Don’t worry I will clean this and we will put ice pack and give some light massage you will feel better. Take pain killer and go home rest a bit you will feel fine. He tries to interrupt Mr Khanna I am fine, Shaurya shushed him you really need to be in good health so you can take care of your work Mr Kunal so listen to me and go to your room for rest. After that head bandage Kunal left heavy heartedly. Shaurya took the first aid kit and walks towards the house with his usual smirk. Deep in his heart he was telling every time coming in between and today she herself give you one and today I could spend the day there.

He stepped in the stairs and Mehak was rushing out with the hot pack in her hand and she saw Shaurya and looked outside for sign of Kunal. Anu came out as well and saw Shaurya and asked where is Kunal and Shaurya answered I did his first aid and he wanted to rest so he went back to his room. I asked him to come home but he insist that he go home and rest first don’t worry he will be fine Mrs Anu. Anu and Mehak looked at him and Anu invited him to come in and she ask him to be seated while she prepares tea for him. Shaurya said it’s not necessary as he was just taking walk down the valley and saw Meera Ji playing with the kids and stop by to say hi. I  will get moving then, Anu ask him to stay for dinner and he gladly accept it deep in his heart he was telling this is what I wanted. Anu asked Mehak to rest a bit while she goes to prepare the dinner but Mehak assured she is fine and went to kitchen to help. Her thoughts again knotted as Shaurya sitting at the living area and watching Mehak while he flips the magazine. Anu interrupted her thoughts and asked where she is dreaming, Mehak stuttered and said I was worried if Kunal Ji is fine or not sorry didi I didn’t see he was coming and the ball hit his forehead. Anu asked her to calm down as he will be fine and tomorrow he will come here as usual and relax once dinner done and served on the table, Anu came to ask Shaurya to the dining table he gets up to the table and pull a chair opposite Mehak. Beside Shaurya Adi sit and Anu sat next Mehak and mil sat on the head seat. All enjoyed dinner with in between little chats and Shaurya explain what is his business like in Delhi and other things Mehak was not bothered by him she kept her head low concentrating on her food. Shaurya silently captured Mehak’s leg in between his and Mehak’s eye opened wide and she whimpered that the entire family looked at her expression. Anu’s mil asked beta are you okay what happen, is the food spicy but you love spicy food, why your face like that, Mehak lost for word and she don’t know what to say but Shaurya this time looked at his food and Mehak’s face was seeing him unbelievable as he is not giving up, Mehak struggled but his grip was tight and she stopped and ate her food. Anu asked what happen Meera your face suddenly pale and suddenly red not eating properly not sleeping properly all okay or not, now suddenly you were eating fine and now like this. Mehak made okay face and said she is fine, maybe after dinner she go and sleep and all will be good for her. Shaurya finally let go of his hold and Mehak quickly take her plate and dash out of the dining table, he chuckled quietly seeing her antics. Anu took his plate and hers and went to kitchen, she asked him to go to wash basin to clean up. He heads to the basin there and Mehak was heading to the room quickly avoiding him he can feel it was her at the back tip toing he quickly pull her by her wrist and took her duppatta to wipe his mouth and inhale her scent which filled through his veins and his favorite scent which imprint in his mind. Mehak quickly pulled her duppatta away and run into her room and lock the door scared that he will trail her inside the room. Shaurya shakes his head and went to the living room and took leave from Anu and her mil and left from there.

Next day Mehak was walking to her work and Kunal runs after her calling her name Meera and she stopped after he called her few times. She looked at him and he stopped in front of her catching his breath as he was panting heavily. He pull by her elbow and said I want to talk to you Meera please come with me before she could say No he already dragging her with him to the quite place, Mehak ask him to stop and she pulled her hands away from his holding she looked a bit annoyed and he quickly apologized sorry Meera I shouldn’t have pulled you like this but I wanted to talk to you in private that’s why, I can’t talk in house as all are there. Mehak folded her arm on her chest and asked what are you talking about Kunal Ji, please don’t twist and turn and come to the topic straight now, he fumbled a bit and asked yesterday the way you cared for me and panic when I got injured was something that I never seen anyone having the same feeling for me, is it what I think is right, Mehak who is still in confusion asked him again what are you saying I don’t get it? He inhaled a deep breath and said yesterday the way you show your concern on me and the way care for me is it love for me? Mehak stumbled to hear it and she walked few steps back and stopped as her feet hit a stone. She asked him Kunal Ji I have told you earlier itself that please find someone suitable for you and don’t ask me this anymore. It was my fault yesterday and I truly care for you that’s why I was panic. Please remember if it was not you and any other person was in your situation I would have acted in the same manner please don’t confused with compassionate with love. Saying that she was about to leave there but Kunal quickly grabbed her wrist and asked Meera Ji what is wrong with you, I asking you in proper manners and respect you a lot but why are you behaving like this to me. Please tell me the reason why you can’t accept my love, I want to marry you and give you lots of happiness do you doubt on me? Please Meera Ji accept me in your life, Mehak was appalled with his sudden move and she twitch in his hold, and asking him to let go of her and this is not right, but Kunal was adamant and refuse to let go of her and demanded an explanation. Suddenly from nowhere a punch came to Kunal’s face and he fell on the ground rolling few steps away. Mehak’s eye opened in bewilderment and she looked at the person who punched Kunal it was Shaurya whose face was red as tomato in anger he looked at her and he went to lift Kunal up and made him to stand before punching him on his tummy a few more times Mehak rushed and manage to pull Shaurya from him as Kunal stand and watch them in confusion. She holds Shaurya jacket and screamed at him will you ever change Shaurya why did you beat him till he bleed like this, why are you always behaving like an animal, you have proven that you have not changed at all and you are always a stubborn and stuck up person . Shaurya was just looking at her as she shakes him wildly. Anu who was walking to her school in the same way saw this and came down and went to help Kunal and she questioned Shaurya, Mr Khanna who give you the rights to hit him, he is like a family friend to us, what wrong he did till you beat him up, seeing her there Mehak took a few steps back and let go of her grip from his jacket. She was crying and Anu questioned again Mr Khanna I am asking you a question and please answer me now, Shaurya takes a deep breath in and said no man can stand quiet when some stranger harassing his wife, Kunal was shocked and so does Anu and she asked where is your wife Mr Khanna, he swiftly pulled Mehak who was standing facing the other side to face them and said in his loud tone she is my wife my Mehak.  Anu and Kunal was astonished hearing it and Mehak crumbled to the floor breaking in tears.

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