Entwined by Faith Part 35 Dehradun! here we come…

To ALLIES – Heya Allies… Remember me? I know it is too much of me that I vanished for months but I had lots of works… I recently shifted and so much of household is yet to be done.. my TS is ready to be published just needs a final check… My TS will be updated next week with another story of mine SMILE… yes… finally Smile will jump in the line and will out of hold…. but for now Let me tell you this story is of Shivika but I will continue from hereon….

So now for Everyone – Hey hii everyone!! Okay let me tell you I am NOT Shiivika (the real writer) but Amore Marine who will be continuing this story hereon. Please do tell me how have I done. The plot still is of our very sweetheart Shivika only the words will be mine.. with some changes ofcourse *wink wink* hope you all like it…

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Atharv: If you don’t want to gift me anything that’s okay but don’t make me emotional.
Shivaay chuckles and holding Atharv’s hand makes him wear a watch while Atharv looks back at him.
Shivaay: You deserve that you have proved yourself. I don’t know how you did that but you are a reason for all of us to be happy.
Atharv: But this was your first watch given by Chote papa you love it the most.
Shivaay: That’s why I am giving it to you. Keep it safe my boy.
Suk: One thing I didn’t understand that day you gave me a watch and today to him. Why?
Om coming from back: Because your papa has always had a great connection with his watches. He never bought one for himself and all the watches he has signify a relation in his life.
Suk: Weird.
Shivaay: That’s me to which Manik says rolling his eyes “That is why babes has hard time with Suk”

Everybody chuckles whereas he is hit with a hard blow by the Jr. Jhansi Ki Rani making others go hysteric.

Meher: Okay fine now its too late so let’s get to the bed, (facing the kids) you guys must sleep now because you guys have lot of work to do as you are having exam from next week.

But what is the connection of exams and works? asks Anya scratching her hair in a really confused manner making everyone glare Rudra as if accusing him for being dumb enough that it runs within his DNA whereas he makes puppy face as a cue of innocence giving what-can-I-do-look.

Okay! fine now, lets move, we will have to get up early tomorrow to prepare for our journey back in the afternoon says Abeer making Sukanya’s face fall which is noticed by Manik. When all the kids move to their room Meher questions Manik as he stills abruptly “What happened Manik?” and he says, “Oh no mom, I forgot my phone inside” and turns to go only to be stopped again by Meher, “leave it there and don’t disturb Sukanya and Atharv now, your mobile isn’t there”. Manik says, “Mom if it would have been any other room I would let it be but my Mobile is there WITH Sukanya so please” he speaks stressing ‘with’. Abeer watches his son and when the father and son have an eye to eye communication Abeer says, “Leave it Meher let him bring his phone and lets go to sleep”. Meher was about to say something, “but… his phone” but Manik rushed towards the room without hearing anything.

“But Abeer his phone was in his hands only” completed Meher making the Elders including Dadi stare Abeer curiously to which he calmly said, “He may wanted to talk with Suk”. “And what can be that he the lying champion couldn’t lie well” questioned Anika with her eyebrows up whereas Abeer shrugged his shoulders saying he has no Idea. “Then I have an idea, why don’t we see what he is up-to” says Rudra ever excitedly. Anika then says, “I agree, he was really worried about something” Abeer and Dadi were not in favor of this but they were worried too. Manik was all blue with worry and the way he ran he could beat the light year. So they reluctantly agreed. On moving ahead they saw Manik and Sukanya moving toward the swimming pool area. The elders gave a confused look to each others watching them there. Sukanya was really upset and Manik was holding her tenderly.

Manik rushed towards Sukanya knowing she is sad, only to see her upset and Atharv trying to persuade her to speak. The moment Atharv saw Manik he understood what he has to do. Communicating silently with Manik he went inside the washroom telling he is going to freshen up. Sukanya saw Manik and smiled at Atharv grateful being so understanding. She stared Manik and he saw sadness all over her. They stood there for a minute or two then he hold her hand tenderly. He motioned her to walk with him and she did without a word. His right hand was clasped with her right and left one was over her shoulder. He lead her towards the pool area as he knew that this was her favorite spot all over the mansion.

Of course who can know you better than your best friend? Even though they fight and bully each other, no one replace a best friend. Here, Sukanya and Manik were in the same situation. He could see through her soul. She was not only his best friend but his admiration too, epitome of strength, solution of problems and goddess of pranks. Watching her face fall with the mention of going back made his heart clench. She was sad and he knew that the sadness was not because she was going back but because she will be leaving her father and brother here. They sat there dipping their legs in the water. The open clear sky with lots of stars calmed her and she visibly relaxed.

“You are not being separated again Suk. Not again” said Manik sincerely. Sukanya stared him smiling and said, “It still hurts Mani, to let go”. Manik then spoke reassuringly, “and this time the duration has the deadline which you are aware of too”. Sukanya smiled at him with a small “hmm” and lied on his lap; her leg still dipping in the water. He stroked her hair and they talked about all their plans for next day. “Mani! I am sleepy” wined Sukanya making Manik chuckle. “Then lets go to bed, I am sleepy and tired with you too” said he winking at her and she hit him hard on his arm.


“So now say are you still tired with me” said Suk fluttering her eyelashes innocently and Manik nod his head vigorously in denial. “Good! now carry me to my room” added she making his jaws drop below the sea level. “Why?” asked he folding his arms to which she replied, “Punishment” making him sigh. He stood up and carried her on his back but Suk is Suk, she starts teasing him. “Maniiiiiiiiiiii, will you talk rubbish again?” and he said “No!” to which she hit his shoulder, “What do you mean by only no?” and he replied, “I mean Never” and he got double pat on his shoulder with a cheerful “Good!”. He was happy to see his best friend smiling again he just hoped that she wont cry tomorrow.

His thought was broken when he felt a hit on his back and when he responded he found Suk watching him suspiciously. He nodded his head in denial and said, “Okay baba, sorry now say what were you saying” without stopping his legs and she said, “I was saying will you be able to carry me after 60 years? I don’t think you will because then you would be weak old man” she asked teasingly to which he smirked mischievously but didn’t say anything. “Maniiiii tell me… will you?” she asked insisting and he dropped her in the door where Atharv was waiting for them.

Atharv: What are you two talking? And Manik what you did that she is making you carry her.
Suk: Bhai I was punishing him because he said he is tired…
Atharv not letting her finish, “he is human Doll, he is allowed to get tired” said he and Manik laughed hard giving a pitiful look at him where as he was confused at Manik’s behavior until Suk completed her sentence gritting her teeth, “WITH ME” and Atharv widen his eyes and gulps down watching her face which was close to emit smoke through her ears. He gave Manik a help-me-please-look but noticed a mischievous glint in his eyes and he knew that he was in trouble and he could do nothing but mutter “$hit”
Manik: Suk, you were asking me right; will I be able to carry you after 60 years or not? (she nodded curiously) I don’t think I will. (She smiled wide and was about to say something when he cut her off) not because i will be weak but because you will be a hippo, and if you don’t believe me, you can ask Atharv, he was saying the same that day.

Igniting fire with his words he ran before Suk could catch him and here Atharv watched him wide eyed in a trance and his trance was broken when Sukanya called in the sweetest voice she ever used “BHAIIII” and he did nothing but muttered, “Double $hit”.

Suk (in the same tone gritting her teeth) I will be fat, huh BHAIIII? (Atharv nodded vigorously in negative) No? (she asked not-so-innocently) and then he heard a THUD… only to realize that the little devil shut the door on his face. He is gaping when he felt a hand and he glared the owner.

Atharv: What was that Manik?
Manik: Revenge for teasing me. (said casually)
Atharv: Why was she upset?
Manik: Don’t worry, I won’t ever let her stay upset for long.
Atharv: I know, only you could make her normal.
Manik: Cause I am THE Manik Malhotra
Atharv: Yeah Agreed and thank you for that (smiled)
Manik: Its okay! so now lets go or she will wake us up with her pranks.

And both headed to have a sound sleep unaware that all these was witnessed by the elders who were overwhelmed with different emotions watching their bond.

Next Morning

Anika, MehBeer clan leaves for Dehradun with Aryan and his kids as the kids have exam. But before leaving Manik looks at Shivaye a little longer and moves out after smiling at Atharv.

In the bus

“What is this Suk please stay back, I want to sit here” said Manik pulling Sukanya from a seat.
“Why? There are plenty of others go and sit there”, Suk hissed pushing him
“No! I want to sit here, you go behind”, said Manik shuffling Suk’s hair irritating her.
Meher: Manik! why are you troubling Suk? Go sit in another seat.
Manik looks at his mother who understands what her son is trying to do. She blinks her eyes assuring him.
Meher: Sahil! sit with this stupid and Abeer will sit with Suk. (glaring SukNik) and you both, I don’t want any fights. Get it? (both nodded).

Manik smiles at Meher and goes to sit with Sahil whereas here Abeer sits with Suk who puts her head on his shoulder and he captures her in an fatherly embrace. Anika and Meher sit together and Anika and Sahil stares Manik with gratitude because of what he did. He successfully diverted Sukanya from her sadness and made Abeer sit with her too knowing only Abeer’s company could calm her now.


Everybody reaches during night so Abeer didn’t let Aryan go anywhere so Aryan and kids had to stay there and they called the night.

Two days later

Sukanya! Manik ! come downstairs have your food and then go to study again, called out Meher but our devill duo were not replying.

Anika: Meher wait! I’ll call them. They are studying really hard. Hey! How about we take their food upstairs?
Meher: Right! Its a good idea Anika. This way both won’t have to waste time too.
Anika: Yeah! Let’s take both of their plates.

AniHer grab the plates, fill it well inform Aryan and Abeer who are in the dining and move toward study room where Manik and Sukanya were suppose to study but they were welcomed by the heart melting scene.

Both were surrounded by books and notebooks Sukanya was sleeping in one end and Manik was in another. Their dishevel hair and frown on their forehead could clearly show the stress of exam. Sukanya atill had pen in her hand and Manik’s head was burried in the notebook. Anika and Meher stare each other and then sigh audibly.

Anika: I think we should let them be, both are really tired.
Meher: Yeah, you are right lets keep food in the kitchen only. I don’t think these two will wake up anytime soon.
Anika: Mee too. They have studied whole night. You know Meher last night I came to check up on these two they were studying till quarter to five (4:45) in the morning.
Meher: Okay then, lets go.
Anika: Okay! (and both headed downstairs.)

Oberoi Mansion

Atharv: (shouting) DAD! we are getting late . If you forgot, let me remind you we have to catch the flight today only not next year. (Turning to dadi) What is taking so long and see, both chachu had gone to bring him and they vanished themselves (sighs). I’ll see and come. (Dadi nodded affirmatively)

After reaching Shivaye’s room Atharv’s eyes widen looking the commotion Shivaye was sitting on the bed and OmRu were helping him pack his bag. Wait… NO! Shivaye was all ready and his bag was already pack too but OmRu forcefully made him sit in the bed and were complaining on his choice of dresses. They were clearing the case and filling with other dresses.

Atharv: (controlling temper) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? asked glaring the brothers.
Rudra: (stammering) Oh uhh.. uhm..Atharv, actually bhaiya was carrying all suits only.
Om: So we are just helping him pack proper dresses (said gulping air watching Atharv’s face)

“(Sarcastically) Oh so early? I mean you could have done that tomorrow as well right? (To Shivaye) and Dad.. we have flight today and if we don’t move within 30 minutes we will miss it and there is no flight till next 3 days… so now either do fast or… forget Dehradun”, said Atharv and moved out stomping his foot making Shivaye rush. Shivaye neither did fold his clothes nor gave a look at them but directly dumped in his bag after glaring OmRu making them pout but quiet.

Shivaye hurriedly pulls his bag and moves downstairs only to see everyone grinning and laughing with Atharv (except OmRu).

Shivaye: Lets go!

Atharv hi-fies dadi who laughs hysterically and says: Didn’t I tell you all, dad will be here in 10 minutes see him he is here in 5 (he states and everyone roars once again whereas Shivaye is unable to face anyone with embarrassment)

Shivaye: (Clearing throat and sternly) Let’s move Atharv, don’t wanna be late now (and hurriedly goes out with bags leaving everyone laughing) Everyone comes out to bid Shivaye and Atharv.a bye. They take elder’s blessings and hugs everybody and leave for airport.

On the way to airport Shivaye remembers how he couldn’t stay without Anika and Sukanya. The day the clan moved for Dehradun, Shivaye was not feeling good, he was all gloomy and sad on the other hand Atharv was missing SukNika as well. That night Shivaye comes home all tired and exhausted when he sees Atharv carrying a gloomy face and then he was sure what to do. He called to book train to Dehradun but train was not available till Thursday and it was Saturday. He then tried too book a flight but business ticket was not available too. With so much of difficulties he managed to get two seats in economy section as advised by Atharv. And those tickets were like the most precious thing for him now.

His thoughts were halted after Atharv says: We arrived Airport dad.

Shivaye and Atharv stare each other in a fit and says in unison: Dehradun! Here we come.

Dearies do tell me how was this… Feedback will be appreciated ‘A LOT’ 🙂 Keep Smiling everyone

– Amore Marine

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