Part 2 Ankahee Ansuni Bateein Mere Dil Ki (Untold unheard words of my heart)

Part 2 11/06/2018

9 months passed just like that. Karuna maa becomes wheelchair bounded. She get to know about Mehak has left all. Shaurya gets himself busy managing his business. He was back to himself cunning, ruthless businessman. Whenever her thoughts haunt him badly he will be venting it on the punch bag for hours. At home he will be a caring and responsible son. After spend time giving her medication and giving her good night kiss he walk back to his room. He closed the room door he looked at his room, their huge wedding portrait hanging on the wall. He steps to the dressing table he saw her bangles on the bangle stand he caressed with his fingers. He reminisces their moments of their rain romance under the hut, how she was shyly pushed him. Her naive and shyness is one that he adore about her. He went to his bed and tuck under the blanket, his usual night routine is to open his bedside drawer and take out the divorce paper she signed it and the letter she left for him. He will read them again and ask himself am I that bad Mehak that you punished me like this? Yes I was bad, I made a mistake in anger but you always come and hold me will calm me why you didn’t do that. In the same drawer he pulled out a box which he kept her chooda, mangalsutra and ring. He took out the mangalsutra and stare at it. How he place it on her neck on their wedding day and mark her forehead with kum kum. He put it back in the box and took out few of the chooda and kiss it gently. Hours passed and Shaurya fell asleep. He will wake up in the morning and say good morning beautiful to Mehak’s photo which he will hug and sleep. When he wakes up he will see her smiling and as he gets up rubbing his eyes his illusion will fade away, he will smile at himself and say you are not here but I can feel your presence here. He will gets up and get ready for his morning run. Completing his run he will shower and get ready to work. Before he leaves the room he will talk to Mehak’s picture, baby wish me good luck today there is important investor coming if all are okay he will finalize to invest with us or not. He kissed her photo and close the room door and leaves.

At dining table Vicky waited for him and Dolly maasi sat for Awara. As breakfast being served Karuna maa came in wheelchair her nurse bring her there to dine together. Shaurya gets up and greeted her and sat. Awara serve them all food. Dolly maasi interrupted Karuna maa, jiji please talk to lalla. Karuna maa nodded and wanted to start a conversation but Shaurya asked Vicky how is the discussion of acquisition of a restaurant at the Jaipur coming along? Vicky replied bhaiya mostly by this week we will close the offer and sign the agreement. Then our legal team will process it. Shaurya gets up as he wipes his mouth with a napkin and said don’t delay it and quickly settle it. He leans to Karuna maa pecking on her and asked her to do the physiotherapy as usual and leave from there. He gets into the car drive to White Chilies. He reached White Chilies, his staffs greeted him and he climbed the stairs to his cabin.

He opens the door and went in sat on his seat. He opens his laptop and his screen saver is picture of Mehak with him on their haldi. He smiled as he started to do his work. Melissa his restaurant manager intercom him as Mr Shukla is here shall I send him in now? Shaurya ask her to send him in 5minutes. Within 5 minutes Mr Shukla was sent to his room. Shaurya greeted him and ask him to take a seat. He asked him what is the outcome, he took out his notebook and explain , Mr Shaurya as per your instruction 8 months back I have forwarded your wife’s photo to all our agents to check her whereabouts. From Mumbai, Pune, Rishikesh, Indore, Hyderabad, Bangalore also we combed entire Delhi we didn’t find her. It’s as if like she is vanished. Shaurya smirked at him and said she cannot be vanished just like that, please expand your team and do check at other part of India as well. Mr Shukla continued we even thought about maybe she could be kidnapped and sold for flesh trading as that’s the hot business for missing girls but the agent denies that they have not seen her. Shaurya sent a silent prayers in him asking Matarani to protect her, she shouldn’t end up at such place. But when we check at the bus station and match with the date you mentioned , a paan seller said he had seen her as she boarded a bus, hearing that information Shaurya’s eyes glinted when we questioned him he said she took a bus but not sure where she went. Because she looked lost and walked as if lost before taking that bus. Shaurya ask him to check again at the bus station Melissa intercom him said his next meeting will be in 30minutes. Shaurya told him Mr Shukla I hired you because you are very professional and able to trace missing person and how you treat cases in high confidential. Please keep this confidential and any information please update me immediately at any time. He thanked him and Mr Shukla left.

Shaurya saw her picture on the monitor he takes in a deep breath and said where are you hiding Mehak? Please come to me soon, I am incomplete without you. During his spare time he does go and visit the Sharma’s. They have forgiven him because it was not his mistake after all. Shaurya will spend some time talking to PD as her health deterioted when Mehak left. He step in and give the best treatment and make sure PD recovered and they family treats him like a son. Kanta chachi sees him sitting next to PD and Daduji and entertain them patiently. Jeevan chachu came to her side and asked what are you seeing? If Mehak around she will love to see all like this, all of us have forgotten the past and united and Shaurya has changed a lot in the past 9 months. He comes here weekly and tries to fill her space and make us happy. At kitchen Shaurya about to leave he look at chachi and asked what happened, Kanta chachi denied there is nothing. Shaurya tries to look at her eyes and ask her to tell what happen if she accept him as their son. Kanta chachi said don’t know where that girl went today we all are together but she is not with us to see this. Anytime in the day I will see her standing here and there smiling. When I come to this kitchen this is her favorite spot in the house, I see her everywhere. Her birthday gone, Diwali as well, during all these celebrations she is very excited and prepare all preparations things are not the same without her .Where is she now Shaurya? What is she doing now? Is she safe? Shaurya shushed her and said she will be safe chachi, nothing will happen to her, my heart says she is fine. Let’s all of us pray for her safety. Kanta chachi smiled and thank you beta.

Shaurya reached Khanna Mansion, Karuna maa waited for him anxiously and asked how everyone at Sharma’s was, and he replied all are fine and the same. Karuna maa ask him to sit down and she asked Shaurya you get the know the truth about Svetlana and Nani they plotted my murder at prison and Nani was responsible for the accident, you sent Svetlana to prison and nani to Haridwar, Maasi saying her health is quite bad, can we bring her here to treat her? Shaurya immediately said no. If you want I can provide money for her wellbeing but not bringing her back home. My Mehak has gone away from me and you all don’t know how much I suffer every day without her. I am incomplete without her. He says that and walked off from there, he sat on the bed and lie back as he looks at his room’s wall, it’s all filled with his moments with Mehak.  He fell asleep in that same manner. In the morning Shaurya dreamt as if Mehak is next to him playing with him, he rolled on the bed in order to catch her but ended up falling from the bed and woke up and see it was just a dream. He smiled at himself and told her photo you are always playing hide and seek with me yaar, you have become so naughty now. He gets up and get ready for the day.

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  1. it is so emotional ff ,hope mehek is safe &sound shaurya find her ,I don’t want any third one who creates more misunderstandings as it as already emotional &I want only mehrya. take care bye

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Sanju tq dear for ur feedback. Will update soon before my Eid holiday starts. hv fun dear

  2. Hi haseenah. U made my day. Can’t wait to read mehek and shaurya coming face to face. Lovely FF. Plz plz update next part soon. ??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you dear for your feedback , will update them soon. hv fun dear

  3. Beutifull part baby like alwys..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna thank you dear have fun

  4. very naice yar up date soon

  5. Awesome
    Loved it ??
    Shaurya’s anger always gets him in trouble
    Hopefully mehak is fine
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smiling??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Cindy hru dear. Yes his anger is serving him penance fr his lost. He hired detectives to search fr her. But is futile. Yes this weekend is Eid and before i go fr my eid break i will update both my stories so its my Eid gift to my avid readers. Hv fun dear bye

  6. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah…very very emotional chapter…I cried reading it…it brings those scenes before my eyes when Mehak was shown dead n Shaurya used to cry….but luved it…sorry for late comment but busy in caring for FIL…as u already knew about his condition….update nxt soon…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali hru dear, I hope everything is okay at ur end. its okay u take ur time I will update the ff here . Send my regards to ur family. Yes this part are quiet emotional, I will update before my eid break. I will be away to my hometown soon so I will be only back on 20th wednesday and Internet connectivity is bad there so I will gv one more update before I am going off fr my Eid break as my gifts to you all . take care dear bye

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