Kumkum Bhagya – Hidden Relation Part 1

Hey guys….it’s a new story ..full of emotions and mixed things…a new story of abhigya….hope you will like …
Let’s start ….

Pragya ,abort this baby, we don’t want this shit in our life, are u getting me?”, I yelled at pragya who was completely shocked and gave me disbelief look, and all the above expression I can see pain in her eyes.. which said don’t do this time…but what can u except me to do , because we both were having child before marriage… I can’t take any humiliation against my living together relationship .. what will people think about me? what will I answer my parents? what will be my image in infront of my friends? what about my image infront of crowd? what about my career? what we will society say? everything was going on my head.. “u don’t want this child, abhi”… she asked me as last attempt to save this kid, who is just shit to me… she was crying for the first time, I never saw my girl crying like this..why won’t she? I betrayed her today…” no”, I yelled at anger.. my face was flushed, I literally threw my guitar next to pragya, she was shocked, but closed her ears with her soft and delicate hands… she opened her eyes, and only I can see disgust from her eyes, for me… why not? i’m such heartless devil, who wants to kill his own child….”u don’t want me also, like ur family said “, she asked without anyhope in her voice, it was just a blank voice without any expression, but how can she say that , I loved her whole my life.. I blo*dy was with her in relationship for one year.. against my family wish…but no she has to say this..”i didn’t meant it”, I defensed myself, to say her she is needed in my life, more than anything, I can’t lose her for mere child, because somewhere I know, I can’t take responsibility of child, i’m still 21 now, how can u except me to look after a child rather than building my career, my music, my passion…”but I don’t want u”, she said in determined tone, did she just said she didn’t want me, she is crazy.. how can she leave me.. she knew that I love her beyond.. but no she can’t do this to me… I didn’t had any tear before this argument , but when she said she didn’t want me in her life.. it broke me zillion times… she just stabbed my heart.. for this child.. I hate this kid… I hate u…”u can’t leave me, for this shit”, I said in anger, as I jerked her near my heart…she for once didn’t bowed her head.. she was looking straight in my eyes, she was dignified girl, keeping her head high, like her pride..and her eyes, which said only…”u betrayed me, u failed me””i can, its over between us”, she said such intense , determine and anger tone, that made my throat dry..i never expected my story is gonna end at bad note… that to like this.. I never imagined…she pushed, as I lost my sanity, my grip on her also lost… she walked out of my house.. and even from my life.. forever and ever..”fuggi”, I shouted at my peck, oh! god its a dream again… which i’m having from past 8 years, when she left me forever.. it was fated love story but not in my destiny.. …”abhi”, my room door was banged my family members, who were worried for me..dadi, thu tekh haina?, she asked in mother concern, if I could I never say, how it feels, I can’t..i just couldn’t not get over this dream…
Abhi,haa dadi.. i’m fine…tears were ready beam out of my sockets.. but I controlled it some how…
Purab,bhai, app ko hamesha e sapna kyu atha hai? he asked me, as he hand over glass of water to me..everyone were equally worried for me.. but how can I say them that it is dream , where it shows my cruelty and how I failed my girl in terms, when she needed the most..
Abhi thinks”to remind me my betrayal towards my love”, it was indeed to remember me that how I betrayed my girl, who came behind me, just for love, but what she got was just a betrayal , a royal betrayal from her own love..i need to be alone.. I wanted put full stop to their question, because I can’t answer it, every time it pinches my soul badly, very badly, this pool of grief , agony and guilt is created by me and only me.. its just punishment for my deeds..
Aliya, bhai remember, we need leave for London tomorrow , for wedding of raghav..
Abhi-yeah ..
everyone went out of my room leaving me once again in darkness, and guess what , who created its me,only me.. toady, I Mr.ABHISHEK MEHRA , have everything in life… money, wealth, property, shares, mansion, name, fame, mainly music… but my fuggi…my life..my music..my soul was not with me.. I regret every bit of my words of that day.. I can give away everything to erase that day in my life..but it cannot be removed or erased, I walked slowly towards a big frame,who was smiling like as always, my fuggi….
Its been 8 years, still I couldn’t find here, after that argument , I tried everything, used my every contact to find my girl, but I couldn’t not find her.. she once for never looked back , to see how was I without her… I have my career today, a name which I always wanted have, but I couldn’t make my girl as “MRS.PRAGYA ABHISHEK MEHRA “, which I always dreamt off.. my name next to her , which I wished, never happened in my life..that day I was selfish about me, for once I didn’t thought about my girl, what she was going through, true said I made commitment with her, without taking responsibility of being a father, what she has gone through, how was her life without me, she was pregnant , what and all happened with her ? what people talked about her? what her parents said to her? what about her career? her studies? I didn’t know… I was no worthy for my women.. I was no worthy….”where u are fuggi, baby I miss u”.
I said to the frame as, she was in real.. nothing changed in this years.. nothing..same guilt was carried by me… I’m ready take responsibility of her and my child.. but I know its late too late to get her…”sorry, maaf karna.. I beg u come back..i badly need u.. I will obey ur words, please come back.. i’m ready to take up any responsibility.. yeah even ready to have baby… please come back fuggie…

So how was my first episode…liked it…or not…drop your comments..

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