I have written this one shot story specially for Manish aka Bihaan’s birthday. Note that this OS is completely different from my another FF (THAHAAN SACRIFICE AND REALISATION).

The title of the OS “PARKING AT OWNER’S RISK”….
This is to address to all my readers that sometimes even the most serious man does come across , atleast once in his life, a funny incident. Then he has to laugh in spite of what he is because he cannot help it. I want everyone to have a smile on their face today at the end of this OS.

Two months have passed since the disclosure of Vaani’s truth, Kosi, Sankar and Naman were in jail and the Pandey parivaar and Bihaan were thrown out of the house by Dhruv Pandey. Bihaan and his family were completely blamed for killing Thapki’s child and showing injustice towards Thapki. Aditi had left Dhruv after knowing that he had hidden all the truth from her about Thapki. Aditi was no more in her mind to accept him and she felt guilty to marry such a man who threw his family out. Shraddha was out too. The ones left in Pandey nivas were Thapki and Dhruv.

Bihaan had nothing by then, no money, no property and he felt destituted. He had become a milkman and along with his family was rearing animals in a countryside farmhouse. He had many cows but Gulabo was his favourite. He had many goats but Rampyari was his favourite. He had many hens but Jhumri was his favourite. There were horses and dogs too. But Bihaan was the closest to two more creatures- Rimjhim and Rumjhum. They were his pet female monkeys. He used to share all his feelings and poured out his emotions on them only. There was nobody to sympathise with this heart-broken Bihaan. Bihaan had completely forgotten to laugh. He was rearing these animals as his own children because animals are our real friends. One thing always echoed in Bihaan’s mind, the words that were told by Thapki to him, “Bihaan, how can you thi-nk I will go with you, the per-son who cannot save his own chi-ld is not fit to even st-ay with animals.”
Since then Bihaan decided to repent and sacrifice for whatever he did to his wife and child. It was his reincarnation, a new Bihaan who wanted to show he didn’t kill his child even unintentinally, he could have died but he would become a loser then. He wanted to prove that even animals are like his children and he will love them unconditionally. A man’s best friend they are.

Dhruv has become rich by then, Vaani has written all her property in Dhruv’s name. Thapki was manipulated by Dhruv when he threw everyone out. Dhruv only cared for Thapki and Aditi also left him. He was not worried.
Thapki- Dhruvji I know that lett-er was hidd-en by Kosi De-vi, Bihaan didn’t know abo-ut it. I think I shou-ld forgive him. I can’t see him in pa-in.
Dhruv- Thapki how could you forgive Bihaan so quickly, you have lost your baby, your baby dear not any toy. I know Bihaan didn’t do but he didn’t even believe you dear. If you forgive him so quickly, he will never understand the pain that you have gone through. Let him also suffer otherwise God will never forgive you. As a mother, you have to give him pain.
Thapki- B-ut he is alrea-dy suffering, I ha-ve to be with him in his ha-rd times other-wise that boy will die. He lo-st his mom too.
Dhruv- He didn’t lose his mom, she is living and in the jail and she was not innocent to feel for her. But you? Your baby died even before birth. Yes Thapki it died, died, died, nobody called you MAA even once because of someone’s carelessness. And……
Thapki(loudly)- Nahhhhhhiiiiii, bas ki-jiye. I can’t hear all these. Ok-ay I will send Bihaan away. But af-ter he has suffered, I will acce-pt him.
Dhruv- Okay Thapki but before that whatever I do, you will not utter a single word. I am doing all these to let the family and Bihaan understand your pain.
(in mind)”Thapki, I only wanted you to throw Bihaan out yourself but you will never be able to accept him back. Before that I will manipulate you to marry me.”

Vasu- Dhruv, my son, what are you saying all these? You want to throw us out of the house? Your maa, bauji, dadi and everyone? We know whatever we did is not mistake but a sin but we will face the penance here itself. I will ask for forgiveness from Thapki but beta……
Balwinder- Dhruv who are you to throw us out of the house? This house is in Thapki’s name and we will do what she says. We know Thapki bitiya will never let her family face pain on roads, may be she is upset with us but she will forgive us. I know it. Let me call her.
Thapki(coming down the stairs)- No bauji, no need to call me, I am he-re. Whatever Dhruvji is say-ing, you have to do. I ha-ve signed everything in Dhruv’s name. He is the ow-ner of this house now.(in mind-” I know I am doi-ng wrong but as Dhruvji sa-id, this is needed. They should under-stand my pain. Bhagwanji please for-give me.”)
She was about to go away upstairs when Bihaan pulls her hand.
Bihaan- Thapki…?? You???? How?? Thapki, I know I have done wrong, what wrong, I have done blunder, a sin. I have thrown you out of the house at midnight. I didn’t even care to find you but whatever I said and did was in anger. Why didn’t you understand it? I didn’t say it from my heart. You didn’t know my anger Thapki? This is what you understood me in so many years? And because of my anger, God punished me. He snatched away my child. But I don’t want to lose you anymore. Please don’t leave me at this stage of my life. I will die with this pain please Thapki please forgive me. Dhruv is throwing us out. Come with me.(He is in tears).
Thapki(pulls away her hand)- “Nahi Bihaan, I cann-ot go with you. You never trusted me, you thought I was ly-ing, you slapp-ed me and then you thought I will under-stand your anger and stay back? I know y-ou didn’t get the letter but you did-n’t even go to find me. Bihaan, how can you thi-nk I will go with you, the per-son who cannot save his own chi-ld is not fit to even st-ay with animals, how will y-ou treat me?”
She goes away running with tears in her eyes.
Bihaan- Nahi Thapki nahi, you are mistaken. I will prove you I can stay with animals. And if I can’t prove, I will never show you my face again. I am going. One day I will win you and from today I give up my anger.
(He tells everyone to come with him and goes outside the house)
Vasu- But where will we go? We have no money nothing, no place to live. Bihaan……listen to me…….Dhruv????
Dhruv turns his face away.

Bihaan breaks down on his knees. “Thapki……………..No this cannot happen. Thapki you cannot do this. Even I have lost my child. I will now prove that I am worthy to stay with animals too, they were my friends and will be always. He goes to Gulabo-” Gulabo, have you seen Thapki blamed me for the child’s death. Everyone left my side but will you be with me? You were my first best friend.” Gulabo nods. “Then come with me Gulabo, you will go with me. This tabela has lot of memories. I cannot keep you here. I feel hurt when I think of those days,” and he reminisces his wonderful days with Thapki there.
As Gulabo is about to go with Bihaan, Rampyari comes from behind and pulls his kurta.
Bihaan- “Rampyari, you too want to go with me?” Rampyari even nods. Bihaan sees Thapki who was looking at all these from the balcony. “Did you see Thapki? Even animals know that I have not done anything intentionally. They are with me. I will fulfill whatever I promised.”
Saying so, he leaves the Pandey house forever and Vasundhara gang follows behind.

Dhruv comes to Thapki’s room when he sees Thapki packing her suitcase.
Dhruv- “What happened Thapki, where are you going? And why did you lie that you wrote everything in my name?”
Thapki- “No Dhruvji, I didn’t lie. In fa-ct right now I will sign every-thing and give it to you. I did nev-er want this empire. It was for my rev-enge which is now fulfilled.”(she signs the papers)
Dhruv- “But where are you going? I didn’t ask you to go.”
Thapki- “What will I do by stay-ing at Pandey nivas? Everyone has left, this is no more a house, it has be-come a bungalow only. Even Bihaan left. He will be liv-ing in pain and sacri-ficed everything. I only wanted his repen-tance. Hence even I have decided to suffer pain till he retu-rns to me. I am giving up the luxu-ries of life till then.”
Dhruv- “But where will you go? I do not want you to go alone anywhere again.”
Thapki- “Tabela.”
Dhruv- “What?”
Thapki- “Yes it will be my repen-tance. Bihaan went to stay wi-th the animals and take care of them as chil-dren and I will stay in the ani-mal house so that I can accept Bihaan when he returns other-wise I will be guilty and I have many past memo-ries there. Let me go. You will not st-op me, my swear.”
She goes away with her luggage. She enters the Tabela, keeps her luggage, and reminisces the precious moments, her and Bihaan’s cute nok jhok, Bihaan bringing groceries and she herself cooking, Bihaan mixing sugar in Dal, Bihaan gifting her the rose, Thapki stitching clothes and Bihaan helping her, Bihaan comes drunk and Thapki disguisingly fights to leave the tabela etc. She is teary eyed, feels a sudden burning of her heart and breaking into pieces but prays to the Ganeshji, “Bhag-wanji, meri Bihaan kahi bhi ra-he usse sala-mat rakh-na aur wo jal-di ghar aa jaye mere pass.(God keep him safe, may he come back to me soon).”

Since that day, Dhruv had tried to bring Thapki back into the house but he was rejected every time in the last two months.


One fine day,Dhruv does the same attempt but Thapki is adamant. He goes to the tabela and he sees Thapki knitting a sweater. It is the 17th of November and winter is setting in.
Dhruv- “Thapki, are you knitting a sweater? For yourself? You could have told me, I would have bought one for you.”
Thapki- “No, this is for Biha-an. On 19th, it is his birth-day. And I am thin-king to visit him on this spe-cial occa-sion.”
Dhruv backs off thinking he can’t execute now. He has to plan something big so that Bihaan himself rejects her and gifts Thapki to him. Then surely Thapki would come. He thinks to visit Bihaan once himself.

Dhruv- “Thapki, I think Bihaan won’t meet you. He is upset and he won’t come back until his promise is fulfilled. Let me once go and may be I will be able to bring him back, I will make him understand.”
Thapki- “But his repen-tance is almost com-plete. Last week I spo-ke to Bauji and he said Bihaan is living merri-ly with animals. I waited for his birthday to br-ing him back. Even maa is not ab-le to suffer this pain. They have rep-ented and I can’t give them pain any-more. Maa is await-ing for you Dhruvji.”
Dhruv- “Thapki, I think I should first go and talk to them. I will talk to maa, may be she can explain everything to Bihaan and bring him back. If you go, Bihaan has self respect, he won’t be ready.”
Thapki- “Okay Dhruv-ji, I am gett-ing ready with the swea-ter, once you are done, call me ple-ase.”
Dhruv- “Today evening I will pay a visit to them at the farmhouse. Till then you complete your work and select the best dress you would wear on his birthday. Your hard days will end soon. I will even return the house and the business papers to Bihaan in his name. Bye take care.”

Bihaan is sitting amidst the field reaping hay grains and thinking of his old days.
“She sent me out but I know she feels bad still. She wanted me to understand her pain. See Thapki, I understood. I now have 60 odd animals whom I have befriended. They were my real partners when I had no one. The day I came out with my family from there and had no one, I was searching a place to atleast live like any poor. It was then Bauji received a call and remembered his old friend, Govind chacha, the owner of this farmhouse who needed somebody to look after it after his death. He was unwell and remembered his dearest friend. When we came here, he was on his death bed. He had put everything in Bauji’s name and I had promised him to look after everything. Then, this farmhouse was just a field where only cows grazed and a few goats. He lived in the small hut there. It was I who had started cultivation of rice with some other varieties of plants. I had spent my sweat working hard day and night along with Sanjay and Ashwin bhaiya and built this… In the time being, I lost Rampyari, my child. She died of illness. See Thapki, I understood the pain of losing a child. See my promise is fulfilled. I will soon come back to you.”
Two female monkeys come hopping to him. They rub Bihaan’s tears.
Bihaan- “Aare Rimjhim, Rumjhum, you both are here. I am lucky to have you both. Let me finish this, I will play with you.”
Bihaan sees Dhruv approaching from far.
Dhruv- “My brother, how are you?”
Bihaan- “How suddenly you are here for the first time! Thapki sent you right? Yes she is not able to stay without me anymore.”
Dhruv- “Why Bihaan, I can’t come to meet you?”
Bihaan- “You never came, hence I asked.”
Dhruv- “No Bihaan, Thapki didn’t come or sent me here. She is happy at home. I came to inform you something because you are my brother.”
Bihaan- “What?”
Dhruv- “I and Thapki are getting married. And she wants to get married on your birthday. Here is the divorce papers, she has signed them.”(Dhruv’s mind-FB is shown. After a week of Bihaan’s departure, Dhruv goes to the tabela and asks her to sign a few more office documents then only he will be able to get back to office. Divorce papers is in between. Thapki signs them too. FB ENDS)
Dhruv- “I only came here to tell that if you do not want to sign, you have an another condition. I will give you one last chance and back off from this marriage.”
Bihaan- “What is left now for you to do?”
Dhruv- “Thapki is in the habit of all luxuries now. If you can throw a lavish party on your birthday and invite all the rich friends of Thapki and I, may be she will think once.”
Bihaan- “No Dhruv, I know Thapki can’t do this. You have only manipulated her mind into signing this. I will talk to her at once.”

Thapki-” My knit-ting is complete. This sweater will look per-fect on Bihaan. I am so excited to me-et him and he will be stay-ing for-ever with me now. Now I shou-ld go and sel-ect the dress thst I would we-ar that day. I will get rea-dy in bridal attire and will start a new li-fe with him ag-ain. I have to go Bihaan’s room. I ha-ve left all my pretty dress-es there, my jewe-lleries, all my lu-xuries and had brought the-se poor Vaani dresses to the tabela.”
Saying this, she enters the Pandey nivas after 2 months. She goes to Bihaan’s room and opens the cupboard. She finds all her and Bihaan’s marriage clothes, her high heels, her jewellery and rest of her other multi coloured dresses. She takes out her Shadi ka jora(bridal dress) and tries it, puts on the jewellery. She then takes out the Dulha’s sherwani(groom’s dress) and thinks that her husband would look perfect in it.

Dhruv receives a message from Thapki. “Dhruvji I am try-ing my looks now for the spec-ial day. I have also sele-cted the dress for Bihaan too. You plea-se talk to him and bring him here. Say I am wai-ting for him with the gift.”
Dhruv thinks this is the correct time to execute my next step.
“Bihaan, I am ringing her. You listen to it what she says. Then you will believe me right? But you don’t utter a single word to her, if you do, I will not even give you the second chance.”
Thapki receives Dhruv’s call.
“Hello Dhruvji, did you get my mes-sage? Where are you? Have you rea-ched Bihaan with the pap-ers? Please tell me. I am so worried.”
Dhruv- “Okay wait Thapki, let me video call you?”(disconnects the call), “Did you see Bihaan , she is so worried for me. (rings her again on video call) “Hello Thapki.”
She looked beautiful in bridal attire which mesmerised Bihaan. He was about to say something when Dhruv winked his evil eyes.
Dhruv- “Thapki what is all these?”
Thapki- “I am ready for the spe-cial day Dhruvji. See I have sel-ected the clothes as you said. Have you met Biha-an? Did you tell him every-thing? Have you got the pap-ers? Plea-se ask him to sign them and not be angry any-more. All my pains have end-ed today. I have also select-ed the dress for my groom. I hav…….”

On hearing all these, Bihaan couldn’t control his anger and smashes Dhruv’s phone.
Thapki- “Hello hello….hello Dhruvji? Dhruvji please I know his anger. Say I want to meet him. His anger will melt. Hello hello…??”(She finds it disconnected, calls again but in vain. She sits thinking.)

Bihaan- “Are you both playing with me?”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, this is not the time to show your anger. I said I will back off if you agree to my proposal or sign this.”
Bihaan- “No I will never sign this, she is only mine (and he tears those papers). I am challenging you Dhruv, I will get her back. You will never win and I will remove the blindfold that she has of your name. I will throw the lavish birthday party but I have a condition. i will throw it here in my farmhouse and you are going to get Thapki here that day and it will be decided who is gonna win her? My love or your evilness?”
Dhruv- “Okay done, I will get her that day, but my rich friends will also arrive that day and they should not get upset. Mind it…. And Thapki will be our prize.”
Bihaan- “Dhruv, hold your tongue. She is no P for Prize, she is P for my Patni(wife). If you are mistaken with my words of saying “who is gonna win her”, it means who is gonna win her heart.” And if you think she is a prize, then mind it, I will also be gifting you a prize that day. So B for Brother, B for Betrayer, let us meet on saturday 19th. Let us go, come Rimjhim and Rumjhum.”
Rimjhim jumps on Dhruv and kisses him on his cheek while the other Rumjhum sits on his head thinking he is having lice on his head.
Bihaan- “Rimjhim, don’t kiss him. He is not a good person at all. And Rumjhum, do you think he has lice there up in his head? He has cowdung in his brain which you cannot remove.”
Dhruv(shooing off the monkeys) -“Bihaann……..”
Bihaan- “Don’t shout. I can shout louder. Don’t forget you are on my land. Just go now.”
Saying this, Bihaan goes inside with the monkeys.
Dhruv(in mind)- “So Bihaan, you fell into my trap. You will never be able to throw the lavish party, my friends will be taught to spoil it. No no, first of all, do you have money? Ha ha, even if you manage, it will be a cheap one and you will lose whatever you have and Thapki will never accept you because you will be a loser. I will manipulate her. She will never come here that day or any other day.”

Dhruv picks up the phone, fixes it and calls Thapki again. “Thapki, my phone didn’t have charge, it was switched off. I have spoken to Bihaan. He asked you not to come here. He said, he will himself go to you on that special day to be with you forever. He promised me. He has some work here, after completing, he will reach there. He asked you to wait for him with the sweater. He will surprise you. Don’t worry and smile now.”
Thapki- “Tha-nk you Dhruvji, you did so much for me. Okay be soon he-re.” Thapki returns to the tabela and places the sweater at Ganeshji’s feet and thinks, “B-aas one more day to go, I don’t have to stay in the ta-bela any-more. I will get my husband back.”

Bihaan(at home)- “I challenged him but from where would I get so much money? A farmer is not rich and Dhruv’s rich friends will come.”
His Rimjhim and Rumjhum come to him. An idea strikes his mind. “Will you both help me out and do as I say?” They nod. “Yes now I have this plan to make Dhruv a loser.” He calls the decorator and starts arrangements for the party.

Dhruv has reached the house and sees Thapki in the tabela. He thinks, “Now she will be mine very soon. Just one more day to go.”


Bihaan was making arrangements in his small hut and Vasundhara and the others were helping him out. The field was filled with corns and grains, it was the agricultural season. There was no place to make arrangements except a small backyard where he had put up a birthday stage. In the front field, he had put up a very beautiful large hoarding which had the title “PARKING AT OWNER’S RISK”….. All around the hoarding, there were two to three racks kept. A part of the field was emptied for the cars of the guests. That was all, the exterior decoration was complete.
Inside the hut, he had the arrangements for two vending machines, a large cake and snacks. That was all again.
Vasu- Bihaan, do you think this arrangement is enough? It is not lavish. Those people need to drink expensive wine, five star hotel food, DJ nights and many more. But we don’t have any such thing..”
Bihaan- “Maa you don’t worry. I have all arrangements ready. They will like it” and he goes out smiling without any tension in mind.

Rimjhim and Rumjhum come to Bihaan.
Bihaan- “Are you all ready for tonight? Follow as I have planned. You can take help of Chetak(his horse), Moti(his dog), Ramu(his elephant) and both of you too. (Note that these are the famous animals in Indian movies, I have selected just for fun so that people know them from before). “How I miss Rampyari today. Today, I have to win and I hope Thapki will like all these and forgive me. I know she loves me still.”

Dhruv reaches with all his rich friends in their BMW cars. The men were intentionally wearing expensive suitings, platinum watches, wristbands and bracelets, branded shoes and pocket chains. The women wore costly gold plated sarees, heavy jewelleries and high heels. Dhruv had trained them well.
Dhruv- “You all know very well what you have to do. I have intentionally told you all to wear these to show how “rahees”(rich) we are, we are the business magnates. Bihaan is nothing before us, and he has to be insulted. If he has expensive arrangements, you will ask more.. He will “na ghar ka, na ghat ka.(he would not be homely, nor of river bank(a hindi proverb)).. But if he has a cheap arrangement, you know you have to insult him and I will definitely win and you people will be paid heavily before my marriage.”
A Man- “Don’t worry Dhruv, we will do as you say. You please keep note of our money.”

When they start walking through the field, the elephant Ramu sprinkles rose water over them, and Rimjhim sprinkles rose petals. Dhruv-“How cheap!” and Rumjhum suddenly comes to Dhruv and offers him a rose.
A Woman- “What is this now? Have we come to a zoo?”
Bihaan(suddenly)- “Madam, this is not a zoo, this is my H for House and I am your H for Host. Please come in.”
They follow him and shuts their nose inside in the hut.
A woman- “Ohhhh gosh! This place is so stinky, please switch on the AC. I can’t just……My God I just vomit…..”
Bihaan- “Rimjhim, please switch on the AC dear. Madam needs the cool air..”
Rimjhim switches on 3 ACs and warm air begins to flow into the room.
Woman- “Decrease the temperature, you monkey, You are so illiterate. Don’t even know ACs mechanism.”
Bihaan- “Oo Madam, let me check.”
Bihaan checks and says “What’s this? That man gave me room warmer machines instead of AC. Okay I will check on him soon. Till then, you all enjoy the grand DJ party that I have organised for you in our backyard. Please come.”
Man- “My God, I am feeling so very hot in these heavy clothes and that too this warmer machine. This house is too small, what to do, where to keep these? How can I dance in the DJ party with these put on?”
They go out since they didn’t find any place inside the house for their belongings. Outside, they find the Hoarding, “PARKING AT OWNER’S RISK”….
Woman- “Look there’s a place there and there are some empty racks too. Let’s place our shoes there.”
Man- “We will also put our coats and shoes up here.”
They do so and relieves a sigh. “Let’s go, wow DJ nights. YoYo…”

The gang reaches the stage arena. “Wow the stage looks nice but where is the DJ?”
Somebody shouts over the microphone “Bhow!! Bhow Bhow!!” It is Moti, the dog. He is wearing the DJ’s clothes and a hat and a headphone. He turns on the DJ box and “Saturday saturday….” song plays(from HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA movie, also 19th is really a saturday)…
The gang of rich men and women instead of showing anxiety, they find it funny and starts dancing.”Wow, a DJ Dog!! Holla….”
Dhruv notices all these. I told these people to insult Bihaan but they are….Let me go and……….” Before he could do anyhting, Rumjhum comes to him with a tray of cold drinks. Rumjhum is properly dressed in a frock, and she is smiling at Dhruv.
Dhruv- “What is this Bihaan? We don’t drink Cold Drinks… We drink Champagne Vodka etc.”
Bihaan- “Nahi Bhai, those I have ordered too but the supplier is late. Till then, you enjoy this..”
Rumjhum reaches the other dancing members and offers cold drinks. They drink and get indulged in danicng. Rimjhim arrives and shakes hands with the guests. They feel so happy at this new theme of any party.

Moti plays more new dance songs and people get excited more. By the time, vodka, champagne has arrived and Rumjhum offers those too. The guests feel over excited on drinking the vodka and dance to the tune of “Char bottle vodka, kaam mera roj ka….(“four bottle vodka is my daily work” song)”
Bihaan calls them into his hut for the dinner. As the people enter the room, they find all the ACs changed and felt relaxed in the cool air. Rimjhim brings the food in trays that were ordered from a five star hotel. They eat heavily and congratulate Bihaan for the grand feast and his new idea of introducing animals as the co-host.
Bihaan (in mind)-“But where is Thapki? Dhruv is playing a double game with me I know. I will myself go to meet her at Pandey nivas. Dhruv has to back off because I will win today. Till then let these people enjoy, I will quickly go and come back. I can’t believe this imposter.”
Bihaan leaves for Pandey nivas informing his family not to allow the guests to leave after dinner till he comes back. They should indulge them in more fun.

Thapki was ready in her bridal attire and was waiting eagerly for her husband.
Thapki (speaking to Ganeshji statue in the tabela)- “Bhagwanji, I know I have done wr-ong with Bihaan by for-cing him to lea-ve the house other-wise he would have never rea-lised the pain. He need-ed to step into my sho-es. But Bhagwanji, I did not want it ini-tially, but Dhruvji said God won’t for-give me. But even I wan-ted to face all the pa-in hence I had been also stay-ing here since then. But today I am wai-ting for my hus-band. Dhruvji said he will bring Bihaan today and I will gift th-is sweater to him that I ma-de for his birth-day. Why isn’t he comi-ng? I hope Dhruvji wro-te every-thing in Bihaan’s name and he has sign-ed it. He is a moti budd-hi, hope he did-not show his an-ger this time.”
Bihaan who was at the tabela entrance listening to all these, was pissed off at Dhruv’s back stabbing him again. Bihaan was right. His Thapki could not betray him ever though she was too upset with him. She was not getting married to Dhruv, in fact she was wearing the bridal dress only for her husband.
Bihaan- “Thapki….”
Thapki’s eyes filled with a spark of happiness when she heard his voice. She wiped her tears and turned towards him quickly.
Bihaan moves forward towards her (“Ae dil hai mushkil” title track plays in the background) and Thapki stands still. They have an eyelock.
Thapki catches hold of Bihaan’s collar and says, “Why Bihaan why? W-hy did you come so late? You took so ma-ny days to come to me? Why?”
Bihaan- “You only sent me, you wanted me to realise your pain though I had already felt your pain. Even I had lost my child but it was unknown to me. It took me 2 months to realise I know, I got my punishment, I lost my Rampyari too..”
Thapki- “Rampyari?”
Bihaan- “Yes and that was the biggest repentance that I faced due to which my promise is fulfilled. See Rampyari wanted us to be together again and hence she sacrificed her life.”
Thapki- “Because of me, we lost our Ram-pyari.”
Bihaan- “No don’t blame yourself. She wanted us to be together soon and our differences are resolved. Animals have always been faithful but not human beings.”
Thapki- “You are bla-ming me?
Bihaan- “No I already said our differences are resolved. And living things are mortal, Rampyari had to go one day but she will stay in our heart forever. Just one thing, I am not your culprit anymore and you are not upset with me anymore. I am talking of something else.”
Thapki- ” See Bihaan, I know every-thing happen-ed because of a mis-under-standing. Now we will be toge-ther. But what are you talk-ing about?”
Bihaan- “Dhruv…”
Thapki- “Dhruvji?? What he did?”
Bihaan- ” I said human beings are not faithful and Dhruv is one of them…”
Bihaan tells her everything.
Thapki- “No, he cannot do this, not aga-in. I trust-ed him and entitled every-thing to him and he? He was my saviour when I was thr-own out.”
Bihaan- “Saviour becomes devil you should have known. But don’t worry. Today he will see his ultimate place. I will show him. He will have all his luxuries, his money but he will have nobody to share even a word. He will be left alone. There cannot be a bigger punishment for him than this.”
Thapki- “I don’t know wh-at you are upto. But please Bihaan don’t do any-thing in anger. I do not want to lo-se you aga-in.”
Bihaan- ” Thapki, since when I got to know about my child, I am a changed man. I have left my anger behind. Now I don’t even know how to get angry. Don’t worry. I am promising you for the last time that I will do nothing to him, I will only show him where he belongs to. You need to wait for more 2-3 hours and that will be it and we will be together again.”
Thapki- “Bihaan, I am fee-ling scared. Please come ba-ck quick-ly. I am lone-ly here. Only the maid ser-vants are there inside. I am feeling scared for you, be safe. I wi-ll be waiting.”

They share a very tight and an innocent hug after a long time. It felt as if they were on a hunger strike,they had missed each other’s touch since years. Then Bihaan kissed her forehead caressingly and detached himself ready to go.
Bihaan- “Thapki, wait for me, I will soon come back after my work is complete. Take care and love you.”
Thapki- “Love you too Bihaan.”

After their dinner is over, the guests sat for a chat with the animals, especially with the two cute female monkeys.
A man- “I never thought we would get this surprise. Dhruv, see we couldn’t keep our promise because Bihaan really gave us a lavish party. We are impressed. He has still not cut the cake but I will gift him my expensive platinum watch……” (his watch was missing) “what is this? Where is my watch?”
Soon everyone started complaining of items missing, someone’s watch, someone’s ring, someone’s bracelet etc..
A woman- “Aare, it is not missing guys. Don’t you remember we had ourselves kept all our accessories in those empty racks near the hoarding to prevent ourselves from the heat and dance… Let’s go.”
They all hurry there. Lo and behold, the things were missing. There was nothing there.
A man- “Now where are they? Dhruv, you were right. Bihaan is not worthy of anything. Our things got robbed.”
Dhruv(in mind)-“See Bihaan I told you, you will lose. But where is he? I have not seen him since long. Now these people will insult him but where could the things go?”
A woman-” Bihaan where is he? We were impressed with the animals and praised him but what is this………”

Bihaan enters the scene quickly.
Bihaan- “Aare oo madam, keep your lecture with you. Didn’t you read the hoarding properly? It was clearly written “Parking at owner’s risk” You didn’t read or you don’t know how to read?”
Woman- “You are insulting us you cheap….”
Bihaan- “You are mistaken. It meant that whatever you park , I mean whatever you keep here will be at the owner I mean your risk. Now if it is lost, what could I do? I have already warned you with this board.”
A man- “Bihaan is right. We should have noticed it.”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, I know you have done some kind of mischief from your fat head that you have put up this.”
Bihaan- “Waah Dhruv, you are so intelligent. I had put the racks intentionally, I had ordered room warmers also intentionally. I was helped by the five PANDAVAS of Mahabharata. See, at first, my elephant Ramu sprinkled rose water and drenched you all, then the room warmers forced you all leave your expensive things here in the rack, then you all went to enjoy the party. My dog, Moti was there to entertain you all, then my Rimjhim and Rumjhum silently removed all your accessories from those racks and put on Chetak, my horse. Then I rode on Chetak and bought the wine, five star food and ACs. Till then Rimjhim and Rumjhum were distributing cold drinks. When I returned, you all received these lavish things. Isn’t it the five Pandavas? Ramu, Moti, Rimjhim, Rumjhum and Chetak. So Dhruv, I did mischief from my fat head but with a warning, I didn’t backstab anyone like you.”
Dhruv- “Bihhhaaaaannnnnn……”
Bihaan- “Don’t shout. You know where you are standing. I told you before also. You are the one who was trying to create a rift between Thapki and me.”
Dhruv- “So, you had been missing from here for that, you went to her? But how did you quickly come back?”
Bihaan- “Yes you are right. I went to her, resolved everything and came back. It was Chetak with whom I went otherwise this farmhouse was not close enough from Pandey Nivas.”

A man- “Bihaan, please forgive us. Now we know, it was Dhruv who was the culprit. He had even offered us money to do this. We don’t want our things back. In fact I wanted to gift you my platinum watch. We all are happy for you. Please unite with Thapki mam and that will be the best part of it. We have really enjoyed today.”
A woman- “Yes Bihaan, we all have the same thing to say. And one more thing, we learnt something today. ‘An animal is a man’s best friend.’ and once again happy birthday to you, stay blessed. But you didn’t cut the cake?”
Bihaan- “No, the cake is a special one. I will cut it with my wife. Thank you for understanding me and sorry for the inconvenience.”
Moti, Ramu, Chetak, Rimjhim, Rumjhum, all of them folded their hands before the guests as if they were sorry too. The guests patted them before going and wished everyone a good bye.

The Pandey gang, who were spetaculating all these scenes that were going on, started laughing among themselves except Vasundhara.
Bihaan- “Maa, why are you still upset? See, I and Thapki will unite today.”
Vasu- “No, Bihaan, I am happy for you. The thing which pains me is this snake. Yes I have given birth to this sinner. Please, go Bihaan and get Thapki back here. We will not go to Pandey Nivas ever. Dhruv is dead for me.”
Dhruv- “Maa?????”
Vasu- “What? What did you call me? Maa? Where was this word when you threw me out? You didn’t even think about your grandma? You manipulated Thapki even to be with you that God will never forgive her and she will also be called her child’s killer? You just go away and never show your face again otherwise you might witness my dead face.”
Dhruv leaves in his car thinking to return everything and go far away somewhere, away from everything.

Bihaan gets properly dressed in the groom’s dress that he had brought from Thapki while coming back from the tabela. She might also be dressed till now, he thought.
Bihaan- “I will come back soon with your daughter-in-law. You keep the cakes and candles ready.”
Vasu- “But how will you go? You have to come soon before it is 12 o’clock, then your birthday will be over.”
Bihaan- “Don’t worry maa, I will get Chetak to go again and bring my bride on the horse.”
Vasu- “So groom is ready” (and they share a laugh, a laugh which they had missed over the years).
Bihaan- “Yes maa groom is ready and his baarat (groom’s team) too.
Vasu notices Bihaan pointing at Rimjhim and Rumjhum who were also ready to go with Bihaan.
Vasu- “Bihaan, take them too with you.”
Bihaan- “Yes, maa, I only told them to come with me. They still have one more thing to do.”
Vasu- “Bihaan, do not do any naughtiness again.”
Bihaan- “No, maa, don’t worry. Okay bye.”
Vasu- “Bye son.”
Everybody of the Pandey family bid him goodbye with best wishes and he leaves on Chetak along with Rimjhim and Rumjhum.
Vasu- “Preeti, Suman, go and get Thapki-Bihaan’s room ready for their reunion and till then I will go and get ready with the special birthday cake.”

Dhruv enters hesitantly only to find Thapki seated on the sofa with her luggage packed, as a newly wed bride ready to go as soon as Bihaan comes. On seeing this imposter entering, she fumes in anger.
Dhruv- “Thapki?”
Thapki- “Do you want to th-row me out as well? See I will my-self go away.”
Dhruv- “No, I have decided I will give everything to everyone and go away.”
Thapki- “You? You are a two head-ed snake who can bite any-body any-time. You have even be-trayed my sister. You deserve to rot in he-ll.”
Dhruv- “Your sister, she herself left me and went away.”
Thapki- “But you did not even thi-nk to talk to her once. Did you? You did not beca-use you were busy wooing her el-der sister. But thank God, Aditi is happy in her li-fe now. I just recei-ved a call from her. She is gett-ing married soon with her best fri-end who admi-red her since child-hood and she is very happy that her li-fe got saved from you.”
Dhruv- “What? Aditi is gett-ing married? She did not tell me once?”( he has tears in his eyes).
Thapki- “Shut up Dhruv….just shut up.. I am not goi-ng to melt in your cro-codile tears any-more. If you tell ag-ain, you get a tight slap from me.”(and she raises her hand when Bihaan comes and holds it).
Bihaan- “What are you doing? Please shed your anger. I have come to take you away from this man’s prison.”
Thapki- “Bihaan…..”(She hugs him).
Dhruv- “Bihaan, wait brother. I will sign the property papers and will go far away. It is my time to repent now. Please punish me.”
Bihaan- “No, you got so many years to repent since your first sin but you didn’t. But who am I to punish you? No Dhruv, I don’t want anything. I got my Thapki and I am happy with my family at the farmhouse. In fact, I promised you that after I win today, I will give you a gift.”
Thapki- “Bihaan, you want to give him a gi-ft now? For what and wh-ere is it?”
Bihaan- “See Thapki, we will be going away from here, even Aditi is getting married. So Dhruv will be alone but as his brother, I can’t leave him alone like he had done with me. So here, I brought my lovely darlings, Rimjhim and Rumjhum.”
Rimjhim and Rumjhum, the two of them who were cuddled cutely on the sofa, suddenly jumped on Dhruv’s shoulders upon hearing their names.
thapki- “Wow ! They are so cu-te Bihaan.”
Dhruv- “What? What will these two monkeys do?”
Bihaan- “Again you called them monkeys?? They are my cutie pies. I brought them here so that you may choose one of them as your bride and I may gift that lucky one to you.”
Dhruv- “What rubbish!! Are you joking with me? I am not going to stay with these monkeys. No never!!” (and he tries to shoo them away).
Thapki laughs at Bihaan’s wit and Bihaan catches hold of her hand.
Bihaan- “Let us go Thapki. Let Dhruv spend some time alone with them and choose.”
As Bihaan was about go, the two cute ladies jumped over Bihaan’s shoulder, ready to go with them.
Bihaan- “Aare, Rimjhim, Rumjhum, you don’t want to stay with Dhruv? You want to come with me? See Dhruv, even animals understood you. You are not even eligible to stay with animals. You stay all alone with your luxuries. You told me that day that you are the richest man. But no, I am richer than you today, I have everyone with me, I have people who love me but you will be alone with hatred from all, I have a house where love exists but you have a bungalow where words of hatred will haunt you. This is the biggest punishment that I give you for your deeds.”
Dhruv, unable to answer hallucinates Vasu, Balwinder, Aditi, Dadi, Thapki, Bihaan charging loudly at him “Dhruv you are a liar, you are a cheat, a betrayer we all hate you”, and he sits on the floor with a shrill cry. “Nahiiiiiiiiiiiii” and Bihaan-Thapki leave the Pandey nivas forever.

Thapki- “Bihaan, how wi-ll we go? Whe-re is your bike?”
Bihaan- “Today is again our reunion day. I want to start everything from day 1. That is the reason I brought something special for my bride.” and he points out at the horse.
Thapki- “Wow!”
Bihaan- “Yes they are my children and from today they are yours too. Let us go.”
Bihaan jumps up on the horse and pulls Thapki behind him and she sits on his lap. One of the two cutie pies of Bihaan sits on his shoulder and the other one on Thapki’s lap, Thapki’s luggage is kept behind. Chetak begans to gallop and the four of them have a joyful ride to the farmhouse.

Vasundhara hears the sound of the horse’s feet and gets ready with her aarti plate. Bihaan and Thapki arrives at the doorsteps. Vasundhara does her aarti, applies vermillon on Bihaan and Thapki’s forehead and then Thapki kicks the rice pot as a good omen of coming to the in-laws for the first time. Vasundhara lets them in.
Vasu- “Come in Thapki. From today it is your home also.”
Thapki- “I am sorry Maa, ple-ase forgive me if you can. I have do-ne wrong with you all, dadi, bauji ple-ase for-give me too. Preeti, Sumaan Bhabhi, Bha-iya…….”(she folds her hands and breaks down).
Vasu- “Thapki, you had wanted us to realise every pain that you went through. And today I also realised it though yours were more painfiul, like you, even I lost my son Dhruv but he wasn’t innocent. We have all forgiven each other.”
Bihaan- “Maa, no more of emotional drama now, let us go and cut the cake. It is almost 12.”
Vasu- “No, Bihaan, before that there is something more left. Come with me both of you.”
Vasu takes them to the home temple.
Vasu- “Bihaan, take this Sindoor and Mangalsutra and apply on Thapki. From today, it will be your new beginning.”
MANGALAM BHAGWAN VISHNU” plays in the background.
After the procedure is over, they arrive at the central table for cutting the cake. Bihaan feeds Dadi first, then Balwinder and Vasu. Now it is Thapki’s turn.
Preeti- “Aare our awesome Thapki, why is she feeling shy? Bihaan dewarji, feed her cake.”
Bihaan feeds Thapki the piece of cake and Thapki too feeds him back and they all click pictures followed by the dinner.
Vasu- “Now it is time to bed. I have kept both of yours’ room ready.”
Bihaan and Thapki feel shy and Bihaan simply nods.
Bihaan- “Let’s go Thapki.” and pulls her hand.
Suman- “See see, Bihaan dewarji is having a hurry to go.”
Preeti- “Yes chutki, look at them, Thapki is blushing” and they share a hearty laugh.

The small room of the cottage was prettily decorated with flowers and candles and the backyard window was left open for the moonlight and fresh air. Thapki goes and stands near the window.
(Ae dil hai mushkil title track plays again)
Bihaan comes and holds her lovingly from behind and says “What happened Thapki, are you counting the stars?” and he notices tears in her eyes.
Thapki- “Nahi Bihaan, I feel happy to-day after so many count-less and painful days.”
Bihaan rubs her tears and says, “Thapki, don’t shed your costly tears anymore. Look over there, what do you see?”
Thapki- “Moon and the Stars.”
Bihaan- “Yes and do you see those two bright stars which are so near us? One is our baby and the other is Rampyari. They will feel bad if they see you crying, you should not cry anymore for them. The Moon is there to look after them. They two are our twinkle twinkle little stars. Today I promise you for the last time that I will give you every happiness that you deserved and my body will only leave you when my soul leaves me forever.”
Saying this Bihaan kisses her forehead and they both hug tightly. Thapki gifts him the sweater that she had knitted for him. Bihaan wears it and they both cuddle inside the sweater together sharing a passionate night. They live happily ever after…..
You are the light of the world,
Let your light shine before people,
You do the good works all year long,
You are the tough competitor in yourself.
Let others look back upon your life,
They may find the moments that stand out
Are the moments when you have done things
For your family and friends.

That time of November has come after a year again.
And everyone is celebrating in this moody festive season.

Winter has started setting in and every person’s mind is free,
Everyone is buying gifts and decorating the birthday tree.

Thahaanians are busy writing letters to our dear CVS,
Some are wishing for happy moments and ignoring the flaws.

The month is very busy as we have to sincerely make,
By mixing flour,fruits,nuts and our love a delicious birthday cake.

Get ready to go to your home temple to the God you pray,
For the birthday guy and celebrate his much awaited special day.

Now that we have prayed for his well being,good health,prosperity and dignity,
I am wishing him a whole-heartedly “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” MANISH GOPLANI..

We wish you a very happy birthday,many many happy returns of the day, May you stay happy with all your wishes fulfilled in life. Stay blessed the handsome hunk and the most eligible bachelor….
We LOVE and HATE you, both at the same time.
NO dont’t take it in the wrong sense. I meant,


With lots of love and regards,
A true Manish Fan….


  1. NaiTan

    What is this …. How are u guys even able to imagine this … Outstanding … Amazing … Commendable .. 👏👏👏👏👏 . Have no words … Sorry to say … But in my wildest dreams also … I can’t think of this fab idea ❤👏 👌 Loved it …

  2. Manish ki deewani

    Ritz u r superb fabulous and u write this poetry by own 4 Manish really dear u r amazing.hatsoff to u


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