PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff) episode-3 WE HAVE TO GO

PARIVAAR UNITED(ishqbaaz ff)

Hi, guys thank you for giving me so lovely comments. I have replied to all your comment. So lets go into today’s episode:-

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Anika and Shivaay are sitting on the bed in their room. Anika- Shivaay we have to go to India. Shivaay- I don’t want to go there. Anika – but you know dadi’s condition we can’t leave her at this condition. Shivaay- but there are many people for taking care of dadi. Anika- do you think dadi will get happy when her billo is not with her at this time. Shivaay – you know na Anika I want to meet her but I can’t I don’t want to go there whenever I go there all that all the thoughts come in my mind and (cut by Anika she put her figure on his lips and say. Shhhhh… Shivaay its better not to though about past and think of future. Shivaay- ….. Anika- Shivaay we will go there, only to meet dadi and after that we will come back here. Shivaay- Anika ……Anika- please… only for dadi…Shivaay- ok we will go but after that we will come. Anika smile and nods.


Om and Gauri our sitting on the couch and talking. Om- you know I don’t want to go there. Gauri- but Om dadi needs us at this point of life she need her grandsons and I know when she will see her great grandson and daughter na she will get well soon. Om- you are saying right but you know why I don’t want to go there. Gauri- I know om but we have to go there and I promise after meeting dadi we will come her.(suddenly Ivan and ira enter the room and say ira – where we are going. Gauri- we are going India. Ivan- but why? Om- we are going to meet your grand mother. Ira- jump and smile and say – yeh we are going somewhere! Ivan- but I don’t want to go there. Ira- but I want to go to meet ddj!!!!! Om and Gauri in chorus- ddj!!!!!!!!.Ivan – she mean dadi gi. Om – oh Gauri – her short forms!! Ivan- mom I will go but one condition. Om- I know you want a new laptop. Ok after coming I will surely buy for you now happy.

Ivan- with never ending smile- thanks dad you are the best dad and hug Om and say – now I have to tell this news to my friend ira in teasing tone- friend or girlfriend. Gauri- Ivan….. Ivan – Moms don’t focus on her words focus on packing and hurriedly leaves. Gauri- yes I have to do so much of packing and she leaves. Ira- goes to Om and say- daddy om- yes sweetie. Ira- I heard you and mommy taking can you tell me why you don’t want to go there? Om- you listen us taking…… bad manners….. Ira- daddy that is not my answer tell me Na? Om- actually ira there is very much pollution in Mumbai and traffic too so I was worried that if we will go you will not able to sleep there because of that pollution and traffic. Ira- oh… now I get it , daddy do not worry I will close my ears with pillow and then sleep and for pollution I will wear pollution mask. Om- very good solution. Ira- then my chocolate. OM- chocolate?Ira- yes chocolate . om – but for what ira- because I give you solution. Om smile and say ok he stand and both ivan and ira leaves.


GUYS, THAT it was for today I know that It is too short but guys understand my situation tomorrow is children’s day so for tomorrow we have to do celebration in our school so for that I’m preparing speech. I will try to post a long one tomorrow again sorry.
Love you

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