PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff) episode-2 GOING INDIA

PARIVAAR UNITED(ishqbaaz ff)

HI, guys again that you some much for your lovely comments I have replied to all your comments, sorry for late episode nowadays our teachers are giving us so much of homework to do. Guys please tell me do you like new ishqbaaz track of that piya seriously guys I don’t like this going track. So let me stop my nonsense talks and let’s get into the ff—————
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RECAP- dadi get faint. Anika and Om are in shock.

A big bungalow is shown inside it there is a big dining table two people are sitting and chatting. Woman- ranveer 10 years are over we don’t even know how well mom and dad are even we don’t know about Shivaay and Om bhiya (so guys you are thinking right the man is ranveer and the woman is prinku) ranveer- but we talk to them on phone. Prinku- ranveer there’s difference in talking on phone than talking face to face. Ranveer- u is right but we are helpless. Prinku- that’s (suddenly a boy enters shouting ) boy- mom please!!! Help!!! Please help!!! Hide me somewhere!!!!!.Prinku- what happened Prabal. Prabal- voh mom actually I break the glass of smith aunty and she (cut by prinku) prinku- and she’s searching you to give u punishment. Prabal nods. Prinku- you see your son is becoming so much naughtier day by day. Prabal- you can give me lecture afterwards now can you please tell me where I can hide. Ranveer- go to upstairs and hide in your room I will handle smith aunty Prabal gives hifi to ranveer and leaves. Prinku- you (suddenly her phone rings she say – yes mom…. and after listening to her she say – how? she get shocked ranveer get confused she cuts the call hurriedly and suddenly started dialing some number. Ranveer- what happened why you are so tensed prinku- we are going India now. Ranveer – why?

A park is shown a man is doing knuckle pushups and a woman is sitting on the bench a girl is also there counting and saying 15…..16…17… The man while doing pushups say- bas karo yaar I am tired. Girl- papa you don’t take us for shopping na now you have to complete this punishment .man- Bhavya please leave me now I will promise that we will go for shopping. (So guys that man is rudra and that girl is Ruhi)Ruhi – jump and say yes Bhavya- we will not go for shopping. Ruhi- but mom (cut by Bhavya) Bhavya- we will go for a long drive. Now this time Ruhi jump more high and say- yes mom now we will go for a long drive. Rudra- ok we will go now can you both maa beti can leave me Bhavya and Ruhi say in chorus- sure… rudra get relaxed and sit on the ground suddenly rudra phone rings he pick the phone and say- hello yah prinku ( guys I forget to mention that rudra and prinku’s family both live together in Australia )prinku say him something he get shocked and cut the call. Bhavya- what happened? Rudra starts to cry and say- dadi… is admitted in the hospital.bhavya get shocked and say. What? How? When? Where?Rudra- she got severe heart attack yesterday we have to go to India now!!!!!!

PRECAP- Shivika, Rikara, Ruvya and Priveer lands in India.

So guys I know this episode is short because I don’t get so much time to write as after this I have to learn for the test tomorrow. But I promise that tomorrow ff will be long. Sorry Hanifbar that I can’t complete your request. Hope you will not mind it.

Love You!!!!!

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