PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff) episode-1 SHOCKED

PARIVAAR UNITED(ishqbaaz ff)
HI, guys thank you all for supporting me and giving such lovely comments’ and thanks to silent readers also a special thanks to Aafiya, Sagithya, Bhuvie Regina, Niriha, Hamna, Prabha and guys this is my first episode. Those who miss my characters and intro part can click here

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So guys hope you all will enjoy——————–
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A woman is shown sleeping suddenly she feel thirsty so she get up and hold the jar which was placed on the bedside table she is going to pour water in the glass but then realize that the jar is empty so she stands and goes to the kitchen suddenly she feel some pain in her left side of the chest so she holds her chest and faint. At the same time a servant see her and shouts- DADI!!!!!!!!….

a woman is shown holding two apples she goes to two children’s who are sitting on the dining table and gives the apple and say- Ansh , Shivi take it……suddenly a man comes and say- Anika I’m leaving…Anika- but Shivaay breakfast. Shivaay- I will eat something in the office. Anika- you can go after eating your office is not going anywhere. Shivaay- my office is not going anywhere but my meeting is going, I mean I will get late. Shivani- dad you know na there’s no profit in arguing with mom so just sit and eat Shivaay- you are right they both give hifi. Suddenly phone bell rings Anika- let me see she goes and pick the phone and say- hello. After one or two sec she says- what!!!!!!!!!. Shivaay anshshivi get shocked.

A woman is shown sitting on couch and doing some work in the laptop while holding phone in her hand and say – Mr.. I will send u the document in sometime suddenly the door bell rings woman says- Ivan, ira please open the door.(yes guys she is our Gauri)Ivan goes and opens the door and smile a man is standing holding a gift Gauri shout- who is on the door ha…. Ivan- mom no one….. Gauri-ok….. Ivan-signs man that man slowly comes Ira also see that man and smile that man slowly goes to Gauri and hide behind the couch slowly stand to hug her from behind but at same time she stands up and say- yes I will… and then she cuts the call suddenly that man hug her from behind Gauri get shock (but then she realize that the man is) she turns back and say- Om you come back she hugs him and say- no this is my ghost. Ivan and ira smile Gauri- but u say that you will come tomorrow and now just suddenly Om- I lie to surprise you. Gauri- Om you Na. Ivan and ira say says in a chorus- if you have done your romance so daddy our presents. Om- yes take this he gives gifts to Ivan and ira. Suddenly phone rings Om says – I’m coming he goes and pick the phone and say- hello after 1 or 2 sec he get shocked and says- when!!!!! Gauriivanira get shocked.

PRECAP- what happened to dadi. Why Anika and Om are in shock.

I hope guys you like my ff and if you don’t sorry that I waste your plenty of time. Give me suggestions and feel free to comment silent readers please do comments and click on that like button.
Love you!!!!!

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  3. They were shocked by the news of Dadi……i think

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