PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff) characters intro-2+plot

PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff)

Characters into-2 +plot
HI, guys thanks for your support. A special thanks to Sagithya, Aafiya, UF3355, Nikita_jai29and last but not the least Prabha for supporting me. So guys this the second part of characters
Ruvya- Rudra is also again same like in the show no need to tell (you all are thinking that I’m so lazy Na) he marries Bhavya (sorry to soumya fans guys I also miss somu but I think we all should make are mind and get settle with Bhavya)in my ff Bhavya is the young sister of Gauri she is same as in the show, an ACP. Both of them have one and only a sweet-cute daughter name Ruhi
Ruhi-(7) she is the complicated mixture of rudra and Bhavya she is truly a biggest example of chota packet badda dhamaka. She sometimes gives illogical answers and also she sometimes like her mom give dialogs of section IPC. She is the brain eater.

Priveer- priyanka get married to ranveer same as in the show he is an ACP but this time he really loves her and it was a love marriage even all the family accepted ranveer.
They have one son

Prabal (11) he is a quite mischievous type of boy he loves to play pranks with everybody but he is the first one to get scared too.

So guys, this is all the characters rest all the characters are same, if there will be any new character I will sketch him/her in the episodes only.
So guys this is the plot of the story;-

In this story guys I want to clear one thing guys that there is not any division of couples but all the Oberoi mansion family will get divided I mean that all the trio bros will get settled away from each other due to past that I will reveal in the episodes only and due to some situation they all will again meet and the story starts about how the whole family will get united again.
I hope guys you will like my ff if you feel anything wrong and want to suggest me anything just comment down below I know I’m not so much professional in writing and I also know that you all have done masters in this and I’m just a beginner but I know with your teaching and suggestions I will do my best in writing.
With love!!!!!!

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    It is nice

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    Awesome dear….nice plot
    Update next part soon

  6. amazing dear.. interesting plot.. waiting for it start.. pls post ASAP..

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