Paris Love….A devakshi few shots (Part 3)

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Preeti snatches the novel from Sona in the morning, while later she is super happy to know that due to curricular activities her project submission is delayed from Joseph himself.

She meets Dev at the cafe zone and gives excuses regarding why she hasnt read the novel yet and although Dev knows that her project submission is delayed as he has overheard when she was loudly in her excitement telling it to Astor but dev doesn’t voice It to her. But sona isn’t aware that he knows about it and yet hasn’t confronted her.

While sona thinks she need to take the novel from Preeti so that she can read and return it to him.

Part 3–

“I’m telling you one last time, get ready you lazy bug” Preeti screamed for the nth time, but Sona continued pulling the covers over her face trying to find peace sleep admist the loud babblings of her friend come Roo’mate.

“Its 6:00 girl, you gotta come with me for jogging” Preeti tried her best.

“Look who’s saying?
Just because you thought you are gaining weight and telling me about the imaginary tummy by fat deposition, you are after my sleep from past half an hour.
Show some mercy ” Sona chided and covered her face.

“Cmon Sona , look I need to burn these calories , I need physical exercise. Let’s jog and hit the gym later” Preeti tried convincing

“No way!!!
I jog everyday and just like this I plead you and you don’t give a damn, so now pay for it babes.
Just because of your self conscious state today I can’t spoil my morning sleep.
I so love my Friday’s sleep.” Sona wasn’t giving in

“Yay…. I didn’t know that you jog everyday. I get that in your dreams probably” Preeti mocked at her .

“OK…I jog every now and then” Sona admitted

“So off the bed now. Time to get consistent in it or else forget about your novel and you can lay here and think of an excuse to Dev for the missing novel.” Preeti said.

She hit the bull’s eye!

Sona huffed loudly.
“If I oblige, will I get the novel after the jogging?” Sona asked sitting on her bed.

“Hmm…you will have it” Preeti lied.
Well only she knew that she was actually buying some time to search for what seemed lost at that moment.

“Gimme ten minutes” with that Sona ran to freshen up.

“Just for one more day I need to stay out of sight of Dev , I will finish the novel today and return him very soon. Or else he will go taunting about the rate at which I read novels” thought Sona

“But for that Preeti needs to give you the novel!” My logical mind stated.

I didn’t know why Preet was playing hide and seek with the novel, knowing very well I hated it.
This girl loves to get on my nerves some days.

Dev’s POV :

“Grumpy heads” I thought glancing over the few boys dashing through everything that came in their way.

When are they gonna learn manners?
They still behave as if they are running around in their elementary school’s playground!

“You sound like a damn professor” my inner self mocked me.


The cell phone ringing bought my thoughts to a temporary halt and I swiped the screen to pick the call of one of the most important lady of my life.

But lemme warn you she can be annoying like hell at times.

At times? Well that’s the least I can warn you.

“Hey Riya”

“Hi bro, how’s Paris , how’s girls, the campus?”
She screamed at the other end.

“Oh girl. Learn not to scream otherwise your future husband will have a very tough time” I spoke calmly.

“Ahh…you and your lame jokes can never upgrade with latest tech advancements. Nonetheless tell me how’s PARIS???” She screamed again.

“What’s with girls and their screaming? Can’t you just keep your voice low?” I replied annoyed.

“Whats with boys and their baseless lectures on how to behave?
Can’t you guys just act sensible?” She shot back

All the same. Over and over again.

“If u have finished with your voice over, care to answer me?” she huffed loudly

“Okay lady, easy
Paris has been wonderful, the campus and lectures are great. Its so different here and I love the climate too” I replied

“Good to hear that.
When are you coming back?” She asked

Ahh…I forgot to tell you something about her, she needs some of her screws to be tightened.
Desi ghee with yummy Parathas has made her lose something called common sense!

“If you remember I came here roughly one and half month ago, so I don’t see a point in you asking me about returning back” I asked

“Chill bro… By asking that I meant to know when you will have exams and the subsequent vacations” she replied.

I said you right? Her weird ways !

“Once I get to know I will tell you” I replied.

“You have joined the college a month later , so are you coping up with it? and mom said me a week ago you were shifted to a different division?” She asked

“Yep, its going fine. I’m covering it up slowly and yay to maintain uniform strength they did shift me to another division” he replied

“Hmm….I have annoyed you enough for the day, don’t forget to call me everyone now and then. Mom has gone out for a walk and Nikki is out for her tuitions so I will hang up for now” she said.

And after the ending bye-bye and call you later I hung up.

I looked at my cell phone nodding in disbelief of the call I had just answered, “she can never change” I muttered to myself smiling at the end.

Riya is a year and two months younger to me but nonetheless she acts like a dominant sibling whenever she gets the chance.

She knows what exactly annoys me and when does it annoys me the most. And like most siblings we get into irritating each other every now and then. Its fun!

And then I had collided with someone , these boys whom I had spotted a few minutes ago.
And there you go, they had collided with me admist their running and didn’t even care to look back.

I was right, they need to learn ,its not the kids playground to go running around everywhere .

“Not again” my mind poked in.
Ahh…forget it, I said to myself and hurried towards my class with long strides.
End of POV

Yesterday’s general meeting regarding the upcoming co- curricular had given everyone the idea about what has to be done and the people they need to report to.

“God! Who keeps this sort of mini fest right after two and half months of joining in?” Noah asked irritated when all of them were busy munching on the sandwiches.

“Hmm…I know its quite different here. But we just have to help them in the initial steps to make this thing happen, the rest will be taken care by the seniors.
Its just the experience they want us to have in the beginning year of our journey here” Sona stated.

“Right, whatever this program is for , but it did prove to be a blessing for you. You escaped the submission date just because this program came in the way” Lee said

Sona smiled at him. He was indeed right. She as thanking her stars for this escape route.

Suddenly her gaze fell on Dev, he was talking with his friends at the other corner of the food court.

“I need to get away, I’m in mood to answer his questions.

That also reminds me I need to find Preet to take the novel from her” thought Sona and making a convincing excuse to her friends she slowly slipped out of he’s radar zone.

Well at least that’s what she thought.

She was almost jogging towards the gate and then she heard him call her,
“Damn” she cursed under her breath.

Dev: Hey

S: Hi

D: How’s the day been? You seemed pretty much involved in the curricular activities

So he did notice me

S: Yeah.

D: the novel?

Persistent lad!

‘Answer him you dumb head’ my logical mind shook my senses

‘Yay wait I need to think of a commendable excuse’ the other part of my brain defended.

Commendable ? By that I meant a convincing one !

“Hey you’re fine? You look lost” He’s words broke my trance

“I’m just occupied with the stuff at hand, will it be okay if I would return the novel tomorrow?” I tried to be as convincing as possible.

He narrowed his eye at me, so I jumped in to fill him the information.
The cocked up story although!

“The novel was mistakenly carried home by my friend, she hasn’t come today so I will give it to you tomorrow, is that okay?” I asked

For a moment I thought he was analyzing his chances to taunt me but soon he nodded to whatever I said.

Not at all a bad act! , I mentally patted myself.

With the sweetest smile I could put forth and I was out from his gaze in a jiffy.

Turning the key to my room’s door lock I thought,
‘Anything could wait at the moment but not the fact that Preet didnt return me the novel yet. She is so annoying at times’

She wasn’t answering my calls nor she was in the room.
Then I did the only thing I could,
I went on hunting for her

But little did Sona know that her friend was hunting too.

The lost property Preeti knew would get her killed if Sona would get to know that the it was lost.
The novel was lost!


Seems like the novel is causing too much of trouble to Sona.

Long tym ryt?

Next update is in this week.

What’s your intake on the further story?

Proper devakshi scene wasn’t included here since the plot was where she don’t want to attract his attention.

More to come on the way..
Join with your favorite pair on their journey.


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