Paris Love….A devakshi few shots (Part 2)

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So here you go, I have summed up the part 1 in recap, so its kinda long.

Recap: Sona is shown very particular when it comes to dating , she needs intresting men or else she believes they only add on to the boring life .
Being in Paris ,the college of fine arts she is lazy , stubborn but smart.
Her equations with art teacher , Joseph Francis is very poor and she ends up being late to his class often and hence she is on his target list.As her punishment ,only to her the project submission gets preponed and now she hates Joseph even more though she knows he is a great teacher.

She has her own group of friends Noah, Peeti etc n her one of the close buddy being Lee.

She meets Dev in the class n gets to know he has recently joined, he suggests her not to take on Joseph when she knows that it only adds on to the trouble.

She doesn’t like his advice though she knows he is right! And while Devashi begins the humorous talk fight n Joseph catches her busy talking turning behind, her project submission gets preponed by one more day .

In the evening , devakshi fight for the same novel , its the single copy in the bookshop n Sona emotionally blackmails him abt her project submission being preponed just bcz of him n Dev feels bad. And DAT moment she knows she has won the battle.And DAT she vl get the book first to read.

So here u go….

Part 2–

In the evening:

“The best feeling in the world is to have what you want ,you know” Sonakshi winked at Preeti lying lazily on her bed.

“He actually melted for ur melodrama? And let you get away with the book?” Preeti interrogated with disbelief written all over her face.

” When melodrama is just presented as drama its very much possible babes.
Kill Em with kindness!” Sona reasoned flipping the novel she just got from Dev.

“Someone Like You” Sona held it towards the ceiling stretching her hands, “Anything for this” she added and fell back to her cosy bed.

“Well my smart girl ,thought about how to get your project completed before the special Deadline?” Preeti asked smirking.

“PREET don’t even remind me of it!
Joseph is no less than a nightmare of my life , I still don’t get why he keeps on targeting me”
Sona screeched staring at the ceiling.

“To start with, My name is Preeti, don’t end up eating the “i” of it every single time.
that deadline is for you and not me. So you gotta think.

Better start it now or else this time you will be gone for real.

No excuses ,no dramas work, its Joseph for you babes!” with that Preeti snatched away the novel from Sona and ran away locking the former from outside and Sona couldn’t do much , even before she could realize what has happened, her friend had gone and the novel too.

Poor Sona!
She had politely taken it from Dev and it ended up being snatched.

“Kill Em with kindness? Huhh, Damn!” she cursed her fate hitting her forehead.

The clock ticked to 4:30 and Sona was upright the very next moment.
She looked side wards , she was indeed right .
There was Preeti in deep sleep. She had come back to room once Sona was asleep, just like Sona had predicted.

“C’mon Sona its now or never ,get to work” she encouraged herself and started her search mission #Findingmynovel

As she was struggling to close the bedside drawer,
“You will fail dear. Both in finding the novel and your project. So better concentrate on the latter , getting rid of Joseph at least temporary is worth the best efforts” Preeti spoke in her hoarse tone shifting under the covers.

Sona stood up, with a failed expression she looked at her friend and spoke,
” And my nove…”

She was cut by her friend, “I ain’t a fool to keep it in the drawer which doesn’t even close properly” said Preeti with her eyes still closed.

Sona looked at her dimly lit room,
“May be this is what people call ‘fate’ ” she thought and jumped back into the Bed cursing how scarifying her morning sleep had only bought more misery in her already messed up life.

Sona’s POV :

For one last time, a very last time I pleaded to god running between the busy entrance of my college.

Well I’m late again and trust me I didn’t ask for it. But that change the truth that its Joseph’s class , and every possibility of my project submission to be preponed or worst? Been thrown out of class!

No he won’t do that, he’s a sweetheart!
Okay, I know that was bad, a beautiful lie!

All I was doing was waiting for the brown shoes to come into picture from behind the door. I kept on shifting my weight on each leg one time being annoyed waiting. But Joseph was no where to be seen.

Nope!!! I wasn’t made to stand outside the class with gods grace, he entered the class few minutes after I did. Yippieeee!!!!

I’m waiting for him outside the staffroom.
Glad now the wait came to an end.
End of POV

J: yay Ms Sonakshi , how’s the day been?

S: It was good until now but seems its gonna get worst now, thought Sona but instead said,

S: It’s been pleasant Sir

J: Good to hear that.
How’s the project going on.
Started it?

Sona gave him a tight smile

J: Ahh I had expected that but this time you are lucky.
With the curricular activities lined up the upcoming weeks are gonna get busy so you will have to give your full attention their hence for now the project can wait.

Sona was on cloud nine. It wasn’t a lucky moment, it was divine for her.

J: Enjoy the week girl

He smiled genuinely at her n walked away leaving behind Sona dancing to the tunes of happiness.

“Bonjour (Hello)” Sona turned to see Astor waving at her.

“Hello Astor ” she replied in her chirpy voice.

“Someone seems to be very happy. What’s it with the smile? Falling in love??” Asked Astor amused at Sona in a carefree nature.

“Yep… Falling in love with my luck!” Sona gleamed in happiness .
She went on explaining how the curricular activities saved the day, but what she didn’t know was she was talking loud enough for the nearby group to be heard.
To be precise for Dev heard it.

He smiled at her new shade of craziness.
Her animated actions and her expressions amused him.

The Paris College of Arts was preparing for the first grand event of the year and as the preparations kicked off its students had more reasons to interact with different groups and to hang out at the end of a day.

For Sona it was the foundation year, the first year in fine arts and she was happy and looked forward to the celebrations.
First year students had to do only the initial preparations. The rest would be taken care of by her seniors.

So for about more than a week Sona wouldn’t be thinking about the project nor about Joseph!

Biding her friends home, Sona walked into the Cafe Zone
“Damn this headache , I need a strong coffee ” she murmured to herself and walked in pushing the doors.

She looked around ,she could see some familiar faces, her college students were still hanging out but what worried her was the cafe was full.

She stomped her foot in annoyance, she had no plans to search for coffee anywhere else. Her eyes scanned the entire area for an empty table and the worry lines on her forehead dropped down when she found one.

She quickly took the seat and then someone joined her.
Oh not now!!! Oh God, not again her mind screamed as Dev sat right in front of her holding the coffee mug.

She realized it was his place, she was the intruder here hence she couldn’t ask him to get lost but that doesn’t mean she was willing to entertain his talks.

Stubborn! Well in her dictionary it goes with the name ‘Self confidence’

D: A pleasant evening lady
S: Ya it is until you came in

D: sorry, did u say something?
S: I just replied good evening

D: looks like you had a long day!
S: Yeah probably the longest.

Sona’s eyes were slowly shutting down, she was hell tired and every muscle of hers ached for some sleep.
But not until I get a coffee, she thought massaging her forehead.

Dev watched her closely, it was the first time Sonakshi was silent.
Then probably it must have been a tough day for her, he thought smiling.

“What’s with my face that’s making you smile?” She asked keeping her voice low something very rare of her.

She is on energy saving mode, he interpreted

“I mean for the first time your quite silent , something that doesn’t happen often” he clarified

“So you mean I’m always screaming at the top of my voice?” She raised her eyebrow at him.

He was fiddling with his coffee mug and shakes his head at her interrogation.
“Just because I said you often do the talking doesn’t imply that your noisy all the time. And screaming at the top of the voice? I don’t know where that came from” he reasoned

She stared back at him, she knew he is right and she grabbed the very first chance , jumping into conclusions.

‘But I usually keep my voice low’ her logical mind poked in.
God! I have no plans to waste my Lil remaining energy on this internal battle of thoughts. Chuck it

“Seems like you have come here to meet me!” Dev’s voice broke her growing chain of thoughts.

She arched her eyebrows, ” Why will I do that?”

“Because in case people don’t come here for a meet then they usually come for coffee and they make sure they order one” Dev said.

Oh fish! It was only then she realized she hasn’t placed her order yet.

She immediately walked to the counter placed her order and with her mug she was back to where she had left a minutes ago.
He smiled at her,in return she gave him a tight smile.

D: So How’s been Paris?

S: Its kinda cool here. The Cathedrals or be it the Effiel tower which I haven’t visited yet. The galleries, the coffee, the steak fries, opera halls , great architecture and for students of fine arts the fascination towards this city is huge.

“I can see that” said Dev observing the dreamy and energized look on her face.

“Sorry?” Sona asked

“I meant Paris is like what you just said” he replied.

Sona went back to concentrate on her coffee while Dev was busy in his phone.

“So how’s the foundation year going?” She asked.

She initiated the conversation! Not bad, thought Dev.

“Its been good, I like the weather here. Its refreshing. The campus is awesome and learning has been great.” He said.

Sona nodded in agreement.

As the evening got darker, the music came in at a low volume.
Then the lyrics made its way,

***The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with

And kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now***

Sona looked at Dev he was swaying his head slowly in syn with the beats.

“Its very different from the rest of her songs” said Dev

“Ya, kill’em with kindness” Sona repeated

“Yay, are you done with the novel? How is it?” Dev’s question made Sona choke on her coffee.

“Hey easy there. Are you okay?” Dev asked

Sona just nodded and gulped down the water.

“I haven’t finished it yet!” she said meekly

“Did I hear you right? Its been more than a day the novel is with you and you haven’t finished it yet?” Dev asked surprised

“Yea..I am caught up with the project I need to submit this weekend and all thanks to you, remember the preponed dates?
I will give it back to you by tomorrow evening” She said

“Hmm…You need a complete day to read 250 pages of your favorite novel?” He asked

“Whether its my favorite or not I can only tell once I finish reading it and due to the curriculum I have got busy” she said

“In case your busy ,lemme read it then I will give it back to you…I won’t take a day to finish it” he suggested

“No way….I waiting for it for so long” she said

“Yay right! And now when you have it you are doing everything else than reading it. How smart?” He said smiling

“That’s my wish” she shot back.

God! I know we had a deal about the book. But what can I do?

Tell him that – Sorry the book I took from you by politely blackmailing got snatched away from me when I was busy explaining ‘The Theory of killing with kindness’ and sulking on why Joseph targets me always, where I was targeted and my novel was gone in a fraction of second and that I stood there like a fool?, her mind screamed.

Dev flicked his fingers before her, and she was brought out of her trance.

D: hey where you lost?

S: I’m fine

D: Good so what were you telling about the novel?

S: Nothing…I will return it to you by tomorrow evening

‘ Only if you can steal it from Preet!’ Her logical mind poked her . Whatever

S: okay, I gotta go bye

And with that she paid the bill and was out of the sight in no time.

“Weird” thought Dev sipping on last drops of coffee which had gone cold by now.

Even though he knew her project submission was postponed due to the circular activities, he didn’t voice it.

“What kinds of things is she busy in that she don’t have time to read the much awaited novel?” he thought and shrugged not knowing the answer.


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