Parichay 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 8th February 2013 Written Update

Chopra clan are at a food stall and Gaurav is tensed coz of his problem. Seema suggests he tells Kunal about his problem but he says that he doesn’t know how to as Kunal has been so happy these days. The family enjoy some light moments.

Kunal blames himself for everything Siddhi has been through. Siddhi tries to shun his guilt but Kunal denies the comfort and confesses that he has been insecure. Siddhi says she was at fault too that she walked away and took all the decisions herself. Siddhi says she should have realized that if they were together they’ll brave it all. She turns to him and says but now we are together. Kunal and Siddhi close the distance between them. He says he wants to show her something.

Gaurav goes to pay to for the food and the guy asks for extra money. BA

says my dad is a lawyer and will sue him if he cheats. He relents and takes the right amount. They go for an ice-cream.

Kunal shows Siddhi all the gifts and cards he bought for her in 9 years. Siddhi is touched and asks Kunal to read it out for her. He reads and they live the memories of the time they had spent away from each other remembering each other. He reads out all the cards and says he feels that these 9 years have got them closer. They relive the past. Kunal moves ahead to make Siddhi wear a pair of earrings but apprehensive about her scar she decline. Kunal however says that there are spots on moon too and her heart is too pure for her to hide her face and he removes the dupata she has been hiding her face with. He then kisses her on the cheek which is marred. The family comes back and Anand and Andy spoil their moment. They all surround Sinal and share a light moment. Kunal keeps smiling looking at Siddhi.

Kunal is making breakfast in the morning. He’s making omlette for Siddhi. Veena and Seema comes there and he says he’s cooking for them. Veena asks why today, Seema fills in its for Siddhi not them. Veena laughs. Omlette gets burned and Seema laughs on him. They leave him in the kitchen.

Siddhi wonders where Kunal will be then remembers he said he’ll be cooking breakfast. She’s about to go to help him when Anand and Andy stops her and says Kunal asked them to not let her leave till he’s done.Kids leave and Siddhi smiles to herself.

Kunal is in his office sitting with his bosses who tell him that there’s an important case. He asks for case file and is filled in that the file has all the details and also the name of the person who has done wrong. Kunal is shocked.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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