Parichay 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 7th February 2013 Written Update

Veena does grihpravesh of Siddhi and does aarti of SiNal Big smile

Siddhi hides her scars and kunal sees her n smiles Big smile
Veena makes siddhi perform all the rituals which are done by jst wedded couple/bride Big smile

SiNal takes blessing of Veena & Raj

Siddhi goes n hugs SeemaDay Dreaming

Kunal asks kids to perform there play! Kids tell siddhi they wanted to do a play bt Kunal changed all the plans Ouch

Veena says bcoz of kids only siddhi is there wid them as they prayed the most for her well being Ermm

Kids bring cake for Siddhi

Text on Cake : Welcome Siddhi Big smile

OTT kids dances wid chopras n kunal ROFL

(BG: Aye dil tu laya hai bahar)


Seema tells andy,anand n ishani to get ready as they r

goin to watch a movie LOL

Kunal tells veena she could have asked siddhi before booking the tickets Clap

Veena tells him Siddhi will rest at home and he will b there to take care of her Approve and they will go for movie LOL

Seema msges kunal on his phone n tells him this movie plan is for them so that they can spend some time with each other which they didnt got in past 9yrs Clap

There is a scene pf chopras… Its bit interesting n funny… Anyone interested can watch it online Embarrassed

Kunal tells siddhi everything in the room is set accoding to her Big smile bt siddhi tells him she wants everything according to him so as if he needs anything he will be able to get it on his place Confused

Kunal tells her its such a weired thing.. He has set the room according to her and she is setting it according to him LOL

Siddhi tells him its his room si everything shall be according to him only D’oh

Kunal stop her n tells her its there room and she can set it according to her Day Dreaming

Siddhi asks him so that means she can keep his radio n diary anywhere LOL

Kunal says no for radio as he got a new one n shows the radio to siddhi ..

In mean while siddhi take out a pic of them and tell him she have also got something Big smile

Kunal sees the pic and asks her frm where did she got this pic Confused

Siddhi tells him she always kept this pic wid her… They were so happy during that time and its a nine yr old pic n that time they were together Cry

Bt nw she feels there happiness is framed like the pic Embarrassed

Kunal tells her if 9yrs ago she would have have told him abt Richa there would have been 50such pics on there wall Day Dreaming

Siddhi agrees with him and tells him she should have tried bt he too didnt come to meet her in jail Cry

When she was pregnant n was in jail she always wished that he should be there with her bt he didnt came Ouch and as the time passed there differences also increased Ouch

Kunal tells her he came to meet her bt she only told him nt to come there to meet her D’oh

He tells her she could have came to meet him after she came out of jail after 9yrs and she came there bt went back frm outside by thinking that he is married to richa D’oh

How can she even think that he will give her place to someone else n that too richa LOL

Kunal tells her he can get angry on her bt can neva hate her Day Dreaming

Siddhi tells him she had trust on him bt lost the trust on herself bt she did dared n told him the whole truth bt what did he do ??

Kunal says what could he do ?? Infront of him she accepted abhay’s flowers n proposal D’oh

Siddhi tell him she did so bcoz she was angry bt later she threw them away… Kunal tells her how will he knw abt it LOL

Kunal saya he n whole family waited for her bt there she did swayamvar wid abhay D’oh

Siddhi again explains she did all that for anand… Jst to safeguard him Big smile

Kunal tells her she could have told abt this to him as he came there so he would have taken her n andy wid him Approve

He thought bcoz of some reason she is marrying abhay bt she herself said she loves Abhay D’oh

Siddhi confronts him n tells him he believed on her when she said she loves abhay bt didnt beleived on her when she said she loves him StarClap

Kunal tells her he couldnt understand on what to believe n what nt to believe

Bt what punishment she gave to hospital… She didnt had willingness to live.. Didnt even thought abt him… Cry

FB scene: Frm yesterday’s episode where kunal kisses siddhi Blushing

SiNal jst stare at each other

Precap: SiNal happily coming towards each other Day Dreaming

Kunal holds siddhi’s hands

Update Credit to: Nidz

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