Parichay 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 6th February 2013 Written Update

At Chopra House:
Chopra family member including Kunal are in thinking mode. Veena asks Kunal what Siddhi has written in the letter or what Kunal had written to her. Kunal says, all will find out about it but at the right time and leaves.
Chopras wonder that Siddhi is about to be discharged and what will happen when Siddhi comes home as she doesn’t want to meet Kunal. Raj asks Seems to go pack Siddhi’s stuff and get ready with discharge papers.

At Gaurav’s Work:
Gaurav pays only 13 lacks rupees and ask for more time to arrange rest of the money. His boss says that they have already given Gaurav more than enough time to repay the amt hence they can’t grant him any longer grace period. Company’s lawyer tells Gaurav to be ready for the legal action against him since

he didn’t return the full amt on time.

At Chopra House:
Kunal is talking to the doctor and tells him to explain all the dos and don’ts to Siddhi before she is discharged from the hospital. Doctor assures him of the same. Kunal ensures with Raj and Veena that they are going to fetch Siddhi from the hospital. RaNa (Raj=Veena), ask Kunal to also come with them and knock some sense into Siddhi’s head that she is a grown woman and a mother of 2 children now so she should act so stubborn. Veena continues that if she still doesn’t agree to see him then he should scold her and remind her to always listen to her husband. Veena says that men should always keep their wives tamed. Raj gives her a funny look and RaNa start to argue that who is more stubborn in their relationship and who needs to be tamed and all.

While they are fighting, Kunal’s office calls him and Kunal tells them to cancel all his meetings as he won’t be coming to work today. RaNa get happy thinking that Kunal will be accompanying them to the hospital. Kunal says he has some urgent work that why he took a day off. Raj asks him what urgent work he has and at the same time AC1 and AC2 arrive and are ready to go out with Kunal. RaNa are confused and ask Kunal why he is taking kids with him. Kids tell them that they are going to Matri ground and leave.

At the Hospital:
Siddhi asks Seema If RaNa and kids will come to take her home. Seema says she isn’t sure. Siddhi again asks if Kunal will be home. Seema says yes then asks why? Siddhi says nothing then asks Seema if Kunal was angry after knowing the truth. Seema says Kunal didn’t get angry then asks Siddhi if everything is going according to her wishes, why is she so worried? And what did she write in the letter to Kunal. Siddhi asks if Kunal said anything about the letter. Seema says no, but Kunal seemed to have some kind of plan or something as he seemed very preoccupied after reading the letter. Seema says if she is so worried why she doesn’t call him and asks about it herself.
Seema tries to knock some sense into Siddhi’s head that Siddhi’s insecurities are understandable but she should also think about Kunal who has waited so long for her recovery and now she doesn’t want to meet him. She says they all know the reason behind her this decision, but Kunal is unaware of it so she should drag this so long that their relationship wouldn’t be fixed anymore and she will have nothing but only regrets in her life.

At the Race Course:
Kunal and kids are enjoying the bike race and kids are admiring some racer called Monty and say there is no one who can ever defeat Monty in bike race. Everyone is chanting Monty’s name. Kunal tells the kids to wait for him as he has to talk to someone and leaves from there.

As he is walking away, Siddhi calls him, but Kunal intentionally cuts off her call. Siddhi worries about Kunal and calls Chopra house and asks about Kunal’s whereabouts. Raj tells her that Kunal and kids have gone to Matri ground. Siddhi is worried to hear this and tells Seema that she needs to talk to Kunal. Siddhi calls Andy and asks her where they are. Andy tells her that they are at the bike race course where bikers jump into the fireball. Siddhi is more worried to know this. She asks them about Kunal and Andy tells her that he is with the biker, but he doesn’t know what they are talking about. Andy wants to say something else to Siddhi, but his battery dies. Siddhi tells Seema that Kunal is about to jump into the ball of fire.
Siddhi then shows Seema’s Kunal’s letter where Kunal had told Siddhi that since she is ashamed of showing her face to him because of the burns and doesn’t consider herself worthy of Kunal, He will make himself worthy of her by burning his face too. Reading Seema also gets worried and calls RaNa and tells them about Kunal’s letter. Raj tells her to take care of Siddhi and that they will be there very soon. RaNa arrive at the hospital when Siddhi and Seema are getting the discharge papers ready. RaNa Seema and Siddhi they all leave for the Race course to stop Kunal.

At the Race Course:

The announcer makes the announcement that the next competitor is not a professional bike rider but he is one of us, a normal human being. Kinds notice that it’s actually Kunal who will be riding the bike next up. All Chopras are on their way to the race course while Knal is getting ready for the race. Kids are worried about Kunal performing the stunt, but Kunal tells them not to worry about it and everything will be fine. Kunal is being preped up for the race, wearing jacket etc while kids plead Kunal to not to perform the stunt.

The stunt supervisor asks Kunal t wear the helmet or else his face might burn while jumping in the fire, but Kunal refuses to wear the helmet.

An announcement is made that Kunal will be performing the stunt without the helmet and all cheer. Kids are begging Knal not to do so, but Kunal gears up for the race without paying much attention to anyone.

On the other side Siddhi isstill on the way and worried. Just as Kunal is finally about to take off, Chopras, Gaurav and Siddhi all arrive at the venue and Siddhi screams Kunal. Kunal suddenly stops the bike while Sahibo song s playing in the back ground. As Siddhi screams Kunal, her face cover flies away and her burnt face is exposed to Kunal and to world.

Kunal gets off the bike and comes to Siddhi. Siddhi yells at Kunal that even if e is very stubborn, it was wrong him to take this step.She asks him what would have happen if something had happened to him? Kunal asks back if she ever thought how he would have felt when she decided not to meet him? She says she took that decision due to her Majboori, but as always, he only did this to prove her wrong. Kunal says how can a step be wrong which brings two lovers closer?

He then asks her, if something like that to happen to him in the future, will she leave him? Or she would take care of him and love him even more than before? He continues that it’s hard times which make love grow not the distances. Siddhi cries and goes into Kunal’s embrace. All Chopras and kids are happy to see SiNal hug.

Siddhi says that she is still angry at him for doing this and Kunal says that he will take her anger over her separation any day. He says if she could see from his eyes then she will know how beautiful she is, from inside, outside, and even like this then he kisses her. Siddhi says ILU to him and Kunal says he loves her more. They keep hugging and epi ends.

Precap:.Gaurav tells Seema about how life always brings sadness with happiness. Seema says that’s because so we can understand the importance of hapiness.

Update Credit to: Rani

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