Parichay 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 5th February 2013 Written Update

Kids ask Kunal as why he stopped their rehearsal,he says that they wont be doing this play instead they’ll be doing another play.Kids confused.Raj requests Kunal to come aside n says that before coming up with such plans he should atleast discuss with him,he can handle such things very well n asks Kunal if he did anything wrong in Spanish prisoner act.Kunal says that his role isnt required in this plan as he needs kids for this one.Raj says that kids cant handle it.Kunal says only kids are required for this act,Raj says to go ahead as in the end he only has to handle it as kids also are going to fail like Veena.Kids ask Kunal about what they are supposed to do in this play.Kunal explains them.

Kids go to visit Siddhi n start complaining on Kunal that he is scolding them n not taking care

of them or doing work properly,how previously he used to attend PTA but now he isnt even visitng school even after getting call from school,they also say that teacher wrote remarks in their diary n asked them to get it signed by Kunal but he threw the diary without signing it.Siddhi says that Kunal cant do such thing.CA says that Kunal has changed n both request Siddhi to talk to Kunal as he’ll listen to her.They say that Kunal brought them to her on their insistence but dont know why he didnt come inside thats why they too angrily told him that they’ll never come near him.Siddhi says that Kunal loves them n tells them to go n talk to Kunal,they doesnt agree as Kunal is very angry.Siddhi sad as she cant tell them the reason for not going infront of Kunal.

Veena says that every one in the house is after acting.Raj says that she isnt appreciating the person who’s behind it.Veena makes fun of him for thinking himself as Dilip kumar just by doing few plays in college.Raj says that she’ll agree once he succeeds in his plan n brings Siddhi home.Veena asks about his plan but he doesnt tell her saying that Kunal didnt tell his plan to him so he too wont tell her as she’ll tell it to Kunal.When her son comes home sadly after his plan fails then he’ll know the worth of this Dilip kumar.He leaves from there singing song.

The three guys who cheated Gaurav meet Gaurav’s boss n tell him that they said all truth to him.Gaurav’s boss says that first Gaurav cheated his company n now he cheated them also n took money.He says that he’s going to file case against Gaurav.His advocate says that now Gaurav has to pay money as well as serve prison term n he cant escape.

Gaurav tells Seema that he’s taking whatever amount he has n will give it to his boss,may be his boss will consider his request to give some more time to arrange money after taking this.Seema asks him if he told about this to Kunal to which he says that Kunal is already in lots of tension n he doesnt want to bother him even more.He wants Kunal to concentrate on Siddhi n not his problem.Once his problem is solved he’ll tell it to Kunal.Seema tells him not to fight with his boss n talk to him nicely.

Ishani asks Seema if Siddhi changed her mind.Seema says no.Raj comes there n tells them that he has a plan to bring Siddhi home.

Kunal sees Raj coming with Seema n Ishani,seeing Raj’s expressions he senses that he’s upto something.

Siddhi feels guilty that whole family is getting affected b’coz of her decision,First Veena n now kids are drifting away from Kunal.She decides to talk to Kunal as she cant let the family break b’coz of her.Raj,Seema,Ishani comes there.Raj makes sad face infront of Siddhi,when she asks why he looks upset,he says that though he doesnt want to but he has to tell her about Kunal’s behavior,,how he keeps on fighting with everyone n not even listening to him n Veena,it feels so sad when Kunal shouts at him,he keeps on thinking the whole day without doing any work,They thought Kunal has changed for good but he’s back to his old ways.Seema joins him saying that Kunal has become even more angry,sadoo than before,he stays outside whole day n drinks a lot.

Siddhi asks them that Seema was saying that Kunal stays outside whole day n comes home drunken n Raj says that he stays at home.Everyone start explaining it in their own way,all say different reasons..finally get caught by Siddhi…She starts laughing saying that she too has fallen for their stories but after hearing their explanations she understood that though they were acting,their love is true.When there’s so much love in a family how can anyone stay away from it.She tells Raj that she knows that the family is doing all this for her love but she’s also doing it out of love for Kunal.She requests them to understand her n not to weaken her.She says that she wants their support n asks if they are with her in this.Seema goes towards her,holds her hand n says that they are with her.All leave.BA leaves a li’l later n while leaving he tells Siddhi to take care of herself.Siddhi asks him to pass on notepad for her,she writes a letter n asks BA to give it to Kunal.

Veena scolding Raj n gang for spoiling Kunal’s plan.Raj says he didnt do anything,he blames kids for the mess as he doesnt know that they already made up a story infront of Siddhi n didnt even tell him.Veena scolds him again for blaming kids.Seema says that Veena is right n they are responsible for the plan failure n apologizes to Kunal.Veena tells them not to worry as Kunal will come up with some other plan to which Kunal says that now since Siddhi is aware of his plans there’s no use in trying another plan.BA gives Siddhi’s letter to Kunal.Veena asks about what Siddhi has written.Kunal tells her to let him read first n goes aside to read it.

In the letter its written that Siddhi knows that Kunal is upset with her,thats why she’s writing letter instead of talking to him directly.The reason for staying away from Kunal is her love for him,it may sound silly for him but if he’s in her place then he too would have done the same.If he has some other way through which she can be near him without coming infront of him then he should tell her within 2 days as she’ll be discharged by then.

Kunal writes reply n tells BA to give it to Siddhi without reading.BA goes to Siddhi n starts crying,when Siddhi asks the reason he gives Kunal’s letter to her.He tells her to read it herself.She reads the letter n gets shocked,she says you cant do this Kunal.

Precap: Kunal on bike getting ready for some fire stunt.

Update Credit to: sahasra

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