Parichay 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 4th February 2013 Written Update

Raj n Gaurav decides to ask Veena.Raj enters the room..He ask her abt her well-being n health.He inquries Veena abt her backache and asks her whether she wants him to apply bal,.Veena startled seeing Raj’s behaviour..Kc n Gaurav get angry..Raj does all buttering bt he doesnt ask her anything else..KC tells Gaurav to go. Raj n Gaurav continue their buttering.Gaurav tells her dat he has come there as he needs a massage from his Mom. Veena smells something fishy.Veena tells dem dat she wont tell them anything. But Raj n Gaurav forces her (.KC hides) . Veena then says dat she’s doing all his drama fr Sidhi as Sidhi had told her to make KC stay away from her.She says dat Sidhi doesn’t want KC to see her face.Veena alseo tells them abt the scar on Sidhi’s Face.
Veena tells them abt Sidhi’s

insecurity. KC comes out n scolds Veena fr listening to Sidhi’s words amd for doing all the drama.KC decides to have a PLAN..n tells them abt his Plan.Raj,Veena,Guarav doesn’t like d plan.KC gets kinda angry on them fr nt helping him.Aftera small emotional blackmailing…Raj,Gaurav n Veena decides to help him.KC telsl them dat tehy shud enact tehir roles perfectly. .He also tells Thank u to GOD
.Next day doctor ask abt sidhi’s health and then he says dat Sidhi wud be discharged within 3 days.sidhi wondering how she wud hide her face from Kc after 3 days.
Nurse bring flowers n food..Sidhi takes n bouquet.It also had a letter.She reads d letter and finds out dat its KC’s letter for her. She gets to know abt Veena’s vrat.Sidhi wonders wther KC had any dbts reg the Vrat matter…bt tehn she feels dat if KC had come to know abt the fake Vart tehn he might have come to teh Hosp and scolded her. Through the letter Kc conveys dat he misses her very is unabel to meet her bcz of Veena’s adamant anture,.He complains abt Veena saying dat Veena doesn’t like him,considers him sautela(step-son) n all. Sidhi gets sad reading all this.Sidhi feels dat its bcz of her KC is having anger towards him Mom..Veena at home enacting some emotional scene which she needs to present in front of Sidhi..Seema n Raj tells her to rehearse well. .Raj teases her.Veena gt kinds tensed as she’s unable to remember d lines. Seema n Raj then tells her its time to leave fr Veena..Veena says dat she hasnt prepared well..They forces her to go to hospital.Seema prays for the success of the plan.
At Hospityal, Veena remembering her lines.KC calms her down. Raj teases her.Veena feels nervous n KC boosts her.Veena with all courage walks n goes to d children’s ward.Kc brings her back.Veena tells dat she is having back-ache. Raj-Veena fight .KC tells her to forget abt the dialogues n requests her to speak out wat her heart says..Veena with all might goes to the ICU.She tells dat she wud make Sidhi come in front of KC.Veena goes to meet sidhi.She tells Sidhi dat KC is angry wid her,n dat Kc feels dat he is her sautela son.She tells dat KC feels she doesnt like him and dat KC feels she loves Anand n Gaurav the most..Veena also adds dat KC used to have such kinda thoughts in his childhood too.She then asks Sidhi to meet KC…to make him understand all that.Sihdi denies…Veena requests her to atleast Talk to him..Nurse listens all dis n suggests dat bahu (D-I-L)shudnt interefere in maa-beta(Mom-son) Fights.Sidhi tells dat she too feels d same.Veena disappinted n sad
At Chopra House,Seema telling Gaurav dat she’s tensed abt the plan.Guarav in deep thoughts. Seema aks abt it..Gaurav tells Seema dat he dint give 25lacs in his office ..instead he gave to hosp as teh hops bills were abt 20 lacs. Gaurav wodners how he woudl pay back the money..Seema consoles him.Bt Guarav is worried abt d money.

In the hopsital,Veena comes out of teh ICU..KC asks her..But Veena tells KC dat he needs to think something else as this plan didnt work out..Raj tells KC dat Veena cudnt act properly n dats y their plan failed.KC tells dat its nt Veena’s fault… its Sidhi’s fault n dat SIDDHI IS ZIDDI.He then tells dat PLAN A has failed bt he has PLAN B too.He decides to use PLAN B n tells abt it to Raj.

Episode Ends

Precap- Sidhi tells Chopra family(kids,raj,ishani n seema) dat she needs their support n tells them dat she’s doing all this fr KC..she Asks their help n support

Update Credit to: awesumsonia

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