Parichay 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 31st January 2013 Written Update

At the Court House:
Kunal’s associates are congratulating him for yet another win. They say that ever since Kunal has started to practice again, he hasn’t lost any the cases. Kunal goes inside the court and more people congratulate him and a man who was waiting for him requests Kunal to take up his case as he has heard lot of good things about him. Kunal tells him to talk to his associate Mr. Mukherjee about it and moves on.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal’s Boss from A&A congratulates him for yet another victory then tells him that Kunal has been very lucky for them. Kunal says A&A is also very lucky for him which provided him this wonderful opportunity. The boss says that they want to give Kunal more responsibilities because ever since Kunal has joined their company, lot of other companies wants to make contract with them; therefore, they have decided that Kunal will supervise all the cases of A&A Company. Kunal thanks his boss and says he will not disappoint them. After his boss leaves, Kunal receives Gaurav’s phone call who asks Kunal to meet him in the cafeteria. Kunal asks if all is okay then goes to meet Gaurav.

Chopra House:
Raj is teaching Andy how to enact Kunal for their skit which is muted to us. Raj enacts Kunal’s scene himself (I think it was pretty bad LOL) and ask Andy to just copy him. Andy tries to enact Kunal again, but Raj I not happy with it.

Out Side of Kunal’s Office:
Kunal and Gaurav are sitting in the auto rickshaw and Gaurav Is telling Kunal about the 3 people who cheated him. He says that he thought of collecting money from those people are paying off his company with it, but somehow they found out about his case. He says that those 3 people made lot of money because of Gaurav and now they are refusing to pay him. Gaurav says, since they know Gaurav is alone and helpless, they are taking advantage of it.
Kunal says, he can’t fix what has already happened, but if Gaurav ever mentions that he is alone then he will beat up Gaurav himself. He then reminds Gaurav that when he was in school and was bullied by other kids, it was Kunal who beat up the other boys for Gaurav. He assures Gaurav that he wasn’t alone then and he isn’t alone now because Kunal is with him. Gaurav says sorry to Kunal and starts giving him the details.

Gaurav says they don’t have time to file a case because he needs the money today itself. Kunal says there is no need to file a case because he knows how to handle people like them. Gaurav gives Kunal their names and how they made money through the black marketing and smuggling. Gaurav says they usually do these kinds of deals at a bar. He also says that it’s not easy to deal with these guys as they are very shrewd and there are 3 of them. Kunal says it doesn’t matter if they are 3, 13, or 300 because he knows how to deal with people like these.

Kunal asks Gaurav if he has heard of Spanish Prisoner. Gaurav says no. Kunal jokes about how Gaurav got his degree as he doesn’t seem to about Spanish Prisoner. Kunal calls his dad and calls him over as he needed his help. Gaurav seems to be confused.

Chopra House:
Raj brags at home that only Kunal knows his worth and an actor that’s why he has asked for his help in Spanish Prisoner act and the kids don’t value it at all. Kids ask him what is Spanish Prisoner and Raj also doesn’t seem to know about it and wonders why he didn’t ask Kunal about it because if kids find out he also doesn’t know it then they will make fun of it. He tells kids that they won’t understand what Spanish Prisoner is as it’s very complicated.

Seema is crying and is recalling the past about how those people from Gaurav’s company threatened him to return the money. Ishani comes and tries to make Seema laugh and says even Amir Khan is not as big of a perfectionist as their Dadu is. They all share a light moment.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunai is sitting on the bench playing Tabala when Raj arrives in a suite. Kunal says Raj is the main protagonist of the play. Raj asks Kunal why he has called him here and that too in a suite. Then he wonders why Gaurav is there. Kunal explains the whole thing to Raj which is muted to us.

Raj says that he doesn’t want to be part of it as he this is cheating and he doesn’t want this kind of money. Kunal says we can’t change what has happened in thepast, but now that Gaurav wants to reform, we should help him. He further says that they are not coning this money for their personal benefit, but they will return it to Gaurav’s company. Kunal promises Raj that Gaurav will never do such things in the future and if he doesn’t then Kunal will be responsible for it.

Raj asks what they will have to do. Kunal reminds him of Spanish Prisoner. Kunal explains that Spanish prisoner means where small time con men con the big fish. Kunal tells Raj that he will have to act in their drama. Raj gets very happy and starts to tell his collage stories. Kunal tells him to stop telling his A K Hangal stories and concentrate in the play LOL. Gaurav is skeptical of Raj being part of it, but Kunal assures that Raj will be able to pull it off. He explains the whole plan which is again muted to us.

At The Bar:
All the 3 men are sitting in a bar and are making fun of Gaurav’s foolishness. Kunal is sitting on the next table with Raj and mentions that he knows where the gold is. Raj pretends to be a buyer and says he will not believe Kunal (the thief) until he sees the gold. Kunal shows him gold biscuits as a proof and those 3 men stair at it greedily. Gaurav is watching all this from a distance. Raj asks if Kunal stole it. Kunal says he didn’t steal them, but knows where the stolen gold is hidden and tells him to take the gold before the thief take is away.

Kunal tells Raj to pay him 25 lacks and he will tell him the location of the stolen gold which is actually worth 3 caror. Raj seals the deal with Kunal and says he will be back with 25 lacks very shortly. Kunal tells him to hurry up as others might take advantage of it.

As Kunal is leaving those men ask him about the stolen gold. Kunal stammers and says he doesn’t know anything about the gold. Those men tell him that they have heard his conversations and now he will have to tell them the location of the stolen gold or else they will inform the cops. Kunal urges them not to call the cops. Those men offer Kunal 25 lacks for those stolen gold and ask him to make a deal with them. Kunal agrees and Gaurav is happy to see all this.

Con Men’s Office:
Those men take Kunal to their office and pay him 25 lacks and ask him about the location of the gold. Kunal first checks the money then says he doesn’t know anything about the gold, but he is sure the thief must know the location LOL. They ask what does Kunal mean and then Kunal invites Gaurav and Raj to come out. He introduces everybody to con men and tells them that this money is Gaurav’s commission which he will pay back to his company now and all will be happy. Con men try to snatch the money from Kunal, but Kunal passes it to Gaurav. Con men threaten Kunal to turn him in to the cops. Kunal asks them how they will explain the black money to the cops and the con men back off. They get very angry at Gaurav and tell him that they will deal with him later. Gaurav tries to raise hand at them, but Kunal says “Gadadhari Bheem shant, mare huye ko kyun marte ho” (Don’t kill the ones who are already dead) LOL. Loved the way he said Unkil (uncle) thank you LOL. Raj tell the con men that he is their father and because of them decent people had to act like rugs.

Kunal Gaurav and Raj walk on the road Ocean’s Eleven, Kante or Dhoom style celebrating their victory. It was very nice sight indeed to see 3 Chopra men laughing and happy together.

Chopra House:
Back home, Seema is crying and Kunal asks why she is crying when she should be happy. Raj also says that Gaurav will now return the money to his company and all will be good. Veena says these are tears of joy and offers them sweets. Seema offers to make Kheer.

Kunal tells Gaurav not to keep the money in the house but to return the money to his company as soon as possible. He also tells him quit his job at this company and he will take care of everything. Gaurav is overwhelmed and says Thank you to Kunal. Kunal tells him not to be senti and not say thanks either. Chopras are having nice family moment.

Raj says he will have to deploy this scene in the play as well. Kunal asks which play he is talking about? Raj stammers but manages to make up an excuse. Seema is making kheer and Kunal asks her to pack food for Siddhi and he will take it to her. Veena says he can’t meet Siddhi. Kunal is surprised and asks why he can’t meet Siddhi. Episode ends on Veena’s face.

Precap: Siddhi is yelling at Kunal on the phone for not taking care of his wounds properly. Kunal says he will drop by at the hospital and she can do his patti herself.

Update Credit to: Rani

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