Parichay 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 30th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Kunal-Gaurav phone convo about some address.


Veena saying that Gaurav n Kunal disappear when she has some work with them.Raj tells her not to scold them n asks about the work she has with them.She tells about taking breakfast for Siddhi.Raj offers to help saying that he’ll take it.Veena tells him to take care of kids n the play idea he gave to them n scolds him for ruining their studies.She says she’ll only go to hospital,Raj says that she’ll complain later about her back pain.She scolds Raj,Seema tells Raj to let Veena go to hospital so that she can talk to Siddhi,he agrees.Veena leaves.


BA,CA n Ishani thinking about play,Ishani says that they’ll somehow find the story from someone but who’ll play the roles of SiNal.Raj enters in saying that no one will n they need not waste their time n tells them to study n says that he’ll take care of welcoming Siddhi.CA winks to BA n tells Raj that they wont do the roles but he shouldn’t drop the play idea.BA appreciates him for thinking of such a good idea,all three starts praising him for the idea n none can execute it properly n he should write SiNal love story.Raj falls for their praises,sees if anyone is observing them n tells them that he’ll write the play n they’ll act it.He asks about who’ll do Kunal’s role,BA n CA says they’ll do it.Raj says that they are too young to play that role n says he’ll play Kunal’s role as he’s his dad.Kids make faces n say that if he’ll do Kunal’s role then Veena must be doing Siddhi’s,Then the play will end even before staring as they’ll start fighting there too.He tells them not to worry as he wont do any role n will just direct the play.All agree.


Kunal happily goes to Siddhi’s room but doesn’t find her.He calls for her n says that he brought her favourite masala tea n biscuits which she used to like n asks her to come out quickly from wash room.Siddhi says that she’s washing her face.Kunal asks if she has asked the doc to do so,she says that doc said she can.Kunal asks if she needs any help n about to go to wash room,she says that she can manage.He keeps on telling about what all he brought for her n also about the case n job he got.He asks her to come out quickly as he wants to talk to her.She keeps crying inside.

Kunal keeps on saying that he has to go to court n asks her to come out quickly.She sits inside crying.Kunal gets call asking him to come to court.Kunal tells Siddhi to come out,She tells him to go to court as it’ll take some more time for her to come out.Kunal says how can he go without meeting her,from the time she recovered he never met her properly,n says that she isnt understanding romantic mood n threatens her that he’s coming inside wash room,he again says he’s just kidding n tells her that he’ll meet her later n leaves.

Siddhi comes out covering her face with dupatta,She sees flowers n tea n gets FBs of Kunal giving her roses,Kunal making tea for her(Meri adhuri playing in BG).She says Sorry as Kunal brought those lovingly for her but she didnt even meet him,he used to talk to her while having tea but now she cant even speak 2 words with him or face him.

Kunal realizes that he forgot his mobile in room n goes back.Seeing him coming she turns the other side.Kunal happy that he could finally meet her n hugs her from behind n says that he missed her a lot n tells her that they’ll have their evening tea together.He kisses her on her head n says I love you.He was about to turn her towards him but stops seeing Veena coming in.Veena scolds Kunal for leaving early without informing her,Kunal says he had to as he got some urgent call.Kunal tells Siddhi that he’ll meet her in evening n asks Veena if she couldnt come some time later n leaves.

Doc sees Kunal n asks if he met Siddhi,Kunal tells him that he couldnt meet as she’s washing her face.Doc tells him that she isnt supposed to do that n asks on whose advice she did that.Kunal says that she said that he told her.Doc says that he didnt tell her n also warned her to not even touch her face,he tells nurse to tell Siddhi not to do that.Kunal confused as why Siddhi washed her face n lied that that doc told her so.

Veena tells Siddhi to have her breakfast.Siddhi tells her that she wants to speak to her n shows her scar to Veena .She tells that she’s hiding this from Kunal as no husband would like to see his wife like this n if Kunal sees her face like this he’ll start hating her n leave her.Veena says that Kunal will never do like that.Siddhi says what if he does n they united after so many difficulties n she doesnt want to loose him again,so she wont show her face to him.She tells Veena to hide all this from Kunal coz if he comes near her he’ll see her face.

Veena tells her not to be childish n think so foolishly,Kunal will love her for life long irrespective of her scars.Veena asks Siddhi if she can stay without seeing Kunal’s face,she says no.Veena advises her to give that reply to herself,She fought for her life n came back to Kunal,its Kunal who evoked zest for life in her,she cant keep Kunal away from her n he cant live without her as they are made for each other,love each other,she says to keep trust n her love,Kunal will love her even more than before,will take utmost care of her.Siddhi says she knows that but Kunal will do all this hiding his pain, n she cant let him go through that pain.She emotionally blackmails Veena to keep Kunal away from her,Veena doesnt agree,Siddhi furthur blackmails her with kasam n all n makes her agree.

Veena says that Siddhi cant even stay for 24hrs without Kunal n she herself will ask Veena to bring Kunal to her.Siddhi says that it’ll never happen.Veena says why she’s testing her love n she’ll loose.Siddhi says she wants to loose,if she can make Kunal happy by sacrificing her happiness then she’ll also be happy with that.Veena says that she knows that she’s doing all this for Kunal but no one will be happy with her decision n advises her to think again,the day her injuries heal everything will be fine.Siddhi says that injuries may heal but not the scars ,she doesnt want to change the imprint of her face Kunal has in his mind n will never go infront of him.Veena says that she’ll wait till her injuries heal but Siddhi cant stay without Kunal even for 2 days.


Gaurav meets his clients to whom he passed the tender.They tell him that they dont want to be associated with him as he has police case on him n advises him that he should take money before passing the tender coz once their work is done nobody bothers to have deals with him again.They tell him that they dont know him n leave.

Gaurav tells Kunal(in court dress) that somehow those clients came to know about his case n denying to give his money making case as an excuse.He says that all those 3 clients are doing it together as he’s alone n cant do anything.Kunal says that he cant say anything on what he has done.Gaurav says that they dont have time for filing case as he needs money immediately.Kunal says he’ll get his money as he knows how to deal with such people.

Update Credit to: sahasra

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