Parichay 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 29th January 2013 Written Update

Gaurav in a cafe waiting fr someone.But nobody turns up.He calls someone..but nobody attends the call.He feels dat nobody wud help him but he needs the money anyhow. Just then His office waala lawyer calls him n tells him dat he needs to repay the money asap. Gaurav asks fr one more day.The lawyer hesitates. Gaurav pleads and finally the Lawyer gives him 1 more chance.

KC in cabin. He calls up Raj n tells abt his permanent job at Arora&Arora Firm.Hee tells Raj dat everything is fine now and there’s no need to get tensed and worried..After hanging up the phone, he works n after a while he finishes the work and comes out

Chopra House:

Somebody rings the door-bell. Seema opens the door n finds Gaurav.She asks him abt the money.He says nobody has helped him yet ..but still he consoles her dat everything wud be fine.Raj n Veena talking abt Sidhi,how tehy wud welcome her,surprise her etc etc. They asks Gaurav’s consent.Gaurav doenst listen to their Convo.Raj asks him whether he is thinking abt how to repay the money and all.Gaurav says dat he isnt thinking abt dat and that he is thinking abt Sidhi n KC.

KC comes home.Veena tells him dat Sidhi;s bandage isn’t removed .But KC tells nurse said dat bandage is removed.He then leaves to meet Sidhi.Veena tells him to go the next day.But KC is adamant.

Sidhi wondering for how long she wud hide her face frm KC.She hear some footsteps.Immediately she switches off the light and hides her face..She imitates as if she is sleeping…Kc comes to meet her bt doesn’t see her face.KC thinks dat she is sleeping.He keeps a bouquet near her and leaves.Sidhi turns to him and the bouquet falls down.KC feels Sidhi has got up and he turns to talk to her.KC asks her abt her health.Sihdi tells him dat she is fine.Sidhi tells KC to go back home as he is tired.KC hesitates..Bt She insists and she says dat she too need to take rest. KC Leaves

.Policemen comes home to arrest Gaurav. Veena calls out KC bt Seema tells KC is nt at home.Policeman takes him away.Gaurav screams and all…Well dat was gaurav’s dream 😛

Seema brings tea for Gaurav and sees him tensed.Seema asks abt it bt he denies to say anything.He’s damn tensed.She gives him tea bt he says dat he needs to go somewhere. Seema comes out of d room.Veena prepares fud fr sidhi. bt KC isn’t there. Seema tells she wud take it to d hospital.Veena says dat she wud tell Gaurav to take d food.Kids tells Veena to tell abt Sinal story .Veena tells them dat she is busy and taht she wud tell them some other time.Raj tells teh kids dat he wud explain abt sinal love-story.Veena–Raj nok-jhok/Fight .Kids get disappointed and Anokhi asks Gaurav to tell abt sinal story as she doenst remember much abt it.

Seema in thinking mode cuts her finger while cooking Veena tells her to take care.Seema tells to get d flask.Raj tells dat its on the cupboard.Seems doesnt finid teh flask tehre. Veena laughs dat the flask wudnt be there cz Raj might have mispalced it or so..Raj-veena nok-jhok continues.Seema tells them to cool down.

Kc goes to a vendor n asks fr masala chai.Vendor asks him if its fr his wife..Sidhi.He gives a flask to d vendor n KC tells him to take a biscuit packet(made of jaggery) also

Gaurav goes to someone’s house.He goes to meet dat guy who had to pass d tender by Gaurav’s help.Guarav tells him dat he needs money now.Hee pleads.that Guy tells him dat he knws abt Guarav’s state n his since Guarav has been caught red-handed fr fruad case he cnt help him coz dat wud affect his image.Guy tells dat Gaurav is now a danger fr him so he tells to forget him n leave him

Nurse setting d bed.Tells Sidhi to come to bed.Nurse ask wat she is thinking.Sidhi tells she ws thinking abt KC..hw he is working hard fr her,how he is doing everything for her happiness n all.Nurse tells her dat she is lucky to have a hubby like KC.She tells Sidhi to keep KC Happy always

Sidhi asks to keep d bandage on her.Nurse tells dat she doesn’t need it anymore.Sidhi thinking how she wud hide her face from KC

Episode Ends

Precap: Sidhi in washroom.Kc calls her and tells her to come out soon as he needs to go to court. Sidhi tells him dat she’s washing her face.KC tells her dat she doesn’t understands his romantic mood.He tells her dat he is coming to d washroom .Sidhi frightened

Update Credit to: awesumsonia

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