Parichay 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 28th January 2013 Written Update

At the Court:
The representative of Arora and Arora Company tell Kunal that they have informed their boss in Delhi that they have wont this case. They also tell him that that their boss has offered Kunal a Lawyer cum Legal Advisor position in their Bombay office. They ask Kunal if he will accept the position. Kunal puts two condition to accept the job, one – they will have to give him 8 lacks in advance and two – Mukharjee Babu will also work with him. A&A accept Kunal’s condition and Kunal accept the job very happily.

At the Hospital:
Doctor’s are taking off Siddhi’s bandages. Siddhi is recalling past FB’s of her and Kunal while her bandages are coming off with saans mein meri BG playing in the background. After the bandages come off, the medical staff leaves advising Siddhi to take rest. After they leave, Siddhi goes into the bathroom and seems very fragile and apprehensive after seeing the wound/burn marks on her face. She recalls everything Kunal had told her after she regain consciousness. She questions If Kunal will accept her in this condition.
At the Court:

Kunal comes out and looks for Mukherjee babu. He tells M Babu that A&A Company has offered him a decent job. M babu is very happy to hear it. Kunal also tells him that he has asked them to hire M Babu to work with him as well. He then asks If he is willing to work with him as well. M Babu happily agrees and Kunal says he needs to go Siddhi immediately.

At the Hospital:
Siddhi says she can’t show her face to Kunal because Kunal will never accept her like this (with her face disfigured). She debates with her inner self that what If Kunal rejects her seeing like this? Then she says to herself that Kunal loves her for who she is and not how she looks. She is in dilemma to whether or not she should show her face to Kunal then ultimately decides that she will never show her face to Kunal.

Nurse comes into her room and tells her that they have informed her family and Veena is coming to see her. Nurse asks her to rest and leaves. Siddhi wonders If veena sees her like this then she will tell Kunal about it which she can’t let happen and that’s why she will have to hide her face from everyone.

Veena arrives Siddhi’s room and sees Siddhi with bandages on her face. She asks Siddhi how come her bandages haven’t come off yet. Siddhi says may be doctors will remove it later on. Veena tells her that everyone is waiting for her return and she should try to get better soon and come home. She teels Siddhi to eat food on time and leaves.

Chopra House:
Kids and Raj are making plans for Siddhi welcome back party. Kids say they want to do something that Siddhi will like. Raj advices them to make a skit on SINal’s love life because that will make her very happy. Raj says that he will write the skit himself. Kids are very happy to hear it. Kids share this idea with Veena and discuss how it will all be executed. Raj tells the kids how SiNal didn’t used to talk to each-other at first and only talked with their silence. He also tells them about KC’s fondness of radio and Siddhi resenting etc.

At the Hospital:
Siddhi asks the nurse not to allow anyone to visit her as she is feeling dizzy and sleepy. She tells the nurse not to even allow any of her family members to visit her as she doesn’t want to meet anyone else.
Kunal comes with flowers to visit Siddhi, but the nurse stops him from seeing Siddhi telling him that she is sleeping and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Kunal decides to wait outside till she awakes despite of nurse telling him to go him and come back at another time. Kunal has FB of him and Siddhi while he waits to see her outside her room.

Kunal waits for a long period of time then the nurse comes and is surprised to see him still waiting outside. He asks her if Siddhi’s bandages have come off. The nurse tells him that her bandages have come off, she talked to everyone, ate home cooked meal and she is recovering very well. She advices Kunal to come back the later as Siddhi might sleep for long time.

As Kunal is leaving, he gets a phone call from A&A Company who ask them to come to the office immediately. They show Kunal his shown which is very grand and beautiful. The from A&A tells Kunal to review the files of all the pending court cases and also informs him that his check of 8 lacks has also been issued to him. He tells Kunal to contact him if he has any work related questions and leaves.

After the guys leaves, Kunal twirls his chair, takes off his black coat, looks around with great happiness and excitement and finally sits on the chair with a very happy and satisfied/confident look.

Precap: Siddhi wonders how long can she hide her face from Kunal. Kunal will see her face eventually and what will happen after that.

Update Credit to: -Rani

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