Parichay 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 24th January 2013 Written Update

Every one tensed

Nurse comes n asks kunal to sign a form, kunal asks what type of form it is ??

Nurse says if anything happens to siddhi during the operation the hospital won’t be responsible for it

Kunal gets angry n asks her what does she mean by anything happens to her Dr. said she will be fine so whats the need of this form

Kunal shouts on Sr. Dr. as well

Sr. Dr. says they will try there best bt kunal tells him he should’nt tryrather he shall make her ok

Raj asks kunal to do all the formalities otherwise they won’t do her operation

Seema calls gaurav n asks abt siddhi and gaurav tells her she isnt good n Dr. has told she needs a major surgery

Raj consoles kunal n tells him he told that he will safely bring siddhi n andy

Kunal tells him he will get siddhi back home fit n fine n will give all the happiness so that she will forget all the sad moments

Veena asks siddhi will be fine ?? Nurse was saying anything can happen in such operations Raj tells her this is major operation so there is some risk as well

Dr. comes out of O.T. n tells Chopras that she is out of danger now

**Every one happy**

Dr. tells them very soon she will be fine

Dr. tells them its kunal who gave her new reason to live

Kunal outside the hospital cries n takes long breath of relief

BG : Kaaga sab tan khaiyo mera chun chun khaiyo maas

SiNal FB scene

where kunal confesses that he loves her

Siddhi’s dance dream sequence when kunal comes n dances wid her

Bed scene where siddhi laughs at him for the first time

Kunal gives her bouquet of red flowers

Kunal tells siddhi abt the sindoor on her nose

SiNal C-Night scene

Holi scene in water tub

Kunal hugs Siddhi after her kidnap

*Kunal smiles*

Kunal remembers Dr.’s words that siddhi responded very well n will b fine very soon

*Kunal smiles*

Raj tells seema siddhi’s condition is stable

Anand n Andy brings card n bouquet for siddhi made by them only

Nurse comes n tells siddhi is in her senses now

Everyone goes to meet siddhi except Kunal

Siddhi opens her eyes n sees her family

Siddhi runs her eyes n sees everyone n at last sees kunal standing at the door

Bth stare at each other Kunal gives happy looks

Raj sees them n tells everyone to leave frm there as she needs rest

Kunal goes n sits beside her

BG : Saans mein teri

Siddhi closes her eyes Bt kunal welcomes her and tells her se scared him alot and kisses her on her forehead and tells her he won’t let her go anywhere

Kunal smiles

Kunal tells her she too have alot of attitude He scolded her n she instead of living home she decided to leave the world

What did she thought he will let her go Even if she tries she cant get rid of him

Kunal asks her why is she looking at him like this

Kunal asks her to get well soon n come home.. Bcoz of her he havent changed his clothes frm last two days

Grrr… Anand n Andy comes is

Andy cries n tells siddhi they missed her alot

Andy n Anand tells her it was kunal who stood beside her n gave her courage to fight off wid this operation

Siddhi stares at kunal

OTT n his OTTness

Kunal check the bill n is surprised to see the bill of Rs. 8 lakhs

Kunal tells he will arrange the money anyhow

Kunal goes to court

Bengali lawyer runs towards kunal

He tells kunal that Arora n Arora firms needs a lawyer n they want him

Someone asks him is he ready for this case ?? Kunal says yes as he dnt have any reason to deny bt he got the reason to say yes

Update Credit to: Nidz

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