Parichay 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 23rd January 2013 Written Update


Veena n Raj come to hospital along with kids n inquire if there’s any
improvement in Siddhi’s health.Kunal sadly replies no.Veena tries to
cheer him up saying that she brought kheer for Siddhi,she knows
that Siddhi cant eat but when she senses the smell of kheer she can
feel their presence around her n gains consciousness very soon.

Veena-Raj go to Siddhi’s room.


Veena adoringly looks at Siddhi,Veena recollects lori scene which
she sings for Siddhi(with Luka Chuppi Bahut Huyi Saamne Aa Ja
Naa from RDB playing in BG) n starts crying.She sits by Siddhi’s
bedside n tells her that she brought her kheer as she likes it n to eat it
before its becomes cold.She says that she knew that Siddhi is upset
with her as she didnt do her arti or hug her when she came home,she
didnt even speak to her n requests her to forget about all those.She
can be angry with her for life long but she should come back to their
home as their family is incomplete without her.She asks her to wake
up once.She breaks down saying that she needs her daughter back n
not a bahu.She keeps on pleading her to wake up(teri rahat ke
kiya playing in BG).Veena leaves from there crying followed by Raj.

Kunal becomes sad seeing Veena breaking down.

Kids go to Siddhi’s room.CA starts crying seeing Siddhi,BA holds him
n signs him not to cry.BA asks as why Siddhi isnt talking n they dont
like when she remains silent.CA tells that he learnt all lessons of
history n if she wants she can test him by asking any question.He
keeps requesting her to ask,BA says that he’ll ask questions n starts
asking them,CA answers them(shown in mute).BA tells Siddhi that
CA answered everything correctly.CA says that she used to be
worried about his studies n promises her that he’ll get good
marks.BA says that they are going to have drama competition in
school n parents also can attend it,he says that they wish that both
their mom dad accompany them to the competition n asks if she’ll
come.Both become upset n starts crying seeing her not responding.


All the gifts which Gaurav finds in Kunal’s drawer are on the
table.Gaurav questions Kunal as why he didnt give the letters n gifts
which he wanted to give to Siddhi in those 9yrs.Why he didnt go n
tell Siddhi about his feelings n shayaris n why he restricted them to
his diary only without expressing.They thought that he removed
Siddhi from his life,if not to them at least he should have expressed
his feelings to Siddhi or given those letters to her,atleast she would
have known how much he loves her.

Kunal says that there is no use in talking about it .Veena says if not
now,he can never say it,he has to express his feelings to Siddhi.She
says about how she was tensed while preparing kheer for Siddhi as if
she was doing it for first time but his dad cheered her up n helped
her in doing it.Sometimes actions speak more than words,they have
reason to hate Siddhi but He has love for Siddhi,he should have been
by her side.Siddhi thought that her husband is not with her n so
distanced herself from him.Kunal is her world n happiness when he
denied to live with her its obvious her desire to live with him is
lost.She thought whats the use of living when her love,husband is not
with her.He forced her to think like that n now its his duty to bring
back her lost desire to live.When she gets back her hubby’s love she
herself will come back to her family.Siddhi needs only n only Kunal’s


Kunal comes in with cheerful mood n asks if she’s okay or not.He
says like a kiddo that she should close her eyes if she’s okay n open if
she isnt.He says that she’s okay n tells that he has surprise for her n
starts showing the gifts one by one.He takes out key chain n says that
he bought it when he went for shopping along with BA as she likes
key chains. He shows the letters n says that K n S are for Kunal n
Siddhi n asks if its good,he himself says that he knows that she likes
it(just like a kid).

Kunal asks her if she remembers that she liked a pendant when they
were returning from movie,she said that they’ll keep their pics in that
pendant.He opens the pendant n shows the pics to her n asks her if
its nice or not.He says that her pic is nice in the pendant.Seeing her
not responding he becomes a bit sad but cheers up himself n takes
out the next gift.

Kunal takes out the letters n says that in those 9yrs whenever he felt
like talking to her he used to write all his feelings on the cards but
never posted as he thought he himself will read them out when he
meets her.Now since he met her he’ll read them to her.He gives her a
rose saying that he kept the rose which she gave to him n says that
she can see them later.He asks if she didnt like his gifts,they may not
be expensive but he thought she’ll like them.

Kunal shows her coffee mug with SiNal pic on it n says that she likes
having coffee thats why he bought it for her n once she recovers he’ll
make coffee for her n give it to her in this mug.He feels low seeing
her not responding,then he tells her about kheer made by Veena as
she likes it n also CA learnt all lessons to make her happy,he says
that he gets good marks n stands 1st just like his mom.Tears start
rolling from his eyes.He gathers up himself n requests her to get well
soon as nothing is good without her,everything reminds him of her n
kids also keep crying for her,all miss her a lot.He requests her to
speak.He holds her hand n says that he’ll wait her to return back.

Chopras praying to god with o palanhare, nirgun aur nyare playing in
BG .Veena prays that she always asked for their family’s happiness
but now she’s praying only for Siddhi’s health,to give Siddhi the love
of her life n also instill desire to live in her.

Kunal becomes happy seeing flickering movement in Siddhi’s
hand,he says that he knew it that she can listen to him n kisses her
hand,calls for doctor.Kunal tells the same to Veena-Raj who come in
along with doctor.Chopras happy,but doc says that her health is
worsening.Kunal says that she should be improving as she’s
responding to which doc says that she’s responding means the desire
to live arose in her but her MRI reports arent good n she needs
immediate surgery,he tells Kunal to complete formalities n takes
Siddhi for surgery.All Chopras worried.Veena says that they are
unable to understand if Siddhi’s health is improving/deteriorating.Epi
ends on worried Kunal.

Raj asks Kunal himself is loossing confidence inspite of encouraging
Siddhi.Kunal says that he’s not loosing hope n he’ll take back Siddhi
home with complete health n once she comes home she’ll shower her
with all happiness in the world that she forgets all her worries.Raj
appreciates him.

Update Credit to: sahasra

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