Parichay 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Kunal in his Akdoo Style..telling the unconsious Sidhi dat Veena was crying outside. Gaurav n Raj too were worried for her.KC telling dat those 3 of them were telling him to take care of Sidhi n to bring back her.He tells dat Sidhi doesnt want to know abt dat all dat..n she’s just lying down there.He asks her wats the problem,wats d reason why she have lost the interest to live.He asks her whether he is such a bad guy..Whether is family is also bad…He says dat their behaviour towards her was wrong..But now they are ashamed of their deedz..and now his family is crying for her.He tells her dat she is so damn adamant dat she doesnt want to see all this..He asks forgivness to Sidhi on behalf of his family members.He sists near Sidhi..n tells her dat all are worried..n their kids too are worried for her. He tells her not to make tehir kidds cad.KC yells n tells her to speak something.He gets sad n Cry.A nurse comes there and asks him whether he is angry..The nurse tells him to show all teh etc etc to Sidhi…She says her husband too wasnt responding to the treatment for 5 yrs.She used to sit behind him and speak to him abt d daily matters.But still he didnt recover.Then the nurse decided to reminid her husband abt all those sweet moments which they had spent togetehr. This made him recover…The nurse advises KC to make her remind of all those memories ..This would make her happy…The nurse says dat People cant live jsut bcz of the heart-beats..Only if they get love…they wud LIVE.So the nurse tells him to do so (O saiyyan on BG)

Chopra House:

Twins in the room..thinking something seriously.Ishani brings milk for them.She akss her wat tehy both were thinking.They tell her dat tehy want to do something which wud make their mom Happy..But they both doesnt get any idea.They ask Ishani’s help.Ishani tells them that its simple.Every mom gets happy when they see their Kids Happy. When Kids be successful..then their moms wud be the happiest persons on earth.CA tells dat he always fails for History exams…and Sidhi used to teach him she wants CA to be happy (which in turn wud make her happy).CA tells dat now he would learn History very well and wud let Sidhi know abt it.CA takes BA’s help in learning History

Veena in the kitchen Making Kheer for Sidhi.She goes to take some paltes..but evrything falls down.She gets tensed.Raj comes there.Veena tells him dat its not a good sign.Raj tells hium not to be tensed..He tells her to make Kheer for Sidhi..happily..n tells her not to cry.He too helps her.He says dat he would clean the Rice and fry it for the Kheer.Veena laughs and replies dat theyy BOIL rice and not Fry .Raj is happy dat his mistake brought a smile on Veena’s Face

Kunal calls up Gaurav..n aks him to go to his room and take the diary out of his drawer.Gaurav hesitates to do so.But KC insists him.Gaurav goes to KC’s room and asks KC abt teh key of the drawer. Guarav finds tehy keys in the shelf..and teh opsns the drawer. Seema comes there for opening KC’s drawer.Gaurav etlls her dat its KC’s orders..Seema shocked. Gaurav gets the diary.KC tells him to read wat is writen in the February Part:

Gaurav Starts Reading it:

Today, Me (KC)and Sidhi had gone out to have Golas.I took only one Gola from the vendor so dat we both can have d same one.But Sidhi was eating it all alon,just like a kid.Today i got to know dat Sihdi loves Golas a lot.(Seema n Gaurav Smiles.)
The colour of the gola fell on her nose..but i dint tell she was looking cute in dat.On the way nback the rickshaw…she noticed dat colour in her nose.She looked at me wid anger…Seeing dat i started laughing and asked her dat: Usually People’s nose get red when they get angry…but Urs is PINK

Gaurav asks hi whether to read further.KC tells him to do so

Guarav Reads:

One day when i went to the Hall to take my tea..I saw Ishani-Anokhi n Sidhi laughing out loud.When i asked them the reason,Seema replied dat Gaurav had taken Ishani’s Bag to teh office instead of his bag.n when Seema tired to stop him..Gaurav replies dat he doesnt have any time to waste and he needs to go to the office very soon.Ishani tells him to give her the bag..Gaurav replies: I’ll bring it next week

Gaurav Tells KC dat he wudnt forget this incident as hif office-mates were teasing him ad\n it was very awkward for him..He tells dat it was Sidhi who came to the office and brought his Office Bag for him

KC tells him to read further.Seema puts the phone in Loudspeaker Mode.Gaurav Reads:

I know dat Sidhi loves watching Romantic Movies…But Still i told her dat tehy would go to watch a Spiderman movie.Sidhi gets sad.But still she accompanies me.When she reaches the theatre she realises dat we are going to watch a Romantic Movie..Seeing this she gets happy and Hugs me in front of everyone.Everyone smiles and Sidhi feels shy.I still remember..somebody gave a comment dat: THERE IS NO NEED TO ENTER THE CINEMA HALL TO WATCH A ROMANTIC SCENE

When we came out of the cinema was raining…I wanted me n Sidhi to go n stand under a roof or so..but Sidhi wanted to drench in the rain. I was just looking at her.She asked me why i was staring at her..whether i wanted to write a Poem on her… and i replied: SEEING YOUR WET HAIR..I DONT FEEL LIKE WRITING A POEM..INSTEAD I FEEL LIKE LAUGHING (Seema Laughs). For 2 Days Sidhi didnt talk to me..She was angry

Gaurav tells KC dat nothing is written in the next 2 pages (fr d 2 days).Gaurav then sees a Poem written in d diary.He was abt to read it ..But KC cuts the call…

All this while,KC had tears in his eyes

Seema then sees a lot of gifts in KC’s drawer.She shows it to Gaurav n tells him dat KC had bought these gifts for Sidhi. She shows him a Key chain which had Letters K and S (Kunal n Sidhi)..then a coffee mug which had Sinal pic imprinted on it..Then a chain,some curios and Statues.Gaurav tells Seema dat he had no idea dat KC was such a romantic person.Seema then sees few cards..She takes it..Gaurav Notices dat these cards were of those years..when Sidhi was in Jail..Seema tells him dat KC neither informed Sidhi abt his love..nor had he let his Family members know abt it.


KC asking Sidhi whether she still remembers d day when they enjoyed in the rain (FB of Sinal Rain sequence-June epi).He tells her dat she was looking very beautiful then.He wasnt able to take his eyes off her (O saiyyan in the BG).He tells her dat he his heart had skipped a beat..seeing her beauty..he was mesmerized by her beauty.He then tells a shayari reg her beauty.(.Sorry..coudnt hear it properly..due to the loud BG tune)

KC tells her to get up and not to show any kinda drama.He says that he is sure dat Sidhi is listening to all this.He tells her dat we had to suffer a lot due to circumstances.He says dat he has tired to stay awy frm Sihdi..But destiny always brought them closer…n dat might be bcz HE HAD LOVED HER VERY VERY MUCH.KC wipes off his tears..holds Sidhi’s hand and tells her dat HE LOVES HER A LOT and CANT LIVE WITHOUT HER.He requests her to come back in his life.He kisses her hand..n cries.


Raj and Veena in the hospital.Veena crying and talking to Sidhi.She tells Sidhi to get up.She says she wants her Daughter back..n not her D-I-L.Veena cries n requests Sidhi to wake up.Raj gets sad seeing this

Update Credit to: awesumsonia

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