Parichay 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Guarav brings bags for Andy and Anand and they argue over the same colour bag they both liked. Gaurav and Raj argue over who suggested what colour the kids will like. Kunal comes and stops them. He tosses a coin and Anand wins. They take their respective bags and goes to pack. Siddhi comes and Kunal is avoids her.

Kunal helps the kids to pack.The kids are tensed about what if they don’t win but Kunal tells them not to worry and put any pressure on themselves. He asks them to enjoy. Raj is advicing the kids about how to behave around the people in Singapore and to be on guard. He asks the kids to be wary of the girls there. Kunal and Gaurav teases him. Raj tells them how he befriended a girl from Singapore in his college days. When he turns he found Veena standing there and everyone pulls his leg.

The kids are ready to leave. Siddhi comes there and Kunal avoids her again. She wants to ask something but Kunal says not now. Everyone wishes them luck. The kids leave. Siddhi is tensed about the money Kunal got from.

In their room, Kunal tells Siddhi about the pride he felt when he saw his kids walking with confidence. Kunal gives Siddhi his diary to read and says that now he wants to fulfill all the dreams of his family. He says he’ll get Veena’s operation done, will open a business a Gaurav, bring back Seema’s jewelery and buy the flat they used to live in. Siddhi asks where he’ll get the money from and where did he get it from for kids’ trip.

Kunal says he got a case and he has to prove a person guilty irrespective of the fact that he’s gulity or not. Siddhi says he’s wrong but Kunal is adamant. He says he’s doing it for his kids and where it’ll take him he doesn’t know. Kunal says Siddhi to not to stop him.

Family spends some light moments. Kunal is preparing for the case and explains the case to Siddhi. Siddhi isn’t sure if he’ll be able to do it but he says he’ll have to. Kunal is leaving for court. Siddhi wishes Kunal luck. She says she wishes for his win and along with him also the truth should win. She says she loves him and he leaves.

Veena asks Siddhi how Kunal got the money from. She asks Siddhi why is Kunal so tensed.

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